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Joell Ortiz – Project Boy

First I did the radio rip and here’s the mp3. Note, it’s not the CDQ. It seems he wants to hold it back for a while, the ‘CDQ’ you can find on some blogs is only low bitrate… Here you have the mp3 rip of the HD version. Mastered a bit and it’s good to bang your mp3 player! I’m not so kind on the song though, but a lot of you do so enjoy:

Joell Ortiz – Project Boy

EXCLUSIVE: Joell Ortiz – Project Boy Video

Enjoy the video for Project Boy.

DJ Premier Interview with DJ Semtex

Premo stopped by DJ Semtex’s show last Friday after Tim Westwood. They discuss Guru, his latest signing Nick Javas, wanting to work with Drake, and new artists coming through such as Nicki Minaj and Diggy Simmons.

Oh yeah, and I think I know what’s going on why he wants to work with Drake while a lot of real heads think fuck Drake. He wants to prove to us (or the media) how dope he can make some one with his sound I THINK.

You can find the Tim Westwood interview here that is practically the same. Go to the 2hour mark for DJ Premier:

DJ Premier Interview with DJ Semtex

Solar Opens Attack On Guru’s Nephew And DJ Premier’s Friends

“It is more than obvious that certain disgruntled people from Guru’s past are trying to use this tragic situation to settle a score with Guru and myself for whatever reason which is shameful,” says Solar.

Solar will be releasing official documents which will confirm and verify everything that has been addressed in the official press releases regarding Guru’s health. Furthermore it will show the hoax that has been played by certain media outlets who have not provided Solar a chance to refute the lies being perpetrated against them. And the immoral and dishonest behavior by some people from Guru’s past.

The official documents, according to Solar, will clearly and undeniably show that:

…there has never been any hospital guest list recorded by Solar to prevent anybody from visiting Guru.
…all visits have been recorded and they will also reveal that somebody from Guru’s past misrepresented himself as his attorney to get access to Guru which is illegal by law, as well as numerous people saying they are Guru’s family who they are not.
…Guru has made his proxy on his own in conjunction with hospital personnel as required by law and outside of Solar’s presence.
…Guru has had no conversations with his nephew, Justin Elam, on anything that he is lying about in his published YouTube video. They were not close at all and Guru’s nephew has never known Solar on a personal level.
…Justin Elam is using Guru’s name to advance his selfish needs and has no right to use the brand Guru or GangStarr in any way, shape or form, on YouTube or anywhere else.

Guru continues to recover. Recent MRI test results, which is a magnetic resonance imaging like a high tech X-ray, are encouraging.

Solar, who is Guru’s official spokesperson, visits his longtime partner and best friend everyday to support him. Unfortunately certain people try to shed bad light on Solar by broadcasting wrong rumors and allegations regarding the producer’s involvement in this tragic situation.

Source: (they should be ashamed)

SMH, I guess he doesn’t like Bumpy Knuckles and his friends too…