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NEW TRACK: Wais P – You See It (Radio Rip)

Member Wais P from Da Ranjahz got the change to spit on his second DJ Premier beat of his career. This time for his most anticipated sole debut album on Coalmine Records. As you see, I’m a good friend of them. Big shout out to Matt Diamond!! Watch out people, nothing but dope shit coming from their corner. I guess the CDQ will be an exclusive here later on. Now check out the radio rip (which is ironic, cauz the quality is too good for radio lol), WAIS P THE PIMP on a rejected Rakim beat when he was suppose to do that album on Dr Dre’s label:


EDIT: New link, CDQ coming in december. And Wais P new album not via Coalmine Records.

GOOD Weekends! Sample god Premier does it again! Next one: KRS-One – 5% (Feat. Grand Puba) in 12 more hours…

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11 Responses to “NEW TRACK: Wais P – You See It (Radio Rip)”

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Wow! Preem bringing the heat lately and always. Loving this weekend. Two new joints with news of the Pete Rock project. Can it get any better? Yes – 5% by KRS and Grand Puba. Figured that track would have the Blastmaster when I saw it on the tracklist. Didn’t expect this collaboration though. Nice surprise. Such an ill beat.

    Premier’s GOOD Weekends crushes Kanye’s GOOD Fridays anyday of the week.

  • Comment from mtllou75

    4 real….u da man . yo u getz the exclusivz da blog & u da shit big ups im smokin sum maui gots the oz sum bitchz its 3 in da morn i used 2 h8 but u get da xclusiz u get it poppin’ 4 real props my n#**@ mtl salutz

  • Comment from GUIRO

    KEREL TOCH WEERAL TE ZOT :p Shit is crazy, premo never stops droppin dimes with his SICK soundtrack-samples ..

    sffs komk mss vo fifa rond 4-6 fzo? joooo

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @Guiro, yes it’s a soundtrack sample haha. Soulcontrollah already found it :P. Shout out to him.

    Kom ma af, om 6u ist clubtje hehe.

  • Comment from Budd Hello


    … i thought by startin the video 😀

  • Comment from DJTHAsuMo

    This dude that said wack beat should be banned from this shit. I respect all opinions but how you gone be on a Premier site where this shit was basicly built off Beats you don’t know shit about HIP-HOP. Dope joint MO P’s would’of killt’ it too!

  • Comment from AMAru

    I guess that was a joke, and he meant the beat played at the beginning of the youtube video… nobody with a common sense would rate this track as “wack”

  • Comment from Gedou

  • Comment from Bdds13

    how could rakim reject this beat, he would’ve killed it.

  • Comment from GuttahMaster

    Such a dope beat. Premo is the god of beats, fuck dre (not that i think hes wack, but you know lol)

    This is like the perfect beat for Rakim. Wouldve been even more classic if Rakim was on this. Every beat premo makes is classic anyway, nonetheless.

  • Comment from phifdogz

    give it up for wais p he rode the hell out of that beat..PIMPIN IS ALIVE!DOPE SONG..PREMO IS THE BEST!!!

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