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Joe Budden & Nas about to work with DJ Premier on their next LP

Tired of this, but recently Joe Budden announced he got DJ Premier on the board for his next LP. That’s dope. And surprise surprise, also Nasir slipped some info about his new LP. His plan is to have DJ Premier, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Alchemist & RZA on the boards.

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21 Responses to “Joe Budden & Nas about to work with DJ Premier on their next LP”

  • Comment from Jerry Seinfeld

    Nas is fucking gay for always making promises, he only deserves having beats from DJ Homo and DJ Buttcheeks on his next album

  • Comment from Nick K

    I’ll believe this shit when I see it for real. Nas is still nice with the lyrics but has been slacking on the beats for years. Something wrong with his ears or some shit.

    These guys always saying they’re gonna bring this or that back and never come through. We’ll see.

  • Comment from mick

    nas just retire already

  • Comment from Dick B.

    He can say Swizz Beatz but not Pete Rock? I hope he doesn’t have gay guests on this album that’s not going to happen. Even if it did happen it would be released on December 21, 2012. Plus his last two albums sucked. Why he like full Kanye production but not full DJ Premier production? He’s probably just f-ing with his fan base (which is at an all time low).

    What ever happened to Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 2?

  • thats a gooodlook Joe! And Nas please let that happen my g! Salute Preemo

  • Comment from Hype

    probably nas is gonna make a interlude with preemo lol
    the same as the #50 cent – before i self destruct mixtape#
    stealing a primo beat a using as a background music
    to after use and alchemist beat with the same sample


    hip hop is dead!
    now is trance-crunk bitch shit the futere…

  • Comment from Low Clouds

    Here, Here to all the above. I’ll hold my breath for Joe, but Nas has been trippin’ for years… I thought he and Preem were supposed to get together on the Hip Hop is Dead album? Industry shit! Preem is like the fountain of youth for MCs; muhfuckahs careers get young again when they rap over his beats.

  • Comment from Gold167

    Nas & Pete Rock dont get along

  • Comment from DJ Rugged D

    Dr. Dre and Nas is not really a great combination, unless Dr. Dre suddenly develops a nasty, gritty east coast sound. Looking forward to this though. When is Beats That Collected Dust vol 2 dropping? And Hustlers Union? People keep saying things are gonna drop but I never see them.

  • Comment from Nick K

    Just actually listened to this and nowhere does he say this is definite. Yes, he’s probably just fuckin with us to build the hype and like usual he will show up with a bunch of lame beats from lame producers with the first single being some pop chart aiming synth beat.

    All he was saying in this interview was how good he feels about the rhymes he’s writing and “it doesn’t matter if its Swizz beatz, it doesn’t matter if its kanye, it doesn’t matter if its premo”. Nowhere does he actually confirm he is working with any of these guys.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    The only person making consistent HIP HOP heat in that list of producers is PREMO. plain and simple. Why is Nas even talking about others?

    Remove Alchemist. Dude rarely impresses.
    RZA was dope but unless he can give Nas an INCREDIBLE beat, why even bother? His beats were some of the weakest on Cuban Linx 2.

    Dre? lmao. this has to be a joke. Dre has always given shit beats to Nas and Dre has definitely fallen off. Name the last dope Dre beat…. yeah.

    and definitely no Kanye, unless it’ll be like “Poppa Was a Playa” and NOT “Power”.

  • Comment from mtllou75

    yeah the nas track probly wont happen he needs hype right now 2 build buzz 4 next album. he needs sales for his child support lol. the budden track could b dope just surprising because joey has sum bad taste in beats usually,guess he’s comin around

  • Great news regarding Nas, but yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    As for Joe Budden, I’ve never liked him… He’s kind of annoying so it’s kind of annoying to know Primo’s gonna work with his sorry ass. Whatever though, as long as the song’s dope I guess that’s all that’ll matter.

  • Yo SirBiach, surprisingly there’s a dope Dre beat on the new Eminem album. I forget if it’s a song on the actual album, or some iTunes exclusive for the album. And don’t get me wrong, I haven’t liked Eminem in 8 years or so, but the song Dre did for him is a dope song overall. Surprising, I know. haha

  • Comment from asdf

    you must live in some kind of bizarro world if alchemist doesn’t impress you. dude is as consistent as preem. constant bangers.

  • Comment from Lz Jz & Pzeuz

    Nas betta not flop this shit if he’s gonna take the same productive people thats working on kanye’s next album. He used to be my favorite rhymer until i went deeper into underground hip hop. Nas is gonna need a shit load of work now. Joe might can rip a preem track though, but Crooked I should be next of the Slaughterhouse now to get wit preem because he’s the only one left. One thing though, when is an Eminem and Preem track is finally gonna hit out because Im pissed off about that “Keys to the City” one.

  • I think The Alchemist is dope overall, but he has produced some straight trash. I don’t check for him as much as I used to… I wonder why? Of course he still has the ability to make dope shit, he just doesn’t always do so unfortunately.

  • Comment from plainfacts

    My opinion is Nas is on some multiplatinum shit whether us “real” hip-hoppers like his shit or not, he goes platinum. So I think Nas feels like if he goes back to Primo he’s not shooting for that commercial audience. Sadly, so called “underground” fans never really go out and support as much as these fly by night pop lovers cd sales wise. Example. Kanye West always multi plat, but AZ, Royce 5’9, etc, lucky to go gold. Primo and Nas make the best collabo in hip-hop hands down. So we’ll see. This game is monkey see monkey do, so with Kanye having Primo, Pete rock etc on his upcoming Cd, maybe Nas will follow suit. As for Budden, yaaawn. I’d like to see Premier stick to an elite bunch of rappers but we’re in a recession now.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Alchemist is nice with the beats.

  • Comment from Moksi

    Fuck you Haters! If you can do it better do it then

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    lol. I wonder what bizarro world you’re in if you think Alchemist is as consistent as Preme. lmao. you automatically ethered yourself by saying that.

    IMO, there’s this stereotype that when real hip hop is made, the underground heads won’t support and I consider that to be TOTAL BULLSHIT. What is this even based on?

    What was the last ABSOLUTELY CLASSIC album that didn’t sell anything? It’s NEVER happened. When an album is undeniably 100% fully dope, it always sells. And usually by quite a bit. It may not be like Jay-Z number, but it definitely causes a stir. Underground heads keep a lot of non-mainstream acts alive. We pay for shows for these guys to perform the songs over and over again every year, but we can’t pick up an album?

    That smells like bullshit! The reason why hip hop isn’t selling as much is that the shit is just wack, both on the mainstream and underground level. I haven’t heard an underground album that has been amazingly dope for YEARS now.

    Don’t tell me Cuban Linx 2 because that isn’t a bonafide classic. Deep down you know this. Take one track off Cuban Linx 2 and compare it to its predecessor and you have a problem.

    so yeah. Somebody name an INCREDIBLE album of the last 5 years that was underground which nobody checked for, then I’ll change my opinion.

    Until then, I’ll say that alot of our veterans and idols are just too fucking lazy (and afraid) to make a consistently dope project.

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