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VINTAGE: Gang Starr Interview 2003

A lot of unreleased interviews are being released in this last week. I’m not going to post them all, but I found this one quit interesting. Peep it out.

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6 Responses to “VINTAGE: Gang Starr Interview 2003”

  • Comment from sirensongs

    Remembering you guys w DJ Word and Stu over in the Wild Pitch office. 45 King was *the sht* at the time.

  • Comment from Berto

    “we’ve never sold a million copies… We get the platinum RESPECT.”

    much respect to dj premier over the years for really holdin it down not jus for Hiphop, but for the folks who really take in the culture to heart. clearly one of my favorite duudes in Hiphop ever.

    rest in peace to the Guru, for he has done sooo much for Hiphop, as well. i love in the interview how he explained that they don’t wanna be categorized under a certain “genre” of Hiphop. it’s just their own flava and formula of what they do and built on each year.

    Gang Starr forever..

  • Comment from iffy

    Great interview. R.I.P Guru What a legend.

  • Comment from Vigilante

    Can this blog post those other unreleased Gang Starr interviews? Or direct us to them?

  • Comment from queenv spottv

    Nice Interview. Groove Parlor TV REST IN PEACE GURU

  • Comment from GoodBETH

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