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Official Nick Javas “Not A Game” Video + CDQ

Props to Nick Javas, Gordon and DJ Premier who I had meet later today. LiveFromHQ blog coming with the new shit. Here you have the street version:

Nick Javas – Not A Game

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6 Responses to “Official Nick Javas “Not A Game” Video + CDQ”

  • Comment from INDIE IS THE TRUTH

    Man i have another name for this video.

    WE DONT NEED THE INDUSTRY: To make real hip hop a beautifull thing.

    DJ PREMIER, the best composer of hip hop!

    Best sense to build raw beats.

    And this tracks has a sick bassline dude,
    what is this sample? tottaly manipulated to create another melody.

    And this dirty drum break?

    The video is super dope! Made with talent! No need mainstream labels to make this happen!

    Only Needs to be Real!


  • Comment from jr

    The video went with the song really well. I like Nick’s flow. Insane beat as always

  • Comment from kidkaracho

    When does a CDQ of Opportunity Knocks arrive? Any infos about that?

  • Comment from REKER (SCK)

    very gay chorus, i thought the one he played was unfinished. hope he aint lazy wit javas. this chorus kills the song, literally, its a joke! nice beat and rhymes tho

  • Comment from Josh

    Nick Javas is ok but i’d rather get tef’s album collateral. i was just listening to his single w/premier from 99 on def jam f-u/comin’ at cha, both songs are hot and tef tears the beat up on both of them, i think him & poet would make a dope 1-2 punch but he’s been mia for years, does anyone know what happened to him?

  • Comment from DJ Real

    this song is nice. im getting tired of premier using the same type violins as samples though. almost all of his songs this year sound just like this one.

    i want him to go back to his old style…..making those dark, gritty, spooky east coast beats with piano and violin loops.

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