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Bun B – Let Em Know

New song produced by DJ Premier,
from his upcoming album “Trill O.G.”. The album will be released August 3, 2010

Bun B – Let Em Know

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33 Responses to “Bun B – Let Em Know”

  • Comment from BK's Finest

    Primo was tired for this one. It sounds like an unfinished beat from Beats That Collected Dust. I don’t even like his hook which is a first. Disappointed.

  • Comment from AMAru

    shit, I’m speechless, probably one of my fav premo tracks in the past years… this got that classic sound, and bun is killin this shit, wonderful music…

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    this beat is WACK. even the scratches sound lazy.

  • Comment from Breeze


  • I like this joint… It’s simple and laid back, but still a nice nead nodder. Anyone thinkin otherwise is crazy…

  • Comment from tapeandvinyl

    I love it! Yeah, it has got that classic touch…pure dopeness!

  • Comment from the_illest

    super boring and repetitive beat.. the cuts sound really lame too..

  • Comment from Lg Roc

    Man this violin is vicious..
    Dope bassline…

    My opinion? cuts with sense… this is no DMC Champion to cut like a machine…
    This is a Track…
    The cuts are mega dirty…

    Dope track!

  • Comment from T.R.

    This track is fucking dope!!! I love Bun B over a Premo beat! They really have a good chemistry!

  • Comment from GUIRO, for GIM ;)

    this beat is NICE, simple but hard, hook is not his best,

  • Comment from samu

    reminds me of Make It Clear, which slowly became one of my favorite premo joints of 09…

  • Comment from D

    lol @ guys sayin pure dopeness etc.. premo is just a tired version of his former self nowadays

  • Comment from stone

    sick. such a good matchup

  • Comment from AMAru

    you can’t be serious, you are complainin’ about a premo beat bein’ simple and repetitive??? get the fuck outta here, it makes the impression that you just found out bout dj premier. that’s how a premo beat always sounds like (with a few exceptions tho): simple, repetitive, BUT this formula is effective and hypnotic. in my opinion the beat is flawless, dope sample, yes, to me the melody is amazing, dope violins, the bassline completes it perfectly, and the drums are on point. and no I’m not blended by that “produced by dj premier” tag, I can distinguish between a dope beat and a lame beat, and this is definitely not a lame beat


  • Comment from SirBiatch

    some of y’all are dickriding Preme quite hard. True, he’s the maestro of beats, but he can’t possibly have a 100% track record. He’s very close, but he has a few weak beats in his arsenal. And this is definitely one of them. Remove the name Premo from this, and if anyone else had made it, you’d be like: ‘i’m not sure about this. not feeling it.”

    Lol at Shaun D saying that anyone who thinks this is weak is crazy. Riiight…

  • Comment from DJ Real

    This beat needs work, im not gonna lie. Im not gonna go as far as sayin its WACK tho. The beat aint wack.

    Now, saying that the scratches are lame is just fuckin retarded. The scratches are on point. They always are anyway. The scratches are the best part of this beat. How can you say its weak with that fuckin Big L verse what are you smokin? And Amaru, the reason why prople are sayin its wack is bcause thet expec better. Premier has a legacy of sick beats, we want him to keep that legacy going.

  • Comment from jj

    some say this beat not good or the beat need some work… cant believe what ya say…let it be. make your own beats. wannabe critics…loughable!!

  • Salute Preem & Bun B a Dope Collab!

  • Comment from AMAru

    yeah of course we all expect the best from preem, there are only a few tracks that I personally don’t feel that much, and as I said, its got nuthin to do with dickridin, in the end it’s all about taste. BUT let’s consider the fact that premo is in the game for over 20 years, he’s still doin’ his thang, and just because the beats got “worse” (which is obviously a subjective opinion), doesn’t mean that they are whack or sumthin’, every artist got his prime. nevertheless I think that especially in this year premo proves again that he didn’t lose his ear for dope beats, I mean, can we really state that we know better than preem what a DOPE beat is??? I’m gonna repeat what I already wrote but I know what a dope beat is, and of course it doesn’t depend on the producer, to me this is a dope beat, I think premo knows how to arrange a sample the best way possible. anyway I actually don’t wanna start an argument, taste is just the last thing we should argue about

  • Comment from Kev

    BANGING SONG!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    Honestly, we can talk “it’s so subjective/it’s taste/it’s all everyone’s opinion” blah blah blah but the proof is in the pudding.

    Look at the Fat Joe – I’m Gone responses. NOBODY said the beat was wack, or even mediocre. That’s because the beat is an obvious BANGER, at least from the little we’ve heard.

    Compare that beat to this one and I’m like: lazy.

    Maybe to say it’s wack is a gross overstatement. Fair enough. But it might as well be because it’s boring and repetitive. And I’m not saying that because I’m a hater. I LOVE Preme’s shit: he’s my favorite producer of all time. But I think one of the major benefits of being real and close to the fans is that your fans can honestly assess your work.

    Everytime someone gives a critical response, there’s always some idiot who says: “Make your own beat!”

