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Kanye West Wants Three Premo Beats On His Upcoming Album

Here we have a new audio interview of DJ Premier when he was in France this week with Nick Javas. Kanye West wants 2 more beats? What’s up with him? Lets get positive about it! Via 2dopeboyz:

DJ Premier Interview In France

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18 Responses to “Kanye West Wants Three Premo Beats On His Upcoming Album”

  • Comment from MC_Squarepants

    Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe… Nice!

  • Comment from haroon

    2 more beats wasted on a jackass.

  • Comment from mick

    this is why premo is not as good as he was in the 90’s because he keeps working with average (blaq poet , nyg’z) and shit (kayne west , nick javas) mc’s! remember who he worked with in the 90’s (nas , jeru , oc , rakim).

  • Comment from mick

    f**k kayne , must two year olds can rap better.

  • Comment from BK's Finest

    What you talkin about?! 1995, Livin’ Proof which is one of his best works and you gonna tell me that Dap & Melachi were better MCz than the Nyg’z?! who rapped on the beats have nothing to do with the fact that Primo is as good as he was in the 90’s or not. His beats are still relevant whoever rap on it.

    Anyway I agree for Kanye tho… Wasted beats but Preem’ll be stupid not make his money on him….

  • Comment from Rich

    I’m not looking forward to Kanye ruining another beat with that voice and poor lyrics. He makes my ears vomit.

    Haroon-I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Comment from double a

    yeah, it seems like a good idea, but Kanye West isn’t where it’s at for a legendary producer like Preem- Trust.

  • Comment from AMAru

    why you guys hatin on kanye? i mean, i don’t like him neither, i hate his personality and character, cuz i think he’s an arrogant motherfucker, but as far as his musical abilities are concerned, he’s a pure professionalist, i guess he knows what it’s about when he raps on preem beats, he’s aware of the fact that it’s an honor for him, so i don’t think he gonna mess up.
    by the way, he’s rapped on a preem beat before, y’all remember? classic rmx, and his verse was dope, imo perhaps equal to nas’, if not even better, and that comes from a die hard nas fan.
    stop hatin on k west, his album’s gonna definitely be dope, plus preem can make some money

  • Comment from Dav

    of course premo would love to work with them again but its hard to get in the studio with those cats. their busy, kayne still got it. premo is gonna bring the late regrestration out in him.

  • Comment from MC_Squarepants

    The question is: Will your love for premier be bigger than your hate on kanye?
    In my opinion the tracks/album will be hot. Like AMAru said: His character has nothing to do with his ability to make good music. You don’t have to like his electro-autotune-music, but before that he was dope. Listen to guess whos back with Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel, then you understand me!

  • Comment from aaa187

    Kanye West is dope as hell…..Lyrically too…listen to college dropout and late registration, both are classics.Nick Javas and NYGz are sick…what the hell is that dude on top talking about????HE dont know hip-hop………

    DJ Premier worked with kanye west before on the Graduation album. He did a cut on a song.

    Dj premier sicker than ever and i know kanye west gets down on the lyrics….

  • Comment from mtllou75

    it will dope…kanye is arrogant but aside from his last album his others were good. he wants some credibility reestablished with his next album. cuz that 808 autotune shit just blew and he knows it. plus maybe kanye will recruit jay-z on a track

  • Comment from BK's Finest

    Kanye never was a dope MC, NEVER, just an average rapper at best. No hate, just facts.

  • Comment from Kev

    I’m sure it’s gonna be real dope!!!

  • Comment from make beats

    That should be a dope track

  • Comment from haroon

    Kanye doesn’t even write his own lyrics — how can he be a ‘dope’ MC?

  • Comment from Deep So Man

    La 11 Mai à Toulouse c’était NY Style !!! Merci DJ Premier pour le son et la soirée … reviens en France et dans le sud quand tu veux tu as vu que tu as ton public !!! Gangstarr 4 Life …

  • Comment from james

    primo has to make money just like you and me…kanye represents a big check.

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