Yes, I’m actually thinking of changing the blog into something bigger. I want it to become a website that integrates the forum, trackology and blog at once (with subdomains I guess, don’t know much of sites). The blog will still be the index page of course. Now that I saved a bit for this fanblog about DJ Premier. I’m about to try to host this site on my own because I think it’s more than worth it if you look at the popularity of this site. And I have a lot more of rare Premo stuff to post.

I’m actually very proud on this blog I’ve created with DJ Premier related material but it was never my intention to be so big lol. I mean, I just started this blog for the people on the forum but next thing you know NahRight picked it up and then the hip hop magazines and at one point even LOL. I guess you can say I’m a journalist which I also didn’t want to become, but I had to… With so many visitors I can’t just type what I feel like I did in the beginning, I had to be objective. I miss that, but I took my responsibility towards DJ Premier lol. But on the other hand, I had great mails from great artists and fans that gave me motivation when I needed it. Because to be honest, I’ve been thinking of quitting a couple of times now to be honest. So shout out to everybody that kept me motivated! Enough about me.

I’m going to change this blog to a WordPress theme and to keep this message short and simple: what WordPress theme you want to see in the future for this blog? Give me your advise of what is perfect for a DJ Premier page. Because I don’t give a fuck how this blog looks but if you do I would like you to recommend me one so I can make my visitors happy.

And second, you got a good domain name for this blog? Tell me!! I was thinking of (to honor Don-RIF from Morocco) but if you got a better name, shoot!!

Thanks in advance!!


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  • Comment from Anonymous

    heeh get that hat never droped out lol….
    i can

  • Comment from Anonymous

    lay out simpel laten, nie te flashy


  • Comment from esdee

    Hi Gim.

    We all need changes in life and i think your idea is not so bad. Ok I'm not all the day on forums, blogs and other stuffs so i think your blog is cool. MUSIC is very important to me so fuck the rest but if i can suggest one thing it's a good idea changes blog into website with more facilities about finding infos, videos, tour dates, etc… But one last question: it's not like a Fukin Lady Gaga blog or website, it's one of the only DJ Premier blog which is the biggest with good infos, news, uploads that's why I'm on, so my question is: where is Preem? I know it's not to u to answer that but I never seen something about Preem on this blog and it's a little bit strange. I know the guy is not from that fukin show business, but why never a word, a post, whatever. I'm not a paparazi who's looking for private stuff, I know nothing by the way on Preem private life and I don't care, but to see more often Preemo on your future website is for me the best things you could have.
    So thanks for all u do, all that work and best wishes for future.
    Word iz born

  • Comment from gimantalon

    I would love to answer on your question Esdee. In the beginning (one of the first DJ Premier websites) their was a man called mihau who made a trackology of the man. He began to whine about the fact that DJ Premier never mailed him while other artists did so for their trackology's, so he shutted his DJ Premier trackology down. I took the trackology over and kept it up to date and deleted the many errors.

    Some years later I started this blog, but I never searched for DJ Premier contacts, you can say I was waiting when he reached out to me but until this day he never did. And for me personally I don't care anymore. Many of his personal friends and also his managers reached out to me so I know they like my blog. I once heard that Premo said my blog was impressive but I never heard it myself what he is thinking of it (I regret this). I once said through his managers that he always could delete my blog if he wants. When his manager first reached out to me I was like 'Yes, one step closer to an interview with DJ Premier…'. I asked his manager for an interview and he said it's no problem, but now I don't have a clue to ask (except a couple of small question about very old tracks)? I know everything I want to know of him, nothing more can be asked for me, I don't care about his future plans because you will see it eventually when the time is ripe and some other journalist will ask him that anyway. Now my only goal is to visit New York once and visit D&D Studios when I have money but that's it. So DJ Premier can expect me in a couple of years I guess lol. The only sure thing is that DJ Premier reads this, don't question that and he wanted to give me a present once but I won't go in detail with that. He knows my personal address in Belgium and he can always visits me if he wants lol.

    I have a question for you Esdee, if DJ Premier become a part of this blog, what do you want him to do? My 'dream' is to see him once produce a track, but I'm not the only one I guess.

    Peace Esdee!

  • Comment from Anonymous

    The only sure thing is that DJ Premier reads this, don't question that and he wanted to give me a present once but I won't go in detail with that. He knows my personal address in Belgium and he can always visits me if he wants lol.

    just so you know….we never did get that size 12….but i haven't stopped trying…they sent a size 13….lol.. but I think I told you that….

  • Comment from Anonymous

    You might want to call it "My favorite Martin" a DJPremierFANblog. Make it clear that it is a fan blog so people and other artist or the media will not be confused as to whether Premier is involved or is it rather a dedicated effort by Gimantalon. We know it is related news and material he has worked on over the years including now.

    Keep doing your thing, Gi-man

  • Comment from gimantalon

    Yeah man, I knew about that gordon. Props for letting me know. I would like to thank you guys for the effort anyway! And I'm going to make sure people will know it's a fanblog when I publish the new site :).

  • Comment from Anonymous

    id love to see you quit.

    cuz really, all you are is a fucking dickrider.

    "his music gives me a boner"

  • Comment from gimantalon

    id love to see you stop visiting this site.

  • Comment from Kid Captain Coolout

    WordPress is the best blog/website application around IMO. It's easy to use, has a lot more options for expansion… and technically, you don't run into a lot of the web limitations that happen on Blogger (video posts, audio links, etc.)

