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Canibus Going After DJ Premier; “Tell The Truth/Monsters (DJ Premier Diss)”

Owwww shiiiiiiiit, I can’t remember someone dissing DJ Premier in a very very long time. Obviously Canibus took this as a serious attack towards him. He sounds really pissed. I remember DJ Premier saying beef can be interesting as long as it isn’t violent. OK. I’m going to stay objective, but this is a DJ Premier Blog haha. Any thoughts:


Allow me to say 1 thing:

Lets make a summary of the Premo clip on VladTV and this diss;

– Premo tells on VladTV that he didn’t understand why Canibus rejected the Devil’s Pie beat.
– Canibus makes a track about Premier getting late and that he should tell the truth bla bla.

Seriously, what has those two things to do with each other? Or is it because DJ Premier was late you rejected Devil’s Pie? lmao. Or is it because you’re the only one who things Premo dissed you? Now Preem should hook up with Eminem lol. Suicide mission?

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61 Responses to “Canibus Going After DJ Premier; “Tell The Truth/Monsters (DJ Premier Diss)””

  • Comment from sqillas

    Somehow it reminds me d12’s “my band”

  • Comment from Korleon

    I Dont know what the fuck he was thinking!!!!
    Primo never said anything disrespectful about Canibus!!! this guy seems to always be looking out to get attention
    come on man, that’s fucked up, and he’s the one talking about what’s good for the culture, like dissing somebody for no reason is some good

  • Comment from slowMo

    wtf?canibus is fuckin crazy.i dont respect him anymore

  • Comment from mtllou75

    for real canibus career ended a long time ago. Remember his feable disses to eminem last year around his c of tranquility release. And that album did nothing, here he is biting the monster chorus from Minaj lol. Pure trash, for real his 10 albums could be reduced to maybe 12-15 good tracks. Let Javas at him, or anyone at year round. He must have another album release for wanting this attention. 7 minutes of crying like a bitch damn

  • Comment from krudanze

    yeah preemo delays are well known and i believe can be really pissoutful but dissing him for that? dissing preemo??? what the fuck? canibus never seemed ingratiating to me anyway so i can understand preemo wasnt really interested in working with him. golden terra of rap was the only tracky by him i enjoyed listening to for so many times. mostly because of the beat probably. grumpy arogant bitch. he should be thankful.

  • Comment from Gruvee

    haha he lost my respect right there. And I don’t really think Canibus HAS “shit to do at 5 o’clock in the afternoon”, cause then he would’t waste his precious time talking over an annoying beat saying nothing but “what” and “you smilin” a million times over.

  • Comment from LG ROC

    i’m gonna pretend i didn’t heard about that.

  • Comment from R.I.P. The Jacker

    Bis you are hip hop’s psycho ex girlfriend. Get off the microphone & phone in your prescription, homeboy.

    Rap fired you. Somebody call security and put handcuffs on cani’s disgruntled ass. Escort this motherfucker out of the building.

    Primo’s talking about letting christina aguilera answer back.

    Canibus. Let me explain how stupid you look. Rapping aggro and using scientific terms. That’s not cracking. You don’t have Stephen hawkings iq and you’re not Steven Seagal breaking necks.

    Your career from day one is one big rookie mistake. The truth is biz markie has a better flow and better lyrics and more of a soldier and more influential and more honorable and more paid than you. I’m not even going to talk about Dj premier. Gang starr sons you.

    “I got one lyric pointed @ your head to start, the other is pointed at your weak ass heart” guru RIP

  • Comment from Phil

    Cannibus = attention wh%re …. I said !

