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DJ Premier Answers Back On The Canibus Track

Canibus asked why, here he has it. DJ Premier clears everything out on a rather typical Premo way:


Lmao, love you for this one (no homo). The beginning track “Blah Blah Blah” is from Just-Ice & KRS-One upcoming collabo album.

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24 Responses to “DJ Premier Answers Back On The Canibus Track”

  • He set Canipiss straight.

  • Comment from MeGaVeLi

    As a DJ Premier fanatic (you don’t wanna know how much I had to pay to get his air force ones!), I’m very disappointed him and Canibus seem to not be getting along at the moment (or whatever you call it). I consider Premo a GOD Producer and I consider him one of the most important men in hiphop! Agreeing with PREMO, what Canibus said doesn’t make sense and I thought that even before this premo response came out, regarding the issue with working with Christina Ag recently, when the issue they speaking of was way back on his first LP!

    On another note, if you ask me whom I think the best lyricist in the game is, my answer would be Canibus. Canibus and Premier will most likely collab in the future and I just hope to GOD that Premier blesses him with SOME HEAT~! Golden Era of Rap was aight, but it wasn’t that PREMIER HEAT, I’ve grown to live and love!

    Mr. Martin, I am one of your biggest fans, keep your beats banging in my whip, your name on the streets, and will buy anything you put out! That being said, I know you’re notoriously late! When you came up to Toronto, I think you were supposed to go on at 12am, but didn’t go on till about 230am, and by then, I was smashed outta my face and sleeping in my car. My boy who I rolled with said you rolled up with Blaq Poet, and I fucking hate that I missed that! Also, the shirts you wore in the KRS Video for Criminal Minded … Been looking for that Premier shirt with a Crown on it for years. If you wanna cake, I suggest you make em available somehow! And I’m a big boi like you, so no small size shit!

    Mr. Williams … what can I say! Your shit is too dope, and it’s usually uneducated negriods that hate, because they can’t comprehend. I’ll continue to purchase whatever you put out! And the fact that you spit over the same horns LL came at you @ on Melatonin Magic … that was EPIC for a fanatic like me!

    Y’all both need to do more show’s in Toronto! We got LOVE and great BUD! Holla @ ya boy … I got whatever ya looking for! 🙂

  • Comment from dockevoc

    get ’em primo

  • Comment from Haroon

    LOL @ tri-polar.

  • Comment from rayray

    Stop clownin yourself Preme…..for real give em some heat…u wrked with him a year ago stop being a fool.

  • Comment from hip hop

    both of them are acting like children

    the best dj/producer and the best lyricist ever are bringing negativity to hip hop.

    i expected them to mature but im guess im wrong

  • Comment from barry

    Don’t see the point in an MC dissing a DJ/Producer. Canibus should address the situation with DJ Premier over the phone not through a diss track !

  • Comment from Jaz

    LMFAO Premo pulled your bitch undies up and gave you the biggest wedgie EVER dumb ass Canibus…

    lol tri-polar haha.
    He gets to keep his adult teeth? LMAO

  • Comment from Fry

    I think Premier missed the point. HE SAID THAT CANIBUS WAS DIFFICULT TO WORK WITH! Canibus is a man who is struggling with the fact that he cannot be recognized as the best MC (Even though it is fairly obvious),because he’s been outlawed and blackballed. You, DJ Premier, just showed that you are a part of this anti-Canibus movement. How does that help Canibus sell records? You have legions of people supporting your music, so I suppose you see little harm in mentioning that Canibus was difficult to work with. I have heard that Bis is easy to work with. You however, were late and then essentially said “I paid for it so I’ll do whatever the fuck I want”. You are a baby, a liar, and now a negative aspect of hip-hop Mr. DJ Premier. This hurts because I liked you before. You are deducted 30 cool points and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Comment from ?

