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Nick Javas – Warning Track (DJ Premier Remix) (R.I.P. George “The Boss” Steinbrenner)

Year Round Records paying homage to MLB Baseball. Dope remix by DJ Premier, and you get the lyrics for free:

Miss Hip Hop came along and I remember
Like it was yesterday, how could I ever forget her
It was right around the time of the 18th letter
I was wearin a BRONX BOMBER when I NEW YORK MET her
If I had her phone number I’da RANGER
Or sent a couple TEXAS hopin she get the message
Let her know that there’s nobody as bad as her
SEATTLE get you focused when you’re planning on MARINER
And then came the school days In the park in the dark, like Toronto we BLUE JAYS
Ahh to be a kid again
Just get high and listen to the tribe like the INDIANS
Got more pot from our WHITE SOX
Made a short stop, then we’re JIMMY ROLLIN PHILLIES
Then the rhyming started
And you already know, being a FLO-RIDA,  MARLIN (I’m all in)
Munchies settin in, so of course you know
If I ran out of cookies, I just BALTIMORE ORIOLES (Bought more Oreos)
You know how the story goes
One word will make the paranoia grow
When somebody says “cops”
Without lookin I’m booking until my feet bleed, Fuckin RED SOX
Runnin like I saw a GREEN MONSTER,
Nosey mother waiting at home to catch me, had to DODGER
So to pass time I combined the sprite with the gin
Mixed in with MINNESOTA like a TWIN
Took it all to the dome
Then I had a BREWER maybe two and MILWAUKEE my ass home
Woke up in the morn’,  sun shinin on my face like DEVIL RAYS
So I thought I better pray
To ST. LOUIS , consuming all the Dewar’s hard gin
Just seemed like a CARDINAL SIN
CINNATTI RED bloodshot eyes
Feelin like I just died, I musta had an ANGEL ANAHEIM
Lick maneuver or a liquor remover because I may
Have to explain this puddle of puke to PADRE
So I say, “dad it was hairy as my PITTS
BURGlars and murderers broke in like PIRATES
And they punched me in the stomach
Took my pinky ring, I asked for the DIAMONDBACK but they were hearing nothing of it
And I’m BRAVE like ATLANTA , but these guys were GIANTS and NATS
The reason why I didn’t try and attack
Then I guess just from seeing me stressed
He laughed and said, son like CHICAGO, I C.U.B.S.
At that point in my life, the road was ROCKY
Like COLORADO, but I gotta flow that’s pretty cocky
Leavin’ you stunned and i can’t go back,
I’ve got my mind on my star like an ASTROS cap
Went from being a broke fan
To realizing on a track, I’m more ATHLETIC than OAKLAND
Fitted with A’s since the ritalin days I spit it with rage, ur just Nicolas Cage
And Nicholas’ cage couldn’t hold the eye of the TIGER
Like I was from the city of Shady and 5 Niner
Too live for the minors,
Earned many stripes by burnin plenty of mics, see cuz I’m a survivor
Avoided more shit than toilet seats
Now I collect ROYAL-tees like I’m loyal to K.C.

Thank you Preem and Nick, enjoy:

Nick Javas – Warning Track (DJ Premier Remix) | MIRROR

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9 Responses to “Nick Javas – Warning Track (DJ Premier Remix) (R.I.P. George “The Boss” Steinbrenner)”

  • Comment from AMAru

    dope track, the lyrics are INSANE, nick is gettin’ better and better. he still sounds like slug, but I’m startin’ to like his raps more and more… lookin’ forward to “destination unknown”

  • Comment from mick

    this sucks

  • Comment from BK's Finest

    I ain’t feelin it…

  • Comment from Paul

    great track with much respect peace peoples 🙂

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    at this stage, I think I’ll never feel Javas. His voice = wackness. And lyrically, he ain’t interesting or unique. so honestly, why is he even rapping?

  • Comment from Sonny

    Kinda dope, definatly not as dope as Masta Aces NFL (Not For Long) though

  • Comment from jj

    typical premo heat!

  • Comment from Lg Roc

    Creative lyric!
    The sample is
    The groove is dope
    peace yall

  • Comment from DJ Real

    Yeah the sample sounds a bit crazy imo lol. Nick Javas is good tho, amd after a while i started feelin the beat a lil bit. Not as much as i was expecting when clicking on the link though.

    The song doesnt suck though…no offense, but some of yall sound like you are lil teenagers. Learn to use constructive criticism instead of insults. Maybe Preem’s tryna change up his style. And im sorry, but none of yall are gonna hear the old premo again. Thats how music is.

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