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Live From HeadQCourterz Show (03/05/2010)

After many request over this one year from the fans (specially from Europe) asking where they can listen to DJ Premier’s show Live From HeadQCourterz broadcasted at Sirius Satellite Radio. It was always the same answer, sign up at Sirius and listen from 4am to 6am (for most of the Europeans). But who the hell does that? And we all know the fanbase in Europe is huge. And now that I got some more free time after busy January I’m going to try this new thing. Lets go… Enjoy! DJ Premier Blog!

UPDATE: Those who want to listen in their car, download here.

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2 Responses to “Live From HeadQCourterz Show (03/05/2010)”

  • Comment from whack

    in the final few minutes prem says something that he will be next week in helsinki, finland so what is that about? was he really in finland in march 2010? didnt hear ANYTHING about that so i must kill the promoters 😐

  • Comment from Mooch

    Hello, can you please re-upload the mix ? (the link to download is dead). Thx.

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