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VINTAGE: Forbidden Fruit Demo Single 1993 (Prod. by Vada Nobles)

Among the random stuff I got to review when I was in high school was a cassette single by a crew named Forbidden Fruit. They were on the no-name “Big Boss Records” (located at 202 St. Nicholas Ave in New York, now the home of 21st Century Urology, which is probably not a hip-hop label) and the cassette single was so cheap that the O-card was literally scotch-taped together. Forbidden Fruit was a two-man crew that bore a striking resemblance, in terms of sound, to Naughty By Nature. It was 1993, so it’s got the piano-heavy production and Treach Lite-like flows. Obvious NBN derivation aside, I really like these tracks. The horns that drop in on “Keep It In Mind” sound awkward and out of place, but how can you not love that Tony D-style piano loop. Production is credited to Vada Nobles (who co-produced Lauryn Hill’s solo album) and Forbidden Fruit.

I haven’t seen this one floating around anywhere else, so I’m guessing this particular single is pretty rare. Both vocals and instrumentals are included from the original cassette single.

I can’t repeat how much I love those old things that still surface the internet. But no words are spend on the fact if they’re actually Fabidden Fruit of Mike Rone & H. Stax?? But I think so, the name, the city, the amount of persons in the group, … Can’t be no one else, can it??

Ok, they don’t look like each other, so who are they? Nonetheless, I post what I like. Lets go further to the real F.A.B.I.D. I heard Fabidden Fruit for the first time when they were on Guru‘s Ill Kid label in 1995, later they rhymed over a couple of DJ Premier beats before they were preparing their debut album that should came out last year… I’m still waiting… Remember that unreleased Premo track “Get It In”, damn! Now enjoy this dope demo single from 1993 before the cassette snaps from a different Fabidden Fruit?! Sorry if you already got it.

Forbidden Fruit – Keep It In Mind (Tape) (1993)

Props to Normal Bias who ripped it last year!

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3 Responses to “VINTAGE: Forbidden Fruit Demo Single 1993 (Prod. by Vada Nobles)”

  • Comment from krudanze

    ive also always thought fabidden fruit and fabid are the same… wonder when will their new cd come… its been anounced long time ago and still theres nothing. i need that h.stax get it in track in cdq. thanks for this demo gim. bye bye is hardcore!

  • Comment from Cinfinite A.K.A Oop G

    Mike C. DP,
    Get At me! Hit me back immediately!

    One Luv!

  • Comment from Dj Trouble

    Yo these were my dudes, Mike C & DP. DP was killed in the mid 90’s and Mike was in and out of prison. Mike is and was one the best freestyle mc’s ever, but Mike had issues with the drugs. I have a CD with 18 tracks on it the was done by Mike as a solo project in the early 2000’s it’s fire, it has a few different producers including Eric B…. I remember when I used to drive Mike and DP uptown to Big Boss Records to meet with Kevin. They should’ve been mega stars..

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