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Wassuuuuuuup everybody!! We finally made it!! Welcome to the new DJ Premier Blog site!! Tell me what you think… I tried to kept it as simple as I could. I would like to thank everybody for the major support and feedback!! Thanks!! It’s also a big adaption for me but we have to move on in a positive direction. DJ Premier 2k10, what will it bring??!!

If you think I have a shitty header, no problem, just send me a better one. If I like it, yours going to be put up! Here you have the header that is up now, watch out, the header file has other format then you actually see on the blog!

Please don’t forget to take some time for the advertisement, this is what keeps this blog alive. Maybe we get better investors later! Who knows!

I still need to find a good way to make the misleaded people know that this blog isn’t made by DJ Premier… Without changing the blog name…


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11 Responses to “DJ PREMIER BLOG 2.0”

  • Comment from BrookC

    I think u must change the pics of Primo, imho. But new design is pretty good.

  • Comment from mash

    that went pretty quick. the only criticism i have is about the colors. the boring grey doesn’t cut it for me.

  • Comment from BrookC

    Maybe orange & black like logo of DJ Premier?

  • Comment from master

    Good job! looks great for me

  • Comment from lamont

    your RSS feed is broken. and how about a redirect on your old site.

    seriously dude, i hate to criticize but step your game up. new design is garbage too.

    email me if you need help.

  • Comment from H.B.

    Looks good to me, clean & simple!

    nice job

  • Comment from Anttifellow

    What’s wrong with the design? The white / gray / deep red color scheme looks beautiful and the layout is clear.

    Only way to make the visual half better is to add pictures of Premier where he’s executing garbage producers with a lightsaber and with flames coming out of his nostrils.

    But that would propably be pretty irrelevant.

  • Comment from Kev


  • Comment from Ecczor

    Looking good! but isn’t the logo where it says djpremier, like the gangstarr logo, a bit too oldskool?
    the 2.0 blog would make it better with a new one I think. Peace

  • Comment from hanck

    great job!!
    long life to djpremierblog!!

  • Comment from Watkinz Da General


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