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Guru – Mr. Gangstarr (Produced by Superproducer Solar); DON’T TELL ME IT’S TRUE

NO NO NO!! Solar, why do you keep on making it worse and worse for yourself?? This is beyond any imagination, in the past days Solar is promoting -with his hired promoting company (who don’t feel ashamed at all)- his own discography and uploading Gang Starr videos on 7Grand account, placing Gang Starr logo next to his head on Twitter and so on… But this goes beyond any comprehension, while Guru isn’t awake (in coma or not, we don’t know) he releases new track of Guru. I just don’t get it, sorry people, I don’t. The song is about Gang Starr, maybe another ‘evidence’ of Solar wanting to make a new Gang Starr album with Guru… What’s going on??!!

Guru – Mr. Gangstarr (Produced by Superproducer Solar)

Solar is fucking up his legacy while he’s in bed, pray for Guru! Meanwhile Solar is wondering why he gets attacked. Apparently he thinks Guru isn’t that bad after a heartattack, surgery, coma like everybody thinks. SMH. The OG Bumpy Knuckles is back on an internet warpath too warn people before it’s to late. I never understood what he’s trying to achieve with this, what does he want us to do? Oh and side note, DJ Premier also worked with that sample lol.


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34 Responses to “Guru – Mr. Gangstarr (Produced by Superproducer Solar); DON’T TELL ME IT’S TRUE”

  • Comment from KD

    im praying for Guru & his fam!

    I heard on the internet about the dude Solar doin some shady type stuff but I didnt know the details until now. Thats some fuckshit to do man… especially at a time like this!

    im not even gonna check that "new" track out. not atleast until i know Guru is cool and he can comment on this whole issue himself. til then, I BANG THE CLASSICS!..

  • Comment from Anonymous

    please assrape solar with a burning torch

  • Comment from A to the K

    that dude solarse is at it again!? what a lame ass track! it's so low how he uses gurus health situation to put his name in the game. cockroach!!

  • Comment from Anonymous

    To the comment up there ^ I think the Olympic Torch would be most appropriate. His ass is already wide open. FUKIN FAGGOT!!

  • Comment from Anonymous

    Didnt some cats from the Gangstarr camp accompany Justin to the hospital? And didnt they personally see Solar in person? Guess what im saying trying to say is WHY IS THIS DUDE STILL WALKING AROUND?????? Everyday Bumpy Knuckles posts how upset he is about what Solar is doing to his buddy Guru & now that the Gangstarr Foundation knows where Solar is everyday ummmmm…..need i say more. Come on guys stop complaining & take some action!! Put ur money where your blog is.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    How desperate can this faggot ass solar be to try to exploit Guru especially at this time of his life and career?

    At least we know Guru used to big your wack ass up when he could talk in interviews. But now he is sick and needs our well wishes your faggot ass yes you solar is trying to piss people off with tactic like this release. Shame on you solar.

    People like you is why i refuse to get involve with this music thing because i have no patience to tolerate idiots who prey on talented people. a CEO? So you bought your way into this rap game by loaning Guru some money when major record companies were not looking his way?

    How can Guru look like he was worked without a break just so you could benefit in the end? That don't make sense. When on stage with Guru why you could not let him spit his own rhymes but you solar had to do your wackass ad lib to frustrate his flow and delivery? See how Guru didn't complian, solar? That made his heart sick!

    You blood sucka. How can you sleep at night knowing you cared about the 7 Grand label more than the person it was founded on? How about vacation? Did you suggest to Guru to take a vacation to rest so he won't get broken down like he became before he checked into the hospital? Is it because you would not be on that vacation too?

    I am convinced that Guru did not suffer a heart attack but rather something you solar did to disable him. That is why you don't want no one to get close to find out.

  • Comment from lak davinci

    That beat is garbage, the sample is weak, the use of it is even weaker, the scratches are generic, the layout is garbage: there is no transition in the hook, sounds like a knockoff of some late 90's shit without the classic feel, st8 weak. what does solar do as a producer, the hook vocals and verse are the exact same and sound weak quality, the gravel freq in guru voice is cut out… that is garbage, it's like solar tryin to match moment of truth era and doesn't even get close… garbage. sorry guru, this dude got you with some kinda vice or mind control over your head. Primo blow that out the water on an off day!!!

  • Comment from Wiktor

    what a joke!

  • Comment from nelliefromct

    I am with kd, I refuse to listen to anything having to do with guru without primo. They made magic. What guru and solar make is tragic. I can't get with it. I am still praying for guru and all his fam in this time of need. I know God is giving each and every one of his fam members the strength they need to endure this heartwrenching time. God is leading Gurus path, get behind satan. You are not welcome here. God bless all concerned. Solar you deeply need Jesus!

  • Comment from Anonymous

    that beat is wack wack wack! that's all I have to say ……..

  • Comment from Anonymous


  • Comment from Philly

    Check it out! Solar's facebook page. He has a WHOPPING 28 fans! Its his official one as he linked it on his twitter. That has to piss him off to no end! Seeing that no one really is a fan of him and his fisher price produced beats he makes!!

  • Comment from Anonymous


    it actually sounds like he "TRYING" to bite preemo style using a cookbook for dummies that wana make good beats. sooo whack and wtf is his nerve even releasing shit now

  • Comment from Anonymous

    call me bored, but I simply don't give a shit anymore. It was news when it first out (Guru's coma), now it's just soap opera of the week. I can't believe we're still in the "is he in a coma/not in a coma" stage.

    Hip hop can be so weak sometimes, even among 'real hip hoppers'


  • Comment from Mac

    Oh god that's bad. Oh my god, that's terrible.

