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DJ Premier talks Royce, Sample Clearance & New Projects

DJ Premier upcoming Live Shows

Tomorrow (so no LiveFromHQ I guess):
Theater Telus
Canada, Quebec, Montreal

26/09:330 Ritch
USA, San Francisco, CA

Skaters Palace
Germany, Münster

Is this the first date of his next Europian tour? Don’t forget Belgium Phat Gary, lol.

Interview with DJ Premier @ The Brooklyn Hiphop Festival 2009

Lol, that lady is in love.

DJ Premier Talks Royce & BET Awards Cypher

@ Royce da 5’9″ listening party for his upcoming album “Street Hop“.

Big Shug starring in Ben Affleck’s movie “The Town”

Big Shug is happy to tell us he passed the auditions for Ben Afflick‘s movie “The Town” (imdb) which will be shot in Boston. What Big Shug’s role will be is unknown. The movie is set to release in about one year. Gang Starr Foundation goes big!! For the movie lovers under us an article about the movie:

Ben Affleck will write, direct, and star in The Town, an adaptation of the romance/heist novel “Prince of Thieves” written by Chuck Hogan. Affleck proved he was a very capable filmmaker last year with his directorial debut on Gone Baby Gone, a personal favorite that has been on my mind recently after watching What Doesn’t Kill You. Described as similarly toned to Gone Baby Gone, the story involves a high-tension love triangle between a female bank manager, a longtime thief who stole more than her heart and an equally smitten FBI agent trying to bust the crook and his gang before they can pull another big job. Given how much I loved his first film, I’m excited to see what Affleck is capable of the second time around.

Affleck is doing a rewrite on the script that was first written by Peter Craig. Affleck is also planning to star as the thief who falls in love with the manager of a bank. Graham King is producing under his production company and the film is setup at Warner Brothers. The story in the film is based in Charlestown, Massachusetts, with is a gritty blue-collar Boston suburb similar to the one in Gone Baby Gone, making this another hometown movie for Affleck. I would much rather prefer Affleck just stay behind the camera and find actors to better fulfill the roles, like his brother Casey Affleck, but right now that doesn’t seem to be the case. Otherwise, this sounds like another hit in the works and I can’t wait to see it come together.

The book has been receiving quite a few great reviews, including this one from Amazon. “Chuck Hogan has written a marvelous book. The characters are richly drawn and you can see them in your mind – the action, and the mystery all come alive. The old neighborhoods of Boston and Charlestown are engraved in memory.” I’ve been anxiously awaiting the announcement of Ben Affleck’s next directorial gig, because Gone Baby Gone was such an extraordinary film and he has so much more talent behind the camera that has yet to be tapped. This really sounds like another perfect story for Affleck to write and direct and should turn out fantastic.

Source: Firstshowing

The Other face of The Foundation; Lil Fame Reacts

Wow, their seems be a lot of misunderstanding around the new LP of M.O.P. lately. Funny, because it keeps reaching higher and higher… Yesterday I got the official DJ Premier mixed song of “What I Wanna B” that contains scratches that didn’t made the album. The tracklist of “The Foundation” is fucked up, Termanology needed to delay his shit with Lil Fame due to earlier release, Premo couldn’t finish all his tracks with M.O.P. due to the same problem and now this… Read it yourself in this personal mail from Rahaman Kilpatrick:

Back in September 2008, MOP, Joe Buddens, Termanology and Big Shugg came down to Sonar in B’more and me and my peeps go to the show. I pass out beat cd’s to Term, Joe and during MOP’s show I give it to Laze E Laze’s son who’s the hype man. Now, fast forward to September 2009 and I’m listening to MOP’s Foundation album on my way home from work and when track #9 “Rude Bastard” comes on….it’s MY FUCKING BEAT! Not the same sample, the SAME BEAT! Drum programming, sample, chops…the whole damn beat! Then my man Mills does the knowledge for me to see who got credit for the track on the album and it says “produced by Fizzy Womack”! So…I don’t get a check, I don’t get credit…I don’t even get co production credit! And I’m not looking for no “feel sorry for me” or none of that hoopla…I’m just asking for cats to let ANYONE who ya’ll know who loves hip hop to know who did the track so I can @ least get credit from my peers (hip hop fans and other producer’s grinding out there)for the beat. I’ve been grinding @ this beat thing for YEARS and for my first placement for a major artist to be a jack move…it just ain’t right…but it is what it is…like I said do me this justice and @ least let the hip hop heads ya’ll know that the bol Kil from Philly gave MOP THAT heat…not no fucking Fizzy Womack…

My version:

Beat Biting MOP:

Me personally believe every word of it, but what should I think about it? I think it’s besides the Premo bootlegs one of the lowest shit I’ve seen, reminding me of Puff Daddy. Give credit where credit is due is like a law for me, that’s why I’m posting this. If you don’t give a shit, ok. Lets move to the next post… If you are a beat maker you should try to think in his situation. What would you do haha, spread it! Shame on you Fizzy, shame on you! Hope you read this… You must be stupid thinking this wouldn’t come out lol…

Here you have the official Preem track “What I Wanna B” with scratches that didn’t made the album due to rush problems I guess.

UPDATE: Fizzy Womacks aka Lil Fame OFFICIAL reaction via kevinnottingham:

Its true I didn’t do the beat “Rude Bastards” as Kil said….I heard it, it was hot and I rhymed on it…I’d never steal a beat, that’s not me…and the quote on the net is not from me I’m looking into who made that statement as me

Laze (M.O.P’s manager) was handling the credits, I gave him the info for who did the beat.

