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Top 10 DJ Premier Produced Beats Rejected by Greats

I know most of you are like ‘wtf, who rejects a Premo beat?!’, only what we wants are more, more and more ofc. Them people do exists. But it’s only DJ Premier who is that humble about it. A rejected beat doesn’t mean a rejected producer… We all know it motivates him to do better. Here’s the top 10 beats produced by DJ Premier that were rejected by well known artists. My source? All of them except two I heard with my own ears from Premos mouth. Check it out:

10) Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles – P.A.I.N.E. (Pressure At INdustry Expense) (click)

Rejected by Jadakiss. No problem folks, Jadakiss already rhymed on 3 Premo beats.

09) Termanology – So Amazing (click)

Rejected by Amerie. That’s right, the beautiful Amerie was suppose to have a Premo beat on one of her albums but for some reason it didn’t worked out. When So Amazing dropped we heard she rejected that beat.

08) Ill Bill – Society Is Brainwashed (click)

Rejected by Jay-Z. I think he’ll get the trophy, we have our 1st Jay-Z rejected beat! We already know the reason why by Jay-Z himself.

07) Capone-N-Noreaga – Grand Loyal (click)

Rejected by Rakim. I think Rakim rejected another beat too, but I don’t remember. I do remember this one.

06) MC Lyte – Wonder Years (click)

Rejected by Jay-Z. Number 2! Damn, I always loved this joint… It had like a video clip, but no 12inch (same for Play It from Big Shug)?! Still looking out though… You never know. It was the single for her unreleased album “Back to Lyte”. Wondering what happened with it and her wonder years… such an amazing woman.

05) Rakim – Waiting For The World To End (click)

Rejected by Nas. I want to see a reason. But hey, the replacer is even greater so what’s the problem?

04) Bun B – Let ‘Em Know (click)

Rejected by Busta Rhymes. Recently Premo told us Busta rejected up to 10 beats already. But on a positive note, the first two collabo’s are going to see the daylight in 2011. He’s scheduled to be on NYGz upcoming album with M.O.P. on the same track while Premo is scheduled on Busta’s upcoming album.

03) Ras Kass – Goldyn Chyld (click)

Rejected by Jay-Z. Strikeeeeee 3! This beat is so hot I bought a couple copies of the 12inch. And I even wrote a story about the track. That’s how much I love the beat! Click on the click link.

02) Guru – Hustlin’ Daze (click)

Rejected by LL Cool J. I didn’t knew what I would love more with this beat. LL Cool J or Guru with Donell Jones on a Premo beat? Hell, I know it now haha.

01) Royce da 5’9″ – Boom (click)

Rejected by Jay-Z. I’m going to be honest with everybody. I’m not sure if it was Jay-Z, but it was someone big! Remember that. So someone rejected Boom alright… Did you knew the beat is so great it even sounds dope when you play it backwards?EDIT: It could also be CNN.

Honorable mention: D’Angelo – Devils Pie -> Rejected by Canibus. DJ Premier – Sing Like Bilal -> Rejected by Bilal. KRS-One – 5% (Feat. Grand Puba) -> Rejected by Rakim.

And on that note: Guru didn’t rejected “Nas Is Like”, he just didn’t liked it. You probably asking yourself why I didn’t just ask Premier (because there are probably some more rejections)? Every conversation between me and DJ Premier are private and always will be. This blog didn’t start because I could ask Premo everything. I found it fun to search things up, you know, where’s the fun to just ask the news? If you know more rejections, hit up the comments.

If you want to see a complete detailed list of all his productions go to and have fun!

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19 Responses to “Top 10 DJ Premier Produced Beats Rejected by Greats”

  • Comment from AMAru

    dope post man, goldyn chyld is one of my fav tracks too, glad jay-z rejected it, I prefer ras kass anyway and he killed it
    didn’t know boom was a rejected beat tho, really can’t understand why, shit’s a classic

  • Comment from golddigger


  • Comment from Pete Nice

    Fuck Jay-Z – always been a wack mc. Trife.

  • Dope post

  • Comment from Rhyging

    Shit, can’t understand how Jigga can reject Primo’s jewels and rhyme over some wack ass beats like “Young Forever” and shit, fuck that!

  • Comment from Guilty

    Premo wadup with the “Get it Done” -Torae Beat man..this is crazy shit too!!..whatever peace out to all tha hiphop heads and to premo for keepin it real!

  • Comment from Cappuccinosocialist

    There was a WOM 12″ for Wonder Years:

  • Comment from Ian Curtis

    How can you reject Boom?? And Devil’s Pie??? Hustlin’ Daze? Then they’ll use Auto Tune or collaborate with Soulja Boy… that’ll be fine. That’s the world today.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Jay-Z’s a dee-ti-dee (retard) for this.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    No wonder Preem scratched Jay in the song.

  • Comment from IN

    Jay needs to head butt a knife

  • Comment from Hotline 666

    MC Lyte – Wonder Years, would fit great on jay-z.

    If he stops to think about 808claps and scream like he was comming.

    Society is so brainwashed that we need 2 jay-z’s boom bap album, kanye boom bap album, nas boom bap album,and a F Justin Bieber feat Lady Gaga Boom bap album, so we can have nice boom bap hip hop on the club, and possible have a descent position on the media.

  • Comment from Wiktor

    i understand 2 rejections:
    – So Amazing rejected by Amerie – don’t see her on that beat.
    – Let ‘Em Know rejected by Busta Rhymes – Busta needs something funky!

  • Comment from AMAru

    didn’t preem say in a recent interview that every beat that went to freddie foxxx has been rejected by another artist, one of the artists is charli baltimore, I remember that one, he didn’t tell which beat that was tho…

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @AMAru, that’s true! Freddie Foxx takes only rejections. Only Militia was made for him :D.

  • Comment from monroe

    I dont think Boom was rejected. I herd it was suppose to be a CNN track but Royce was in the studio to do “my friend” and herd Boom and just took it. Told premier he wants it and spit the first verse. (which obviously made it a wrap lol). I’m pretty sure I read that in a royce interview that Premo made it for Capone n Nore but Royce snatched it up before CNN got to use it.

  • Comment from Will Schmidt

    Jay Z also rejected the beat used for ‘We Gonna Ill’ by Blaq Poet.

  • Comment from taki

    jay-z keeps rejecting preemo beats and he rap’s on pop beats … that’s whack

  • Comment from dave

    there was a play it 12″

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