    Umm, no. I don’t make beats. I know a good beat when I hear one. If you present someone with a car and he/she says it’s shitty, are you gonna say: “oh, why don’t you make your own car?!” No.

    comments like that are so stupid. Preme’s the artist, I’m the listener. It’s my job to be a fair listener.

  • Comment from BK's Finest

    I agree with SirBiatch. I love Primo but this beat is far from dope especially from DJ Premier.

  • Comment from Hype

    Man.. i grew up listening epmd.. gangstarr… and shit..
    Man.. you re saying that beat is lame_??
    aw really__??
    can you find the same drums.. he used?
    can you program the same patter he programmed? cos mos of yall
    dont even catch the groove trick he aways do to make the repetitive sample hipnotise the tracks.. the secret is on the groove
    some shifts .. try to listen better.. if you thinks the beat is lame..
    for real..
    you dont understand man… go listen Just BITCH Blaze… go listen… BOI Bitch 1DA, to there man.. besides that.. why dont you download hum.. lemme see… snoop feat souja boy….

    on more time..



  • Comment from Wiktor


  • Comment from jj

    lol those critics are so lame… ya sound like preem only does have lame beats..its just one beat which is different and simple but yet dope. then listen to his older stuff or his other new joints he did and always will do.

  • Comment from Marc

    this shit is dope and it’s exactly what i want to hear from premo! if you don’t like it, maybe you don’t like premo-beats? and if you don’t like premo-beats, you must be def dumb and blind…or solar!
    by the way, the track is obviously not mastered yet! it’s a leaked track from an album that will be released on August 3, 2010!!! so why don’t you wait until that date, buy the album and put the cd in a good sound system and then you tell me again that this beat is wack! gtfoh!! complaining about things you got for free is not a good look!!!

  • Comment from Wiktor

    @ Marc
    “if you don’t like it, maybe you don’t like premo-beats?”

    i don’t like it, CAUSE i like premo-beats! and i know he could do this better.


  • Comment from AMAru

    sorry but to say that premo should work harder is just ridiculous, I guess we all know that no one can compete with preem when it comes to work ethic. once again, in MY opinion we should not act like we know better than premo what a dope track is. the way how the beat sounds ALWAYS depends on the artist premo is makin’ the track for, secondly, it also depends on the sample premo is usin’, and I guess there are not many people out there who have a better ear for samples than preem…

  • Comment from Lz Jz & Pzeuz

    Now the mainstream southern bitches can its bullshit wit dis track. Bun B and Preem now thats real southern hip hop that should play on the radio. Not none of that Gucci Maine shit. The true side of the south will rise back again one day and Preem will be the boost for its rise. Best track on the whole damn album by the way.

  • Comment from DJ Real

    Just responding to the guys “criticizing the critics”

    I make beats myself. It may not be the same way premo does it, and I’m certainly not better, but I do have a little bit of knowledge about the whole sound/groove thing. But no one is perfect, not even Premo. Premo is my inspiration. My beats probably sound exactly like his, except not as dope and I use different drums. Y’all gotta realize that we aren’t criticizing because we don’t like premo. We are criticizing because that is what hip-hop is about, making sure people learn from their mistakes and expect the best out of our idols (premo). That’s exactly how the game got lazy and started getting child-like. People stopped criticizing and they made it so everyone could be a star. We don’t want that to happen to the underground too.

  • Comment from Hype

    Yall fukkas saying shit about PREEM!
    This beat is straight Dope
    Mega Dirty! The cuts are NASTY!!! The same nasty as the HAVE TO MUCH HATE cuts.. blaq poet album…

    i respect him, but the sytle is tottaly different…

    Never Changed! And is Dope and unique!

    What about

    Gangstarr – BYS
    Gangstarr – Playtawin

    Straight FIRE!

    So letz make a PREEMO EXAM…
    Go listen KANYE WEST!!! Yeah ! he has some nice electro joints! lol

    TRUCK TURNER – Truck Turner – Who Am I
    Truck Turner – Breaker One
    J-Hood – Never Be

    And dont talk about the preemo beat legacy… is the same style as ever!

    yall start to listen wonka beats and jazz liberatorz and think that
    preemo should make beats like that?

    yall dont dig Preemo Style.. for Real..

    F OFF

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    some people in this talkback are clear Premo nut-huggers. Y’all probably don’t even hear the music, you just hear “DJ PREMIER” in your head. Like DJ Real said, I’m not into dickriding, regardless of who it is because it makes the artist lazy. Hip hop got super wack precisely because of dickriding.

    I’m not saying Preme is lazy because obviously his track record is the direct opposite of that. What I mean is that Preme will have one or two beats from time to time that won’t be on point. I’m cool with that. But that doesn’t mean I won’t point it out.

  • Comment from jj

    premo is loughing about critics, i know that…as long hes having fun making beats its what it is.

    I listen to music because i like it, not because somebody else is listen to it. and so premo is making beats he feels not what other say about what he should do or change that or whateva…

    peace yo… iam looking forward to hear new premo stuff!

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