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Dirty CDQ Version of Goldyn Chyld (DJ Premier Remix)

I’m sitting now quit some time on this one. I don’t know if this is an exclusive or something for the collectors, but I never saw a dirty CDQ version of this jewel before on the internet (why? read on…). You could find the dirty version on the 12″ release in 2002 by Priority Records who also released a promo CDS of this track with only the clean version on it.

I tagged it as “DJ Premier Remix”, and it is a remix, but it isn’t tagged like that on the vinyl release. But the notes tells us that the original version will appear on his next album “Goldyn Chyld”, but that album never came out due to troubles with the law and label. So this dirty version could never see the daylight. I also have the original version somewhere on my hard disc, but that one is produced by someone else (released on some advanced version of the album maybe?). Arguably Ras Kass best track. Like I said, forgotten jewel. I almost forgot, it’s a jewel rejected by -who else- Jay-Z. You see him rhyme on this beat around The Blueprint era?

Enjoy you DJ’s:

Ras Kass – Goldyn Chyld (DJ Premier Remix) (Dirty) (CDQ)

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