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Exclusive: Nate Dogg Tribute Mix by DJ Premier

DJ Premier – Nate Dogg Tribute Mix

R.I.P. -maybe the best singer in Hip Hop- Nate Dogg. We always going to remember the hooks.

Interesting note: DJ Premier and Nate Dogg never worked together. On the 7 Days remix Preem did for Craig David wasn’t with Nate Dogg. Everybody (included Atlantic Records) thought it was him but in fact it was Craig David imitating him.

DJ Premier Answers Back On The Canibus Track

Canibus asked why, here he has it. DJ Premier clears everything out on a rather typical Premo way:


Lmao, love you for this one (no homo). The beginning track “Blah Blah Blah” is from Just-Ice & KRS-One upcoming collabo album.