  • Comment from AMAru

    @ rip the jacker:
    hahaha the reference to steven seagal is epic man 😀

    now canibus is just pathetic.. premo just answered a question, and stated that you rejected a beat.. so what?? i dunno about how many rappers preem stated that they rejected beats by him.. jay-z, busta rhymes, even rather unknown artists like charli baltimore or rah digga… so bis why didn’t they release a diss track??? simple answer: they don’t need that kinda attention you do, cuz this is just a bitch move, I lost all my respect for canibus, since you startin rappin scientific shit you surely don’t understand neihter in order to sound smart, you fell off big time
    go on with pickin shitty beats, can’t wait for ras kass killah priest and kurupt to murder you on ur upcomin HRSMN album

  • Comment from Supreemo

    Finally some one stepping up to this ********** producer! It seems not only some members on this forum are sick and tired of Premier and his dickriding click. No one does it better then Can I Bus. Brother Bus, i salute you. Fuck Premier and his lazy ass. Sick and tired of all this promises. And all this dickriding here. Like Mr. Martin cares, Premier fell off big time. Where is my new NYG’z album or my bloody compilation. I fucking supported Premier and his artists the fullest, bought all their shit. But Premier just likes to fuck over his fanbase. Good one, Bus. Give me another one!

  • Comment from D CA$H

    Bis is whining like a bitch.

    The reason people bring up shit from “14, 15 years ago”, is because that’s the last time dude was relevant.

    Bis vs Blaq Poet would be a dope battle on wax tho. Similar styles.

  • Comment from rollo

    look at me mommy I’m on the big boy swings!!!


  • Comment from Haroon

    The thing is, when I watched Primo say that — I knew some sort of dis would come along. Just didn’t expect it to be a 7 minute rant and within like 2 days.

  • Comment from Phil

    Supreemo = Solar

  • Comment from XPreNN

    Not one of you Premo dickriders is even asking the question of what this truth is Canibus talks about. You weren’t there and you don’t know full story. Look at your comments, you are nothing but blind haters.

    Canibus himself said he didn’t diss Premo, he merely responded.

    Part of his response to the people who posted this on

    “3 days later I am still in the dark about why Preem spoke to VladTV about a session that took place 14 years ago when I’ve seen him and Gary in the flesh and worked with them both several times since then over the years. I have posted the pics of us up on my facebook to prove that he didn’t make it known to me that he had an issue. Yeah….it feels like he fronted on me. He’s a Legend…but he’s being unreasonable and unfair. This is like some 4,3,2,1 shit all over again. It’s no secret that people in the music biz have been doing this for quite some time. It’s obvious what needs to be done. Do not escalate the matter.”

    Read the rest here:

    Or here:

    There is a whole lot more to this story than you guys, or I, will ever know, so think before you go typing away with your ignorant comments.

  • Comment from Supreemo

    Phil, either youre the biggest idiot i have ever come across or the biggest dick rider, the people on this forum known me for more then 4 years, one of the old heads of this forum and its blog. So if you dont know what the fuck you talking about, then shut your trap. And by the way the reason why Bus put this out, is because i think he is really sick and tired of people going at him. One of the most gifted lyricists in Rap period. Only a few can touch him on the mic. If you get shit all the time, you gonna lash out one time. I guess this time some one whent to far.

  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    I think this whole thing is blown way out of proportion. Preemo has better things to do. Still waiting for a new Premier track.

  • Comment from O.B.G.

    last year he was beggin premo for a track and now he’s whining like a bitch. LL Cool J bust he’s ass with “Where I Belong” damn if Guru was still alive and with Premo it would be a terrorist attack on this clown ass canibus.

  • Wow! DJ Premier may have to do his first rap song. And be like Dre and have someone ghostwrite it for him.

  • Comment from JamesV


    u mad bro?

  • Comment from rondeezl

    I understand where Canibus is coming from.
    This guy has put out a lot of stuff within the last 14 yrs. ,but you won’t hear about any of that do you? ….but you say its wack or irrelevent ,,really what it is …its hard work never really comprimising what he believes..and Canibus usually don’t give a shit what you think so he does what he does.
    So here we have a legendary Primo someone Bis looks up to and admire(obviously) say something I would consider negative and never discloses the true situation. Its out of context and its coming from someone of his caliber. Primo could of added something positive at the end about Canibus, he didn’t and makes him out to be totaly unprofessional.
    Canibus name is disintergrated constantly when all he has done was since back then is uphold the trueness of an MC , expand the art and infuence and inspire hundreds of lricist.
    If you do something well enough to encourage others into activation into the art then YOU DO CONTRIBUTE to the very core, the blood of what keeps it moving in all directions.

  • Comment from Don R.I.F.

