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Soulkast “Première Salve” 12inch Now Available

You can now buy the 12inch of “Première Salve” incl. instrumental here:

WOW I’m shocked. Sorry, it’s been a while I could cop a new 12inch lmao… Actually sad…

Jeru the Damaja Upcoming Album Featuring DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor, The Beatnuts & More

Jeru the Damaja is ready to release a new album in 2011 and he’s not going to take it easy. It’s been 4 years since his latest album “Still Raising” was released on Ashenafi Records. It looks like he’s now getting ready for some new material, and like I’m hearing it’s going to be a no brainer for real hip hop heads. He already teamed up with Large Professor (last collaboration was 3 years ago on “Main Source”), Pete Rock (only did a remix for Jeru in ’94) and JuJu from the Beatnuts. And if everything goes right we can expect a new DJ Premier collabo on the album.

Could it be?? After 15 years?? Time will tell… Album is scheduled for 2011.

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Ralph Dog – We Don’t Give A Fuck (Feat. Sadat X, Kurious, Blaq Poet, A.G., Pacewon, Sean Price & Papoose) (Radio Rip)

Talking about a dope line up haha… Ralph Dog got his!! Blaq Poet yes! It’s NOT produced by DJ Premier though, actually, I don’t know who. Check:

Isn’t Ralph Dog that guy who had a 12inch in 1995 on a Belgian house label??

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Live From HeadQCourterz (03/04/2011)

DJ Premier – Live From HeadQCourterz (03/04/2011)

DJ Deadeye – Had It Coming (Feat. Big Shug, Bumy Knuckles & Panchi) (Prod. by DJ Deadeye)

New track from DJ Deadeye’s upcoming mixtape “Substance Abuse”, featuring Gang Starr Foundation members. Enjoy:


Wassuuuuuup everybody, after a week of searching we’re now settled in/on our brand new server. Our new server is located in NYC. We are now working together with from Hollywood who offered us free space on their cloud server. They are a very dope company, go check it out in a hurry to show us our love. Much blessings to them and especially Pierre Bradshaw!

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