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Big Shug – Who’s Hard Bonus DVD

Much love for our homie Big Shug, one of the realest players from the Gang Starr Foundation. Always on point! I always love to promote this guy, his next album “I Am Forver” is scheduled for somewhere this year. The three Premo joints that gonna appear on the album are already finished, one of those joints is featured M.O.P. & Fat Joe. Don’t y’all reminisce? Classic in the making? Big Shug also played a drugs dealer in the Ben Afflick movie “The Town” that will be released on the 10th of September. So be on the lookout!

This was the bonus DVD I’ve received when I bought the classic debut album “Who’s Hard”, 5 years ago now. I really like enjoyed watching it so why not sharing it, you have some very nice fragments of Guru and DJ Premier backstage during the Gang Starr days, you don’t see that often! And Big Shug is always ready to make you laugh LOL, enjoy the full thing! DJ Premier Blog! Guru!!

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9 Responses to “Big Shug – Who’s Hard Bonus DVD”

  • Comment from donduel


  • Comment from MC_Squarepants


    But where can I find the track he's singing over the Much More Instrumental from De La? Or is there just a live version?

  • Comment from Anonymous

    dope !!!!

  • Comment from Anonymous

    jesus… ben afflick! shug should of put us all out of our misery and dropped that fool!

  • Comment from Dom


    24:50 dilla beatc

  • Comment from Anonymous

    You can find that De La Instrumental on some Jay Dee..album..not sure which one but it's the same name "Much More"

  • Comment from Dom

    u actually can find the song on a de la soul album and the instrumental is on the 12" (btw its on youtube)

  • Comment from Anonymous

    shug was never the dopest emcee but he real as fuck and got made street cred.And he will beat you up. plus i heard he ran up in the burger king in mattapan one day and ripped the cash register right off the counter and ran. I'm glad he dont have to that type of shit no more. but don't sleep he will give u a beatdown if come @ him funnystyle.

  • Comment from Oldman

    Thank you for this! It´s always good to see Premier getting busy at the HQ! Really enjoyed it…

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