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Exclusive: Fat Joe – I’m Gone CDQ

Here is it folks, crazy track by Fat Joe & DJ Premier. Off Fat Joe’s “The Darkside Vol. 1” dropping July 27th. D.I.T.C. For Ever, Gang Starr For Ever. DJPremierBlog exclusive, enjoy:

Fat Joe – I’m Gone | MIRROR

Recorded on the day Guru died, rip.

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15 Responses to “Exclusive: Fat Joe – I’m Gone CDQ”

  • Comment from cleareyes215

    this jawn is the truth

  • Comment from Lg Roc


  • Comment from grga

    fat joe just keep shitin about how gangsta he is..
    much props to preemo!

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    you’re fucking kidding me. This song is such a disappointment! and I was excited as hell for the snippet. I was going nuts over that shit.

    Fat Joe straight up wasted this beat. His first and only verse was annoyingly offbeat in certain places. Then he spent the rest of the time TALKING. Are u kidding me!? TALKING?! N*gga, you could have rhymed all that!!!

    what a waste.

  • Comment from BK's Finest

    I agree with SirBiatch again…. A wasted beat…

  • Comment from knobbz

    filserve is down and i’m not sure if it’s just me, but usershare isn’t working either. can you reup to mediafire please?

  • Comment from Dick B.

    I’m actually a somewhat of a Fat Joe music fan from his Jealous Ones Envy and Big Pun/D.I.T.C. days but after Pun died his work deteriorated more and more til now I wouldn’t even consider buy one of his albums.

    I still like That White, Success (DJ Premier Remix), The Shit is Real (DJ Premier Remix), and Dat Gangsta Shit better though. I’ll still be bangin’ this either way. I’ll always appreciate a new Premier track.

  • Comment from 90shiphopfan


  • Comment from myownboss

    I don’t know why people act like: “Joe wasted a beat of Primo”. Joe was rolling with Primo before Gang Starr existed. even before biggie was famous. And people act like Primo shouldn’t make beats for him. PREEMO KILLED THE BEAT AND JOEY THE LYRICS.DOPE!

  • Comment from mick

    dope dope dope

  • Comment from DJ Marquee

    Not a big fan of Joe but this joint is great. Props to premo.

    Proud user of
    Rane TTM 57sl Mixer

  • Comment from Raticus - Chop Shop Productions

    This is dope… Not as dope as I thought would be off the little snippet… But it still hits me hard… especially the first 8 bars or so….

  • Comment from phil

    The beat is superb, but what’s up with the long talk?

  • Comment from associate

    that shit was hot. people shit on primo two bar loop shit.. fuck that.. get your samples up .. whole point with this site even after watchin that tribute video, there’s no emcees on this site. at least to my understanding… point being we know what hiphop is and why we are commenting but real shit like fat joe did on this beat is what proves whats going on right now. if we can’t get shit straight with cats not respecting the art and just doing this ringtone bull shit then you might as well listen to real musicians.. hiphop was art like jazz or rock or whatever, but cats don’t know how to fuckin make tracks no more and create the vibe.. shout outs to both primo and fat joe for creating tracks that made us love hiphop. all this new shit, fuck it.. it took me years on regular gigs to finally say fuck the bull shit i will play what i want and even if people say what the fuck is this, or i don’t like it.. they heard it. let them hear this shit and complain. at least they heard something thats real.

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