    I think the funniest part of this is that, there is no blog for Canibus, so people come to DJ Premier’s blog to defend Canibus. This blog was created by a fan of DJ Premier, and word spread like fire about it because people actually care about what Premo is into/up to. This is not a diss, this is just a fact, that nobody cares about what Canibus is up to, and this whole ordeal has shown why. A grown man will call another grown man up, not leak a song onto the internet like a kid in junior high.
    Preem was asked a question, and he answered it. It was frustrating for him, clearly that “Devil’s Pie” beat was freaking fire and quite honestly Canibus’ voice would’ve sounded great on it.
    Let’s look at the facts: Preem is working with people like Busta Rhymes, The Lox, Drake, Fat Joe, and the list goes on even after all these years DJ Premier is still beyond relevant and has a fanbase that continues to get inspired by what the man does.
    The worst thing Canibus could’ve done was exactly what he did. I know people like him, dude sounds like a hothead. Being hotheaded makes you do childish things.
    Moreover, I heard this story all those years ago when Canibus’ first album had dropped. What I heard was that he somehow insulted Premo and that HE was the reason a collab between the two of them never happened. And I have no ties to either camp, that was just the word around on what happened.
    I wouldn’t blame Canibus for being bitter, I’m sure he’s dealt w/ a lot of bullshit, but it seems like some sort of displacement here, letting out some of that frustration unnecessarily onto the god of the MPC.
    He shoulda waited a few days, calmed down, and called up Preem, man to man. Shit woulda got hashed out quick I bet.

  • Comment from Bugge7

    “Some say I’m trifflin, sometimes I’m rightfully am
    But I don’t give a fuck, I’ma leave you right where you stand
    You just mad, you will never be as nice as I am
    D-Block, GangStarr leave you right where you stand, what”

    Do i have to say more 😛

  • Comment from Phillip Watts, Jr.

    The best thing for Premier to have done when he was asked that question was to not mention any names at all. Despite the fact that every single rapper on the planet loves to tell you how much they “don’t give a fuck”, in reality, most of them are the most overly-sensitive, thin-skinned people on the planet. The moment someone mentions their name and it’s not in a good context, they will throw a hissy-fit and be in the studio the very next minute with a diss record for some random DJ’s mixtape. That’s pretty much what happened here.

    It’s like they say about a loaded weapon–Don’t aim at what you don’t intend to shoot.

  • Comment from Fry

    So by using your logic, Premier should have not talked shit and laughed at Canibus on a website for the public to see. He should have called Bis and told him how he felt, not kicked a legend while he’s trying to get up. Fact is, I know this hurts because you are all obviously fans of Premo (As am I), but he is part the Illuminati in hip hop. It’s been years, I thought people would get over this anti-Canibus, anti-enlightening lyrics fad. Bitch move dude. You know how many people will now think twice (Or 3 times if they already have) about working with Canibus? What a fucking bitch move. Just admit your mistake…YOU were difficult to work with, NOT Canibus. By the way, Devil’s Pie sounds like one of Premo’s throwaway beats. Simple stuff. The Nigganometry beat Bis used ended up being a better beat. It’s not like he gave him “Boom!” or “You know my steez”

  • Comment from Phillip Watts, Jr.

    “So by using your logic, Premier should have not talked shit and laughed at Canibus on a website for the public to see…”

    WRONG–by my logic, Premier should have not said shit about it AT ALL. PERIOD. “NEXT QUESTION, PLEASE!” “NO COMMENT!” Simple as that. Because there’s no way he could ever answer that question without getting SOMEBODY pissed.

  • Comment from Phillip Watts, Jr.

    Premier and Canibus could sit around and talk until their faces turn blue, but sometimes you’re not going to see eye to eye with everybody you work with, so just chalk it up as experience and move on. After all, like Cani said, how long ago was it? 12-14 years ago?

  • Comment from SirBiatch

    Anti-Canibus movement?!!

    HAHAHA. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!

  • Comment from disappointed

    this is saddening. primo is a legend and all, but hes comin off mad arrogant right now.

    if he thought canibus was difficult to work with in 98, why did he work with him recently, and then turn around and talk negative about him on vladtv?