    The loop's sectioned in the wrong place or something. In the verse. It's like he set out to reproduce that Gang Starr spaciousness but… I have to call it like it is.


    This is no good. This is bad. It's like a fucking thirteen year old driving a stolen Jaguar. It's awful. Awful.

  • Comment from krudanze

    preemo used this sample in a lot better way in "memphis bleek – hand it down". at least i think its the same sample.

  • Comment from A to the K

    @krudanze yes it is, four tops "are you man enough" solarse isn't.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    Like I said before and I will say it again FUCK YOU SOLAR YOUR A BITCH! That beat sucks! Like all of yours do tho! No one FUCKS WITH YOU solar! If you think for one minute if Guru dies your gonna eat off him your fuckin buggin. We want the unreleased merch that Preme got with Guru. We aint buying or listening to SHIT you got. Your beats suck you make Gurus voice sound like shit I wish I could just spit on you. You cant put out no fuckin Gangstarr album without Preme! Everything you touch you shit on you fucked up the Black Moon who got the props. Go back to the fuckin rock you came from producing aint for everyone you will never compare to Preme. You don't even have one good beat. Not one. You look like a fuckin chipmunk fuck outta here!

  • Comment from Anonymous

    preemo's beat is 1000 X times better …. fuck Super Producer homolar !

  • Comment from Cati

    This is a fucking joke, really, and I'm kind of tired of the whole thing. I was outraged at the beginning but right now… I think that if Guru wakes up and isn't smart enough to see what Solar is doing with his life I really don't care anymore. Yesterday I read the interview on allhiphop and I gagged a few times. I can't believe he was so spiteful and envious and stupid to think that he would be who he is today without what Gangstarr was, and Gangstarr wouldn't have been what it was without Premo. It was a two man team.

    I don't say that those words are necessarily Guru's – I think Solar did a lot to put those words in Guru's mouth, but it wasn't really smart of him to repeat them without thinking. So I'm done. Solar is a dick who's taking advantage of this whole thing to promote his stupid ass and deserves nothing but what he's getting – hate – from the hip hop world, but Guru hasn't been working hard on the love department as of late either. Yeah, he's been weak, but he's a grown up man that could've seen it coming.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    Great words of advice: "When in a hole, stop fucking digging." All this greasy shit now THIS audio-obscenity? Gangstarr = Primo + Guru it's straight math, you can't substitute or subtract any part of the equation.

    Yo, Solar stick to … anything else but producing. Your beats are living definition of the word "Wack." Fucker.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    holy crap! this guy solar cannot put a beat together to save his life.

    guru wake up! and ditch this no-talent hack!

  • Comment from Mac

    Can someone tell me why Solar has the GangStarr logo on his twitter page?

    He's a producer. He was never in GangStarr. GangStarr were never signed to his label.


    Can we ask him? Why the FUCK is it there?

  • Comment from budd hello

    god bless guru maaan!
    and bringin him back to real life! far far away from this mock!!

    peace from germany

  • Comment from Donovan

    This has gone too far. First Solar puts Gang Starr's name on his track. Then he uses a sample that Premier worked with before? I'm praying for this guys safety. If he goes out onto the streets of New York, especially Brooklyn, he is screwed. And look at the picture. Seriously, they look like a friggin gay couple.

    Guru has awakened from his a coma, that's already been confirmed. The question is if he's strong or weak enough think back on this history and say that he ain't working with Solar no more. Just listen to Guru's lyrics on Moment of Truth. Words of wisdom. In this song he isn't like that at all. And I agree with the guy above, if Guru doesn't go back with Premo after he recovers, then I just won't care anymore.

  • Comment from Isbjerg

    As a danish Gangstarr fan point of view, I gotta put a word in..

    First.. Its a lousy production – The sample is good, but throwing it in with a lot of noisy soundscapes is wrong..

    Second.. Guru sounds like he's been running on the joint and to me, it seems like it been altered to fit the beat – I'm no expert, but the flow doesn't seems to belong to the beat..

    Third.. Who own the rights to the Gangstarr videos, because Solar really have no right to throw them up on Solar's site..

    Keep it up, Guru – I still remember you rocking Christiania in 91..

  • Comment from Anonymous

    LOL that beat is weaksauce. Super Producer hahahahaa ugh.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    This sounds like it should be on DJ Hero or some other BAD video game.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    Is Guru trying to kiss Super Producer Homolar on that pic ? lol

  • Comment from Cotton Candy Tornado

    First – let's stop thinking that Freddie Foxx is some kind of superhero – he's more of a WWF wrestler – yes people, he got big muscles, he's tall, he can box, he got a deep manly voice BUT – HE AINT GONNA DO SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!! Some of yall listen to too much rap music and watch too many "hood" movies – what do you think – he's gonna put on all-black and a ski-mask and hide in the bushes at the hospital and follow Solar home like a ninja and then everything turns slow-motion as the instrumental for Code of the Streets plays in the background and he pulls out two pistols, holding them sideways and looks Solar in the face and says "This is for Hip-Hop" and then fires two shots – one from each gun and the two bullets go through each of Solar's eyes at the same time and he drops to the floor as Guru comes running down the block, glowing like the Last Dragon, and looks at Bumpy and says "yo – Call Primo – we're going to D&D"

    NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment from Isbjerg

    LOL… superhero stuff is more Jeru's style.. One

  • Comment from Anonymous

    What has Solar ever produced to merit the "super" producer title.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    solar you're the greatest

    NOT !

  • Comment from Raffaele

    Solar u want use Gangstarr’s fame for getting $… fukk Solar u want an riot act!!!Dont touch G-A to the N-G-S-T-A double fukkin R FOUNDATION OK!!!
    FUKK SOLAR!!!the name of your group is fakestarr!

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