    Yo Sup, take it easy man, Premier didn’t say anything bad about Canibus, he just stated that he rejected his beat, period.

    Concerning the slowness or lazyness of Premier, I am 100% with you, but this ain’t the subject and it ain’t have shit to do with Canibus, so him saying on his diss joint “you was late 2 hours, you was 4 hours” have nothing to do with the main subject and is very childish and ridiculous…

    Plus, I hate arrogant tappers, Can-I-Bus is (was) a dope rapper, but too arrogant in my opinion.

  • Comment from ML4T

    LOL. The truth is always somewhere in the middle. Every sane person knows the Preemo and many more artists are busy like a mahfacka. How the hell can he work on 2-4 albums at the same time, do radio shows (not only his own but apearing in other shows), do tours, have a private life…etc…etc The man is busy like hell man and i belive he tries to do his best to squeeze in as many sideprojects as he can…so Can-I-Bitch if you Can-Not-Wait…dont request a track from him.
    Maybe he has right in some kind of point that he waited a lot…but that dont justify you going on a 7m long diss track.
    Supreemo you just a noob wannabe Dj Premier fan…that cant wait 4 him to drop an album !! You probably go in a hurry buy it and say you the biggest Preem fan. Well kid…even if he dont drop shit, his lifestyle, his radio show is worth listening too…supporting an artist doesn’t mean to spend money on him, because at the end of the day it all comes down to RESPECT !!!

    R.I.P. Guru, Big L, HeadQuarterz….Peace

  • Comment from west los

    Why disnt primo say that he made a track with Bis recently? Primo c’mon dude…oh and you think Drake brought raw hip hop back?! All for the cash right?

  • Comment from LamarMatic

    Wow! I love Canibus and all that shit, but is this really necessary Bis? I understand that he may be a little angry at Premo, but nobody is going to take his side on this one. Canibus really seems to have a few fans, mostly haters, which I don’t really understand – I consider him a pretty dope emcee, and he’s going up against The Legendary DJ Premier, who has no haters (except his fans, who are sick of him being so lazy :D) and is considered the best producer of all time. What is he trying to achieve with this diss?

  • Comment from SirBiatch


    “The thing is, when I watched Primo say that — I knew some sort of dis would come along. Just didn’t expect it to be a 7 minute rant and within like 2 days.”

    lmao. so true. The moment I watched it, and Vlad was laughing super hard in the background (as I was, the shit was funny), I thought, “I wonder what Canibus is gonna think about this.”

    so I’m surprised but also not surprised.

    Canibus, on the real, this was a wrong move. Some of the shit you’re saying is legitimate. You should have hit Preem up on the humble. He’s a down to earth dude, from what we can tell. Don’t fire shots. He didn’t diss you, at least not consciously. All it takes is a little personal message to duke like “man, I wasn’t feelin that interview. You dissed me.” and I’m sure Premo would have been cordial.

    But instead, you got off and fired a 7 minute diss track (of which 2 minutes is lackluster rhymes, 5 minutes is straight talking) over a crappy beat. Proving once again that

    a) you think you’re super lyrical when you’re really not
    b) you really do have an ear for shitty beats. You attract them shits like ants to food
    c) you really are hip hop’s bitter/psycho ex girlfriend.

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    P.S. If you had approached Preem about it, and he acted like he still didn’t give a fuck, THEN fire the deadliest shot you can.

    Know what I’m saying?

    Get the hottest beat, craft something etherous, and just go HARD!

    then you’ll get us on your side.

    But to release a lackluster diss that wont do shit for you own career is just a stupid move.

  • Comment from Phil

    @Supreemo : so you’re the resident hater? Whatever man …

  • Comment from BillyClint

    obviously this is a premier blog..hence the biased comments…

    premier shuda neva made the vlad tv snippet speaking on it smiling about it making bis look like an idiot basically..if ur friends u kno that isnt cool. and bis called him out on it. end of story. peace.

  • Comment from SirCatalyst

    Being that this is DJ Premier Blog, I expect folks to be attacking Bis. I’m not saying that a 5 minute rant is necessary or even a good idea, but if you actually listen, Bis’s main gripe is about how Bis was hard to work with. I can understand how that would set somebody off. He’s just disputing that notion and also pointing out that Premo himself was a bit much to work with.

