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Canibus is Begging to DJ Premier in an Open Letter “I’m gonna’ crash”

After only 2 days of the VladTV segment where DJ Premier tells us Canibus didn’t felt the “Devil’s Pie” beat he released this very anger/emotional track as an answer. Now the same day he’s releasing an open letter to DJ Premier via the internet. It looks like he’s very upset and emotional by Premos words and trying to blame VladTV. Here’s the open letter posted on his social network facebook account:

I’m beggin’ you Preem. Don’t let these spineless magazine writers and fake ass journalists frame the pictures wrong and divide us. I ALWAYS treated you with respect and loyalty. Take 5mins and look at the videos of the shows on my reverb page where I big you & Guru up and listen to the interviews where I spoke on what you mean to me …and HIP HOP. If you really felt that way then why did you say that on camera instead of hollerin’ at me? If you can’t understand why I would be confused by your interview with Vladtv then I don’t know what to tell you. I never knew you felt like that fam. Word. They running with it and it’s not a good look. please turn it around for Hip Hop. I been trynna’ pull the stick up for 3 days now. I’m gonna’ crash Preem. -Canibus

Why doesn’t he just call DJ Premier? I know Premo is always up to talk… And whether it is a diss or not, who cares? The main thing is that he’s very angry at DJ Premier and showing that in public…

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17 Responses to “Canibus is Begging to DJ Premier in an Open Letter “I’m gonna’ crash””

  • Comment from Dan Bernardic

    Whatever, people get upset, and Canibus obviously took it to heart.

    If I was in DJ Premier’s situation, I would say: “I’m sorry that Canibus got so upset, I certainly did not mean for that to happen. I understand some of the points he makes in his track, and agree with some of them. Check out new Canibus – Melanine Magik, out since 2010”

    A little kindness would go a long way in this case, I think. Otherwise you can further throw fuel on the fire. But the guy is already upset, so I don’t think he needs more negative coming his way.

    Be the bigger man!

  • Comment from DJ "suMo*

    Can’t nobody diss Premier. Canibus is dope, but they need to work this out. Love is love.

  • Comment from RTJ00

    *Hand clap* Well said Dan Bernardic. Thats exactly what needs to be done in this situation before it escalates any further.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Canibus is sensitive isn’t he?

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    Angry? lol Canibus didn’t sound angry on the track more like frustrated. Yeah Bis is right the media is trying to divide them. I believe they will settle things mutually.

  • Comment from Gruvee

    sounds like he needs to see a shrink. now i just feel sorry for him

  • Comment from adrian

    CanIbus is dope …. Preem is always busy … but they will work it out .. pretty sure about that … one love 4 both

  • Why can’t they talk like 2 grown men

  • Comment from Haroon

    By “I’m gonna crash” he means go to sleep gym. Just a language misunderstanding; doesn’t mean he’s going to slit his wrists or something.

  • Comment from mick

    lets see how bad premo’s bite is

  • Comment from serginhoo

    From DJ Premier Twitter:

    “Canibus Dissed me on a new joint called “Tell The Truth”…I will tell the truth 2nite…LFHQ…Head Up, Eyes and Ears Open”. Word iz Bond.”

  • Comment from LeeRiS HayES

    They Need To Stop This Shit! Hip Hop Is Disappointed at those two!
    Her 2 Greatest iCONs in the game as in Greatest eMCee & Greatest Djay.
    they need to quit and get an album… tRUlEE tHEE eMCee!

  • Comment from LeeRiS HayES

    & He dosent mean crash as in his career he means overall himself. hes goin to explode he means!

  • Comment from hip hop

    that diss canibus did wasn’t done outta anger, you can tell canibus was hurt by what preemo said… i feel for canibus, in hip hop he is treated like the black sheep. also the “diss” canibus made wasnt a diss… it was him talking to preemo over a track, i didnt hear a diss in the song.

    anyways “Training Op’s” was really good, shyt is bangin

  • Comment from Master Pee

    Classic Canibus behavior. 50 Cent tries to be just like him. Beef is just part of hip hop from the start and part of what makes it great. The good part about this is both of these guys are mature and keep it out of the streets.

  • Comment from real hip hop

    Premo`s a legend and Canibus will always be top 5 dead or alive and thats just off one LP..

    preem came out first and acted for the cameras he could of mentioned the track he did for Canibus on C Of Tranquility (Golden terra of rap)

    Bis responded not the ripper so premo should squash this….. look at how Premo never spoke to Guru for years and what he did gain from it?

  • Comment from jon stockton

    LOL @ Dan Bernardic … no one in hip hop has ever responded like that. ARe you serious? This is hip hop and you gotta understand the nature of primo’s fans. If he responded like that he would definitely lose fans. This is how hip hop is … like it or not. A public press conference would be a lose. Primo is a legend and is way above can-i-bus’ stature. You cant let anyone get away with that in hip hop. We are primal … like it or not

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