    As far as a theme goes, there are tons of em out there. Most people chose a basic one and put their header at the top, just as you've done on here. Other people buy a pack of themes and choose one to modify on their own. You can use ( to add a forum section onto your WordPress site… and every other utility or function you want the site to have is just a plug-in away.

    Not sure if you're up to the task of a forum though. Without good Moderators you could be having more spam than anything.

  • Comment from Becu

    something like these 🙂

  • Comment from gimantalon

    me like back2daprogram!

  • Comment from Becu

    Cuttin, scratchin, mixin!
    The home of DJ Premier and his music.

  • Comment from hanck

    yeah Gim !
    I look at your blog every day
    go as you know

    big up for mihau from germany
    back in 2003 i send to mikau many tracks when in the old trackology are underlined in red… remember ? 🙂

    all the best 4

  • Comment from ClammyClaude

    PLEASE let me write some articles to post on the new site !!! I am a journalist major at the university of maryland with a concentration, believe it or not, in hip hop journalism…i am really trying to take a step in a positive direction and really start writing for a site or magazine or company…it would mean a TON…if u are interested, go ahead and email me, and send me a couple topics to write about or anything and i promise i will produce a quality, interesting and entertaining article that captures the essence of hip hop !

  • Comment from GS Radio

    Seriously Gim, would be the best. Why? Because everyone knows this blog as the "dj premier blog".. if you change the name to something irrelevant like "back2thaprogram" or something even more stupid youre gonna lose a lot of visitors. Every single dj premier interested head knows this blog now so changing the name is mad stupid. Installing wordpress on your own server and getting a dot com domain is a really good idea though. Especially if you wanna expand and become bigger. You can still put "unofficial dj premier blog" or "dj premier fan blog" on your site even though the address is something like "".

    Check out this site: I'm not saying the theme would work for you, but look at the top menu. You could do something similar if you wanna integrate the forum and the trackology cause it looks really good.

    For themes, chose something clean and dope. The one you have know sucks. And keep it simple. Too much stuff will just confuse your visitors. Most hiphop sites suck when it comes to design so please don't look at them for inspiration.

    Hypebeast ( has a really nice layout. It's wordpress, but it's their own custom theme. Simple, clean and dope. Find a similar theme!

    that's all for now..

    keep up the good work!



  • Comment from gimantalon

    Wassup Goodshit Radio, you are right. djpremierblog is a known name and simple as shit!

    I don't want to go to modern for a theme, I think hypebeast has a very nice theme but maybe to professional for a blog dedicated to DJ Premier. I don't have that much to post. I'm thinking to changing to a darker theme, but yes, very clean and simple. I hate things that ain't simple and easy.

    Thank you for your input.

    Ow yeah, if someone wants to sponsor me just mail me for details!

  • Comment from Wiktor /
    but my vote goes to

    when it comes to layout, simple theme like here right now is the best

  • Comment from Sin Amor

    i'd like to see a throwback name that means something to people who know the depth of preem's catalog.

    i'd also like to see postings of preem's old mixtapes, radio shows and live performances, since you're not asking.

    i'd also like to see people not ask anymore if this site is run by dj premier (it *clearly* is not), so unfortunately that might mean, as others have suggested, making it retardedly clear at jump that THIS IS A FANBLOG. lol @ all those omments that pop up like 'is this written by dj premier?' or 'this is confusing simple-minded fucks like me so you should really state this is not the real dj premier.'

    anyways, onward and upward my friend… don't really know what that means, but it sounds uplifting and motivational on some level.

    peace homes.

  • Comment from Kev

    I think DJPREMIERBLOG is and will always be the best name.

    This blog's name is simple and classic and you should keep it that way… this blog will go down as one of the best music blog of all time.

    Peace Gim,

  • Comment from Anonymous

    i´d like to reply the, "id love to see you quit" Guy.
    you should go back home and listen you fucking Young Jeezy album, you Fucking asshole.
    If you can't for example listen a track like, Jaz-O – Love Is Gone ->>>


    DJ Premier & Truck Turner – Breaker One->>>
    and the groove, the scratch doesn´t TOUCH your SOUL,

    i don´t even need to mention
    Blaq Poet – 2 to the Stomach, and Gangstarr – Mostly the Voice…

    You definitely should not visit this blog.

    You Fuckin Asshole!

  • Comment from gimantalon

    Thank for the feedback!!

  • Comment from Anonymous


  • Comment from Anonymous

    heeh you gim.. you liked that post hum
    dope dope..
    this is the hip hop i loooooooooooove.

  • Comment from Anonymous

  • Comment from Jakub

    I think your next site should be a little wider in size cause I think everyone hates scrolling, I can do some basic flash Header or something to fit your design, if you want just reply to me and I'll try to contact you, also you should get yourself a BAN button for easier life. Keep up!

  • Comment from gimantalon

    Yep, that's the one thing I hate on this blog => the size. Thanks for your input Jakub!

  • Comment from gimantalon

    I'm thinking about this one:

    I love the space and the simpleness. I really don't want anything modern.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    Few suggestions:

    Or how about.. 😉


  • Comment from miguel

    DJPremierPlanet would be a great domain… I was a frequent visitor to Don-RIF's site before he stopped posting and eventually warmed up to yours… and btw, you are a GREAT successor 😉

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