    Come on guys, let’s be a weeee bit objective instead of automatically condemning the man…but again, this is DJPB.

  • Comment from Piniger

    i´m feelin´ the track. it seems like primo promises too much. instead of pushin a real good “new” artist, like poet , he is too busy working with aguilera or some untalented euro rappers.
    come on primo, it´s time to deliever another full lp masterpiece!!

  • Comment from Mr. Big balls

    @ Supreemo….you my man!!!! Show them suckers what big round balls look like!!!!
    Guess what I was in contact with Preem’s manager and got treated like a cockroach ina fridge…cause i didn’t have enough money…..
    10 grand wasn’t enough for mainstream………
    Da real Hip Pop…..Hip Pop…..!!! Premier gotta scream that at concerts, not Da real hip hop!!!!!!!

  • Comment from rollo

    mr big

    did you deal with phat gary?

    my boy got a beat for 25K. 5 years ago.

    what exactly happened to you? I heard Preem did lower his prices but maybe not that much. I would think 10K would be plenty in a recession period like we’re in.

  • Comment from Big Ron

    Premo reaction: “Canibus Dissed me on a new joint called “Tell The Truth”…I will tell the truth 2nite…LFHQ…Head Up, Eyes and Ears Open”. Word iz Bond.”

    Can’t wait for that one to come out, next step better be strictly hip-hop with a bangin’ Premo beat and have a Blaq Poet or Nick Javas handling the disses?

  • Comment from hawkins

    34 comments for this bullshit “canidumb” act, 5/10 comment for new music posted here (50% are racists or hatin’ comments…)
    fuck that

  • Comment from jj

    how can some people call premier lazy, just because you do not have an album in your collection, which should already be available?


  • Comment from Laolu

    This is escalating more than it should have. The Canibus song is not a diss, he is simply telling his side of the story. I take my hat off to Bis for defending himself and shame on you who continue to blackball him.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    It’s no secret that Premier takes a long time to come with something and I think that even he would admit that. From what I can tell from the Vlad interview Premier wasn’t even going on Canibus, just answering a question, it was a little wrong to put his name out there, but still complimented his rapping skills. “Devil’s Pie” was a hot beat that shouldn’t have been rejected and Canibus is gonna get upset because Premier voiced his opinion. Premier has had many beats rejected and when he told in numberous interviews that someone rejected a beat, that someone has never gotten angry.
    Truth of the matter, “Devil’s Pie” could of been a hit for Canibus, but instead it was for D’Angelo, so Canibus rejecting that beat came and bit him in the a*s. Then he made it worse by blowing this out of proportion.

  • Comment from Rick James

    Its really not a big deal, yet. Premo questioned bus’s professionalism, canibus didnt like it. who would? so he had to come back and stick up for himself. didnt have to meake a track but the track wasnt that harsh. All he said was that preem was late. Everyone knows you gotta be cracked out to diss premo. I’m hoping he can be the bigger man here (cuz he is), and sqwash this quick before it gets worse.
    2 brilliant artists shouldnt have a beef about this shit.

  • Comment from RTJ00

    What you guys act like Premo didnt start the shit? Hes the one saying negative shit about Bis in the first place. Now he wants to try to manipulate the shit. This is exactly why Guru said that shit about Primo in his will. He a snake! Bad for Hip Hop for sure, riding off of Gurus death.

  • Comment from VonzeyEternity

    I guess Canibus is the 50 Cent. Disses anybody. He is loosing pounds of rep for dissin the greatest producer of all time.

  • Comment from Hot Line 666

    i luv canibus vocals but i guess i dont know 5 songs of him, not even download illegaly something.
    i luv preemo beats, they are short and pretty meaningful.

    but BOTH has ego problems. What the deal? Im a fucking DJ! NOBODY in this world is 100per cent correct. This is not professional.
    1 Make a beat you think is the best to fit on the artist.
    2 let the artist(client) hear, criticize and rebuild the concept if its not ok, even being a dope track.
    3 build another, until it is ok.

    i guess everybody do that from amateur to pro.

    what the hell is that preemo?

    i agree you use the same samples on drums, cos it shows you mark on your beats, but you really do it cos u is a lazy, and you know.
    you sound dope, but uza lazy man.

    i guess the vladtv video didn’t fucked with canibus fame.
    but he is acting like an amateur crying like that.

    but for real? the guilty is preemo!
    how can he refer to somebody in the artist environment like that.
    claiming cos im a dj! im a fucking dj!

