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Jeru the Damaja Upcoming Album Featuring DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor, The Beatnuts & More

Jeru the Damaja is ready to release a new album in 2011 and he’s not going to take it easy. It’s been 4 years since his latest album “Still Raising” was released on Ashenafi Records. It looks like he’s now getting ready for some new material, and like I’m hearing it’s going to be a no brainer for real hip hop heads. He already teamed up with Large Professor (last collaboration was 3 years ago on “Main Source”), Pete Rock (only did a remix for Jeru in ’94) and JuJu from the Beatnuts. And if everything goes right we can expect a new DJ Premier collabo on the album.

Could it be?? After 15 years?? Time will tell… Album is scheduled for 2011.

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15 Responses to “Jeru the Damaja Upcoming Album Featuring DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor, The Beatnuts & More”

  • Comment from Patrick

    Glad that you are back keeping your role as a good news messenger.

    Jeru’s one of my favorite MC, even if he did drop some average stuff in the 00’s. Rhyming over tried and true producers can only bring the best out of him

  • Comment from golddigger


  • Comment from JamesV

    YAY! This made my day!

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Waka and Gucci ain’t hip hop, what they have to do with DJing, MCing, B-Boying, and Graffiti?

  • Comment from 3rd_Eye

    I’m not even sure that this news should be overly-respected and put on a site that is dedicated to DJ Premier. I only saw mention of 1 collabo with Preemo; not enough to make his new album what they used to be back in the 90’s. Jeru put out ALOT of trash after “Wrath of the Math”. I’m praying for a DOPE first single, but my expectations are low.

  • Comment from Breeze

    Please please please be true.

  • Comment from who shot john

    people always talk about nas and preemo collabo, but the jeru/preem collabos are epic. No disrecpect to pete, large pro, or beatnuts, but prefer to only see preem produce this entire album. Still bumpin aint the devil happy…..


  • Comment from Supreemo

    Ya playin yaself part 2 coming up i hope?

  • Comment from Vigilante

    Thank the lord Jeru is making another album! I hope he continues the story of his fight against ignorance.

    I forgot what songs he had that plot on, but it was sick.

  • Comment from wo

    jeru rockin that lo…..

  • Comment from Dick B.

    @Vigilante it’s called “Can’t Stop The Prophet”

  • Comment from matthew

    recently jeru featured on Peja and OSTR (polish hip hop artists) track

  • Comment from bmore21225

    This is great news as I still check for his stuff and it has been a while but better late than never.

  • Comment from xXSnakeFistXx

    Aside from Guru and Virtuoso, Jeru the Damaja is my favorite rapper of all time. I’m really looking forward to this album. Except I’m hoping to god that there’s no Gucci Mane collaboration on the album. Gucci Mane (if not the most whack rapper alive) is the second most whack rapper alive (gotta make room for lil’ wayne). Not that I wouldn’t buy the album if there was. I’d probably just cut Mane’s verse out on Audacity or something.

  • Comment from Robwatt

    I would love to see a whole premo and jeru album. The Son Rises and Wrath are classics.

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