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Conspiracy Radio Discusses Guru

Here you have a the latest Conspiracy Radio show where they discusses 3 hours about the tragic events of Guru with all kinda people. We have talks of Solar, Kurupt, N.O.R.E., Masta Ace, Blaq Poet, Big Shug, Nardwuar and more. Hope you get what you wanted. Enjoy:

Conspiracy Radio Discusses Guru

Props to Conspiracy Radio!

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5 Responses to “Conspiracy Radio Discusses Guru”

  • Comment from krudanze

    i need that masta ace/preem shit!

  • Comment from silverdust

    great show

  • Comment from james

    solar is a conniving piece of shit! The amount of doubletalk that man spews is equal to the oil spill…always turning everything back o Guru…his dayzrnumbrd

  • Comment from Frank Low

    The best thing ‘Nigga Who’ can do is give the last accapellas to Dj Premier and do us all the biggest favour. We might start a campaign for you if you give them to Preem!!!!


    Let Premo do a final GANG STARR album with the whole FOUNDATION. From Big Shug, Jeru, Group Home, Krumbsnatcha, ETC ETC!!!

    Give the vocals to Premier! T-shirts

  • Comment from MoMatt

    I was thinking exactly the same thing as you Frank Low. It wouldn’t work quite as well as a proper Gang Starr effort, but this still needs to be done. A whole new LP would be incredible as you know Primo would save his best beats for it.
    Please God, make this happen!

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