  • Comment from AMAru

    oh man this is just ridiculous..
    some of you obviously didn’t watch the interview properly and interpret TOO much, just like the media do.. preem didn’t actually say that it was difficult to work with canibus, he said they had a little run in, which was MINOR, which is very often the case when you work with another artist.. of course he could refuse to answer blabla but cmon, that’s preem, he’s always speakin his mind, and I don’t doubt his credibility. this whole beef situation is caused of the media, not preem, canibus actually took it to another level with his embarrassing 5 mins talk on this annoying track…
    cmon man this ain’t the first time premo is sayin that someone rejected a beat, and he ALWAYS states that this is not a problem to him. again why didn’t get charlie baltimore, rah digga, and of course jay-z or busta get butt hurt by premo sayin that they rejected his tracks..
    oh yeah smh at the guy sayin “devil’s pie” is a throwaway beat, whatever, opinions are like assholes rite?.. canibus should’ve trusted preem on this one, maybe his career would’ve taken a different direction. y’all remember the situation with nas and premier on “represent”. preem made a new beat, nas didn’t like it and wanted to keep the original one, but in the end he listened to preem and it ended up as another classic.. similar case here
    and I’m not dickridin or hatin on canibus, this is just how I see it. oh yeah and for all those who think that canibus is the most intelligent and best lyricist in the rap game:
    “I can double my density, from three-sixty degrees to seven-twenty instantly”… nuff said

  • The Japanese experience should be a vindication of nuclear power but is being misrepresented as a failure.

  • Comment from rollo

    All things aside Premier’s EAR for music is one of the top 5 in rap history..(Shocklee, Pete Rock, Marley Marl, Dre) and that bassline flip on devil’s pie is MAD INGENIOUS…Canibus like many rappers let their EGOs control their hearts TOO OFTEN…to their ultimate detriment. What he doesn’t understand is that what’s relevant NOW is sometimes what was relevant THEN…history repeats

  • Comment from Truth

    You stupied motherfuckers.

    Canibus may be alot of things but turning down a primo track is not one!

    Also canibus never released the track as a diss to primo! A fan of canibus named Oobe did. She made the mixtape and labeled the song. And also take note how canibus never say primos name!

    if anything the track was just calling primo out.

    I wonder if Guru ever had any problems with primo?

  • Comment from radioraheem

    Premier didn’t really say shit that bad about dude in his answer to the question. But what Premier is not understanding is that his response was towards a question which specifically asked what artist was the most difficult to work with! Canibus is a smart dude and it’s rare for him to just go off like that if the shit really didn’t really had some validity. The last time I heard him rant like this was during the whole LL drama on the radio.

    Vlad clearly asks Premier who is the most difficult he had worked with, then Premier hesitates for a bit, thinks for a bit, and then says Canibus but then painting it lightly saying it was just a little run-in. But he didn’t realize that shit aint a good look when it’s an answer to a question like that. Even though Premier painted the shit light, it could easily be seen like Canibus got a diva like mentality. It’s that type shit that got Canibus pissy and it’s that type shit that Premier obviously doesn’t seem to understand how it would offend dude. Specially since we talking bout two guys who are cool with each other and talk.

    No one on this planet is a saint and neither is Premier. I don’t blame Canibus for getting upset.

  • Comment from Tha Truth

    The ignorance on this topic is simply ridiculous. I see the Canibus haters are back in full force, as they always are when his name gets brought up.

    None of you against Canibus seem to get it. And if you dont get it now, I doubt that you ever will. Thin skinned? do you have any idea how much Canibus has dealt with just in his music career? and how many times and for how many years he just had to sit by, unable to even defend himself, let alone redeem himself or tell the truth? people still diss him left and right to this day. And for what? because its “cool”, he dissed your idols, or his lyrics go over your head? Not just the outsiders but random artists, producers, and managers constantly diss him for no apparent reason.

    Bottom line is that DJ Premier wasnt thinking straight when he mentioned Canibus in artists it was hard to work with, knowing Canibus history and what DJ Premier said it was appropriate for Canibus to at least address it in some way (which he did without straight up dissing DJ Premier). Then DJ Premier does the worst thing he could do which is get on interviews him and his little groupies playing the victim, and saying hes cool with Canibus but putting Bis down and dissing him at the same time.

  • Comment from JuFrance

    Primo… you’r the fuckin best

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