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NEW TRACK: Bumpy Knuckles – The Gang Starr Bus (Radio Rip)

This is sick… Bumpy Knuckles takes us back on a history ride when Gang Starr was touring. In fact, the beat that your hear is an old Gang Starr leftover. From his upcoming DJ Premier collabo album “The Kolexion” where he takes old Premo beats and rip them apart for your ear pleasure, enjoy:


It’s GOOD weekends on lol, Premo was playing all these exclusives last night… I’m going to release two more in the next 24 hours…next one in about 12 hours sharp… Monday the full show like you used to have…

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9 Responses to “NEW TRACK: Bumpy Knuckles – The Gang Starr Bus (Radio Rip)”

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Awesome. This is on some Jazzmatazz type thing. Love the sample he used. I heard about Freddie Foxxx doing an album with Premier apparently the rumors are true, at least I hope. I hope all the beats Bumpy rhymes on are unheard or unreleased like Beats That Collected Dust.

  • Comment from dj reker

    ya, hope all the beats are new. i mean freestyles seem played out anymore, unless someone really rips the beat. thanks for the updates my man

  • Comment from Hector Klink

    Tight production I’m lovin the jazz cuts. A little lava came out my ear after the second verse.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    @ dj reker
    are you saying Foxxx freestyled his verses, seemed to me that he wrote what rapped. Plus Bumpy did ripped it.

    Preem and Foxxx always make tight records even if Premier doesn’t make them in mind of Foxxx rapping on them. Looking very forward to The Collection especially after hearing this joint. Just another DJ Premier project to anticipate.

  • Comment from DJTHAsuMo

    The MC’s that Premier fuck wit iz priceless. Bumpy, Poet, Smiley, Tef-Lon, NYGz, KRS, the list goes on. Like these dudes is to OG’d out and iz absolutely tha Realest HIP-HOP in the World.

  • Comment from zen_funky

    Thank You,Preemo and Foxxx for CLASSIC SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment from Lauren One

    you sure 12/6?

    I mean u r rockin a “property of hip-hop t’shirt

    u should read that Gospel, and learn what the spelling means.

  • Comment from Al 1

    Yo I was in Primary School, when you was on the Gangstarr Bus.
    NIICE i dont know if its the beat or the vibe just reminds me of a better decade.

  • Comment from J

    Love the Solar call out track.

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