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Solar Opens Attack On Guru’s Nephew And DJ Premier’s Friends

“It is more than obvious that certain disgruntled people from Guru’s past are trying to use this tragic situation to settle a score with Guru and myself for whatever reason which is shameful,” says Solar.

Solar will be releasing official documents which will confirm and verify everything that has been addressed in the official press releases regarding Guru’s health. Furthermore it will show the hoax that has been played by certain media outlets who have not provided Solar a chance to refute the lies being perpetrated against them. And the immoral and dishonest behavior by some people from Guru’s past.

The official documents, according to Solar, will clearly and undeniably show that:

…there has never been any hospital guest list recorded by Solar to prevent anybody from visiting Guru.
…all visits have been recorded and they will also reveal that somebody from Guru’s past misrepresented himself as his attorney to get access to Guru which is illegal by law, as well as numerous people saying they are Guru’s family who they are not.
…Guru has made his proxy on his own in conjunction with hospital personnel as required by law and outside of Solar’s presence.
…Guru has had no conversations with his nephew, Justin Elam, on anything that he is lying about in his published YouTube video. They were not close at all and Guru’s nephew has never known Solar on a personal level.
…Justin Elam is using Guru’s name to advance his selfish needs and has no right to use the brand Guru or GangStarr in any way, shape or form, on YouTube or anywhere else.

Guru continues to recover. Recent MRI test results, which is a magnetic resonance imaging like a high tech X-ray, are encouraging.

Solar, who is Guru’s official spokesperson, visits his longtime partner and best friend everyday to support him. Unfortunately certain people try to shed bad light on Solar by broadcasting wrong rumors and allegations regarding the producer’s involvement in this tragic situation.

Source: (they should be ashamed)

SMH, I guess he doesn’t like Bumpy Knuckles and his friends too…

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22 Responses to “Solar Opens Attack On Guru’s Nephew And DJ Premier’s Friends”

  • Comment from test


    nice blog you got


  • Yo FUCK Solar lyin ass. Anybody can see he’s a fuckin liar.

  • Comment from lamont

    bumpy knuckles still gossiping on twitter? lol so much for being real.

    #fucksolar movement is a joke. if these dudes weren’t such bitches solar would be in the hospital bed right next to guru.

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  • Comment from marijean

    solar needs to be slapped. take action on this lame ass faggot. plz.

  • Comment from Bigpookie74

    Fuck you Solor with a metal broomstick!! Man somebody needs to hit you in the head with a brick nigga & get your mind right!!

    I pray for you Guru, yall have been a part of my life for so long & its always GANGSTARR FOREVER!!!

  • Comment from phil

    come on solar, enough is enough

  • Comment from nellieinct

    Just pray for Guru and all HIS family and true friends. They need Gods hand and shelter from the devil. Stomp your enemies God will lead the way. Furthermore please bless solar I hope you aren’t throwing your negativity towards Gurus family and friends in front of Guru or saying anything negative about them. Coma or not, he hears everything. Please don’t taint his recovery. Be blessed. ^j^

  • Comment from bone breaker

    yo solar come out on tour playboy. i got cats lined up with metal bats and brass knuckles waiting to make a mess out of your face. enough is enough. this faggot is playing games with a mans life. he gonna get his. solaar is gonna get the treatment next time he has a show. fans are gonna eat this homo alive. you cant turn back time and the damage is done. solaar gonna be walking with crutches by the end of the year.

  • Comment from DJSoundscience

    “Justin Elam is using Guru’s name to advance his selfish needs and has no right to use the brand Guru or GangStarr in any way, shape or form, on YouTube or anywhere else”

    And Solar isn’t??? THere are tons of Gangstarr videos on the 7Grand YouTube page…WTF?? Who is Solar to say what/who represents Gangstarr? Why does Solar think whatever him and Guru have over the last 6 years trump family and friends?

  • Comment from First Family Forever

    Honestly this guy is a cunt, fair enough if this is all true.. but guru needs to sort himself out and realise that the music he is making with solar is dogshit! & get back with premo

    Get well soon guru

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  • Comment from boda

    c om on son this is about guru or about solar?stop talking about that faggot

  • Comment from namtran

    I really want to see solar get knocked the fuck out by Bumpy hahahahaha.

  • Comment from Bryan Poosie


  • Comment from Whichtrack

    man, i saw the tittle but i wont even read this shit.
    what i have to say is.
    im a big fan of gangstarr an dj premier is my hero.
    i never bought a SOLAR shit…7grande shit.. never ever..
    and i dont even care.
    i am hip hop,
    and 7 grand is not…
    i am a hip hop consumer.. and dont eve listen 7 grand joints..
    i listened may be 30 second of some joints and i thought that would even been better to listen, black moon, epmd than this 7 grand shit..
    well.. thats it.
    solar is a worm.

  • Comment from Yeah

    If it wasn’t for Solar, I wouldn’t know what a MRI is. Thanks for clearing that up, Superproducer!

  • Comment from big nook

    Fuck Solar. Dude needs to get stomped out. Can’t believe he trys to rep Gangstarr and mention Gangstarr as if Premo has nothing to do with it. Can’t believe that 7Grands youtube page is littered with old school Gangstarr joints. He even has the track “Do Ya” by Big Shug, produced by Premier which Guru isn’t even on. You know sooner or later someone is going to catch up with Solar and when they do shit is gonna get ugly.

  • Comment from T-Bomb

    Bumpy Knuckles >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Solar

  • Comment from DJ Realness

    This cat cant be serious. Justin Elam is selfish. Probably the most ignorant ish ive ever heard someone say.

    Justin says he cant see his family, Premo is praying for his family, etc. Its obvious this dude is lying, why would Justin lie about something like that in this situation. This dude sittin here who cant make boom bap beats, cut, scratch, or mix, is talking ish about how the past is the past. Man, if here was a scale to rate how fake this cat was, theyd probably have to specially program it. Its nice that youve known Guru for 6 years, that doesnt give you permission to sign yourself as his “brother” though. He didnt say nothin about THAT in this article.

    When Guru gets out of a coma, he is comin home to Gang Starr. No further discussion. Theres no way Guru is going to stick with this fake cat after this life changing event. (if he does, then he should be ashamed to call himself Guru)

  • Comment from Raffaele

    Ayooo Solar is a wack producer, the 1st album drop with Guru is horrible, I luv Guru & luv Premo, Gangstarr is real muzik 4 the brain!!
    Fukk Solar!

  • Always a hater somewhere!

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