I just saw the finished artwork and my 1st comment was, “I didn’t do that beat why does it say I did”? (Ref. To “rude bastard”)

-Lil Fame aka Fizzy Womack of M.O.P.

Then I’m also asking like Lil Fame who the hell wrote that reaction on my blog? I even had emails from Brownsvillians who threated me via the other side of the world. If Lil Fame and M.O.P. wanted Kil on the credits why didn’t he got any call from them, I mean if you produce a track you should hear a preview? I think the reaction is kinda lame in my point of view. There is basically nothing changed, it’s jacked, straight up and down. I won’t allow any more reactions because the place for discussion is moved, this is the place:! And on that note, I miss Teflon.

Moz – Ashtray Beatz Vol. 1

This is something new I’m going to do with this blog. With more then 1500 clicks a day I could promote a lot of things, so why not people I know who should be recognized in my eyes? I really enjoy helping people. And to stay in the lane of hip hop I present to you “Ashtray Beatz Vol. 1” by my man Moz. He is a producer from Croatia who is also a big fan of DJ Premier‘s work. If I didn’t feel his beats I wouldn’t post this, it really got that 90s flavor! You rarely see that. With Damu The Fudgemunk in my back head this is a great addition to chill out. Listen yourself:

Moz – Ashtray Beatz Vol. 1

I would appreciate any kind of feedback, what do you think of the beats? Should I post more of this or not? For any MC who wants more information or ask him for something feel free to email him at or visits his myspace here. He’s a very friendly person. And I’m telling you, this guy got loads of beats waiting to be spit on!!

I would like to thank you all for reading and listening!

Rap Is Outta Control Playlist 05/09/2009 (Filled in by DJ Premier)


  1. NYGz – Ready?
  2. Raekwon – About Me (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
  3. Smitty – Run Nigga Runn (Feat. The Last Poets)
  4. Fabolous – I Miss My Love
  5. M.O.P. – What I Wanna B (Feat. Rell)
  6. Grand Puba – Same Old Drama (Feat. Large Professor)
  7. Beanie Sigel – Return Of The Chain Gang (Feat. Young Chris)
  8. Blaq Poet – I-Gititin
  9. Marco Polo & Torae – Coney Island
  10. La Coka Nostra – Once Upon A Time
  11. Ras Kass – Thank You
  12. Big Twins – Drop Em Off (Feat. Prodigy)
  13. Thunderclaps – The Man With No Shame
  14. Dynasty – Femcee
  15. Slaughterhouse – Microphone
  16. Blaq Poet – Stretch Marks & Cigarette Burns (Feat. Panchi & Imani Montana)
  17. M.O.P. – Crazy (Feat. Termanology)
  18. Raekwon – We Will Rob You (Feat. Slick Rick, Masta Killa & GZA)
  19. Jay-Z – Empire State Of Mind (Feat. Alicia Keys)
  20. Kurious – Smiling
  21. La Coka Nostra – Bloody Sunday (Feat. Sen Dog & Big Left)
  22. Dead Prez – Summertime

LiveFromHQ Playlist 04/09/2009


  1. Dynasty – Femcee
  2. Jay-Z – Empire State Of Mind
  3. M.O.P. – Crazy (Feat. Termanology)
  4. Punchlyne & Fokis – Paper
  5. Punchlyne & Fokis – We Came To Rock
  6. The Tunderclaps – The Man With No Shame (Feat. Shameless)
  7. NYGz – Ready?
  8. Raekwon – Baggin’ Crack
  9. Puncklyne & Fokis – Show Me The Money (Remix)
  10. Smitty – Run Nigga Runn (Feat. Last Poets)
  11. DJ JS-1 – Men Of Business (Feat. Vinnie Paz)
  12. Grand Puba – Same Old Drama (Feat. Large Professor)
  13. Punchlyne & Fokis – This Feeling
  14. Eric Sermon – Defsquadsong (Feat. Keith Murray & Redman)
  15. Reks – That’s Whats Up (Feat. Bossman)
  16. Beanie Sigal – In The Ghetto

Guests: Punchlyne & Fokis

Royce da 5’9″ “Street Hop” Tracklist

Here you have the tracklist for Royce da 5’9″ 4th album “Street Hop” which will by executive produced by DJ Premier. There should be six Preem produced track on it. Drops the 20th of october. See this blog was right about the the last track, nice that Joell Ortiz will be also on it. So the leaked mixtape version was unfinished! So where are the other Premo tracks?!


  1. Gun Harmonizing (Produced by Emile)
  2. Count For Nothing (Produced by Streetrunner)
  3. Soldier (Feat. Kid Vishis)
  4. Something 2 Ride (Feat. Phonte)
  5. Dinner Time (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
  6. Far Away
  7. The Warriors (Feat. Slaughterhouse) (Produced by Streetrunner)
  8. A Brief Intermission (Skit)
  9. Gimme Money (Produced by DJ Premier)
  10. Gangsta (Feat. Trick Trick)
  11. Shake This (Produced by DJ Premier)
  12. Mine In Thiz
  13. Street Hop (Produced by Six July)
  14. Thing For Your Girlfriend (Hoe Jack) (Feat. Kay Young)
  15. Bad Boy (Feat. Jungle Rock Jr.)
  16. Take You There (Feat. Melanie Rutherford)
  17. Part Of Me (Produced by Carlos Broady)
  18. Love From The Hood (Feat. Bun B & Joell Ortiz) (Produced by DJ Premier)

UPDATE: Royce said this tracklist is fake (from HipHopDX)