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Canibus is Begging to DJ Premier in an Open Letter “I’m gonna’ crash”

After only 2 days of the VladTV segment where DJ Premier tells us Canibus didn’t felt the “Devil’s Pie” beat he released this very anger/emotional track as an answer. Now the same day he’s releasing an open letter to DJ Premier via the internet. It looks like he’s very upset and emotional by Premos words and trying to blame VladTV. Here’s the open letter posted on his social network facebook account:

I’m beggin’ you Preem. Don’t let these spineless magazine writers and fake ass journalists frame the pictures wrong and divide us. I ALWAYS treated you with respect and loyalty. Take 5mins and look at the videos of the shows on my reverb page where I big you & Guru up and listen to the interviews where I spoke on what you mean to me …and HIP HOP. If you really felt that way then why did you say that on camera instead of hollerin’ at me? If you can’t understand why I would be confused by your interview with Vladtv then I don’t know what to tell you. I never knew you felt like that fam. Word. They running with it and it’s not a good look. please turn it around for Hip Hop. I been trynna’ pull the stick up for 3 days now. I’m gonna’ crash Preem. -Canibus

Why doesn’t he just call DJ Premier? I know Premo is always up to talk… And whether it is a diss or not, who cares? The main thing is that he’s very angry at DJ Premier and showing that in public…

Canibus Going After DJ Premier; “Tell The Truth/Monsters (DJ Premier Diss)”

Owwww shiiiiiiiit, I can’t remember someone dissing DJ Premier in a very very long time. Obviously Canibus took this as a serious attack towards him. He sounds really pissed. I remember DJ Premier saying beef can be interesting as long as it isn’t violent. OK. I’m going to stay objective, but this is a DJ Premier Blog haha. Any thoughts:


Allow me to say 1 thing:

Lets make a summary of the Premo clip on VladTV and this diss;

– Premo tells on VladTV that he didn’t understand why Canibus rejected the Devil’s Pie beat.
– Canibus makes a track about Premier getting late and that he should tell the truth bla bla.

Seriously, what has those two things to do with each other? Or is it because DJ Premier was late you rejected Devil’s Pie? lmao. Or is it because you’re the only one who things Premo dissed you? Now Preem should hook up with Eminem lol. Suicide mission?

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