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DJ Premier & Nick Javas @ Boothaus, Köln, Germany

Nick Javas spitting a verse of the NYGz track “Year Round G’z” from their upcoming album “Hustla’z Union”. Props to LiveFromHQ Blog and Biggest Gord! You hear that fucking beat??!! Lol, I assume Khaleel is also featured on this one, don’t know about Blaq Poet… Can’t wait to hear it.

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8 Responses to “DJ Premier & Nick Javas @ Boothaus, Köln, Germany”

  • Comment from Anonymous

    shit this is a monster beat!!!!
    i want that album to drop, now!!!
    this gonna be one of the sickest album in the 2000s

  • Comment from Tommy Gun

    I prefer blaq poet touring with preemo.

    javas is like a scotch terrier ( no hairs though ) while blaq po is a bullterier, straight up

  • Comment from Anonymous

    ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuf !!!!! Damn I really think that Hustla's Union is gonna fuck up Hip-Hop fo real!!!!

    Thaaat beat!!!!

    And FUCK those who say Nick Javas is wack, fuck them.

    Don R.I.F.

  • Comment from Carter

    The beat is hard .. .but Nick Javas has NO soul at all . .. it aint that he's wack… he just got a average voice that sounds real suburban, a simple flow that sounds like he's reading his lyrics off a teleprompter, and i dont have to comment about what he looks like – i think we already know . . ..

  • Comment from KnahMean

    Man im pretty happy for what nick javas is doing with preem!
    He is the real game, with real beats, and spitting his own shit!
    Any cat who comes to spit with preem man, will be recognized by his own originallity


  • Comment from Anonymous

    scotch terrier.. LOL

    ehhh nick javas is OK. but just that. premier can make anyone sound good. look at the group home.. not like they were amazing lyricysts or anything…

    gim does this "give you a boner" too?


  • Comment from Anonymous

    YES HOMO, you´re a HATER!
    die jealous!

  • Comment from Oldman

    Damn, the beat is dope! Who was actually there? I couldn´t make it…

    And yes, I prefer Blaq Poet too…no doubt.

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