    Preemo, for real? be broke man .. be broke..
    and start a new business cos your gonna be on poverty soon.

    This way of thinking….pff

  • Comment from Raticus

    Cannibus sounds like a bitter rapper letting out his frustration on anyone around. Foolish youth..

    Neva recovered from the Uncle L schooling…

  • Comment from tone

    oh my god….so premo was late to the studio for your session canibus…..big fuckin’ deal…..does he know how many artists would kill to get in the studio with premo??? does he know preem is a very busy man??? hes sounding like a bitch with this track…..crying…..what a ungrateful asshole!!!

  • Comment from NONSENSE


    I feel Bis man, if he ain’t nothin in the game no more to ya’ll then leave him the hell alone and let him do his thing – Bis still gets my respect for being the realest and NEVER droppin names with negativity in a corny ass interview with VLAD

  • Comment from ?

    That beat is fucking horrible. The only Canibus song i’ve given a shit about since “Get Retarded” was the one Primo produced this past year. Fucking weak-ass bitch putting (DJ Premier diss) in parentheses after the title; that’s an absolute attempt to generate some interest. Try to get a buzz by dissing the god? I will never listen to another Canibus track in my life if I can help it, and I damn sure will never support him intentionally. Talking about doing what’s best for hip-hop but coming at one of the BEST PRODUCERS EVER so people will pay attention to him. Canibus’ music is terrible. Sorry, but that’s why people always bringing up “old” shit, cuz that’s when he made decent music, like ’97-’98. He wanna diss Wyclef or Premier, which is funny because those are the only people that made this dude worthwhile to listen to. It’s not difficult to figure out. Sounds like he recorded this track through the fucking mic on his laptop. Shit is pathetic. Whining about Premier being late to a studio session like 14 years ago. Why YOU bringing up old shit?! Hanging on to that one huh?
    Fucking trainwreck.
    And to people complaining about not getting a DJ Premier track cuz you have $10k, shut your fucking yap. This man produced HITS for Biggie, HITS for Nas, HITS for Rakim, etc… If you even THINK you have business talking to the god, you need a fucking gut check. He is one of the best producers to ever make a beat, why in the hell should he make one for your sorry ass?!
    The answer, is, he definitely should NOT.

  • Comment from Mr. Big

    @ rollo

    Yeah I was in contact with Phat Gary…..FOR ONE YEAR!!!!!!…..promises, saying he will give me an answer today, tomorrow….forgetting it……no wonder yearround ain’t on dat level where it’s supposed to be…

    If you turn down my demo….fine. Give me a note…that’s totally cool with me. Bushido got a beat the next minute, I don`t think that he made thousands of phonecalls…tsss…c’mon.

    If I ask you like a man, respond like a man!!!

    Wish Premo knew about this bitchy policy!!!

  • Comment from Double V

    Two things I Got to say about this:

    First, Can I Bus has every right to be piss. He ain’t the only one who feels this way about Preems lateness or the average beats and laziness. Guru felt this way about some beats (The Gang Starr Bus beat) and laziness (that’s what some of the arguments were about). Jay Z is on video talking about Preems lateness when it came to meeting Jay’s album deadline and Preem is on video saying Jay and Nas rejected some of his beats. Preem’s stuck in his world and forgot it’s not about HIM, it’s about the beats. How does araabMuzik get more light in the street with his beats than YOU. The 90’s whats Preems with those street bangaz, now he’s looked at like how niguz looked Flash in the 90’s, OLD.

    Second, Can I Bus should call Preem on the phone and settle this like grown man are suppose to. Same goes to Preem, if he felt some sort of way about it, go to Bus about it and don’t air it out on pussy ass Vlad’s video, that dude stays promoting problems between artist.

