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Interview with D2S

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4 Responses to “Interview with D2S”

  • Comment from Lg Roc

    God Dammit man.. that Full Clip live show was F Dope!
    Where was that and also how can i watch the full video?
    Peace yall!

  • Comment from Berto

    the place this interview was at; that was the place he was at sunday night, temple sf. i was at that party, and that shit was too dope for words to express..

  • Comment from jup

    It’s a performance on the British late night show “Live On Later With Jools Holland”

  • Nice little piece from the homies at Distortion 2 Static. And man, I wanted to go to that show Sunday night in SF, but had to handle biz here in the South Bay (my radio show on 90.1 KZSU Stanford). Saw The 45 King in SF on Friday night though…

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