    Both dudes are wrong. Stop deepthroating Premier cause he ain’t gonna give you a beat if you dick ride. So grow some balls faggots

    P.S. I ain’t a Can I Bus fan either. After ’98 when he started rhyming about aliens and space, he sounded ass to me. Put that with garbage beats and you understand why his career when down the drain.

  • Comment from rollo

    mr Big

    See that’s the thing, sometimes management and artists are not on the same page. Who knows, Gary may expect more of an upfront payment to get Premier on an indie artist. Its tough out there right now. I think they went with Bushido because dude put down 50k…that would get anyones attention.

  • Comment from Curtis75Black

    As hard as Canibus rhymes are, he’s got one weak ass chin !! Vlad asked a simple question “Who was your most difficult ?” Premo answered and still gave the emcee props on his skills with ease. Even changed the subject !! What’s the fucking problem ? Why put out a track where you’re talking for almost 7 mins ? Has this Nigga not have a cd where a diss wasn’t included ? He continues to burn bridges.

  • Comment from Cenzo Beatz

    yo, he’s mad cause preem wasted 10 hours of his time! this is hilarious! canibus so called career is OVER (drake voice).

  • Comment from R.I.P. NATE DOGG

    I like Bis, but he’s too hard headed, man. Preem and Bis need to stop this beef.


  • Comment from sickstar

    get retarded is now just retarded

  • Comment from Bugge7

    “Some say I’m trifflin, sometimes I’m rightfully am
    But I don’t give a fuck, I’ma leave you right where you stand
    You just mad, you will never be as nice as I am
    D-Block, GangStarr leave you right where you stand, what”

    Do i have to say more 😛

  • Comment from Blacklion

    I do not understand Bis. DJ Premier was asked a question and he answered like a man…honestly. So if Bis had a problem with this then he could’ve called Premier and cleared the air. Instead he makes another track with a whack beat and then goes on this rant about what happened. He even try to bring Christina Ag in the mix when the timeline was off! Bis album hit either 98 -99 and Preem didn’t even work with her until 2005. This guy just makes one mistake after the next.

  • Comment from Techz4u

    Its the principalities once again….Canibus said if Premo felt thay way about him why not tell him man to man, why put it on blast when you know Canibus is trying to get his name back out there…

    The last MC that did that (gave his honest opinion) was Joe Budden and he was almost murked for it

    Method Man and the Wu said you can’t say I respect the Wu and I love the Wu but……then say I’d beat so and so…

    So how can Premo say Canibus is his fam and he respects him then go and shovel dirt on him? We aint talkin about no basement DJ, we’re talkin Premo so what he says goes a long way.

    Niggas are just fake nowadays, like Canibus said he aint no twitter nigga, if you got a problem pick up the phone, thats how 95% of this stuff can be squashed

    Oh yeah then he adds lighter fluid by saying he can put out a better diss track?????

    Canibus skills have fallen off something aweful since 98 BUT that niggas rhymes from back then still annihilate anything today with the exception of a few niggas that aint on the radio.

  • Comment from real hip hop

    This is meant to be hip hop not some reality show but thats what they`ve changed it into…..

    “Turn the radio and TV off, think for a second
    Technology is a blessing but it’s also a weapon
    A weapon of mass destruction givin’ global instructions
    Teaching us how to hate but does it in a way that we love it
    Take my beloved rap music, erase the beat
    Consumers act like they’re afraid of intelligent speech” Bis

  • Comment from grgreg

    @ you faggots saying you don’t understand bis – it’s very simple – you ARE NOT INTELLIGENT ENOUGH. no wonder you all ridin that chubby niggas dick, u cant even think for urself. moist is just a snake bitch as faggot who cant keep his story straight cuz hes a lyin scumbag who is NO GOOD for hip hop. NO GOOD.

  • Comment from George

    Yea all of these niggas came soft. But; for sure niteher one of these dudes wanna see the boy Nickel!!! I don’t know why Cannibus called out Kid Vishis he not a threat; but he gonna get Royce blood heated. Arsonnal called out Royce as well I like dude but he is gonna get it; cant wait to here it!!!!! Hurry up Royce drop that shit!!!! Similar to what you did to Mister Fab!!!! Please!!!!!

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