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WEDNESDAY CLASSICS: WBLS Thunder Storm Radio Show (03/04/1994)

Sorry, we just have one hour of this show. This was bootlegged as “Vol. 1”, but it’s just a recorded show from March 4th 1994 that used to be hard to find. I’m going to do every wednesday a thowback DJ Premier mix starting from 1994 to 2000! Ending in 20 weeks (I think). Enjoy, I already did a thousand of times!

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5 Responses to “WEDNESDAY CLASSICS: WBLS Thunder Storm Radio Show (03/04/1994)”

  • Comment from ajhf3tt

    I have the tape that records Thunderstorm.
    There is one tune that doesn’t understand yet and I want to question.
    I think that it is a tune in January, ’95 or February.

    The tune is obviously a tune of the west coast.
    Most is a tune like Bone Thugs N Harmony.
    However, this tune is not in CD of Bone Thugs N Harmony.
    Is it Bone Thugs N Harmony and is there a tune only of vinyl record?
    Or, the person who is singing the tune that looks like?

    The tune is such feeling.

    The introduction
    Parara-n ra-n cha-n cha-n cha-n
    Parara-n ra-n cha-n cha-n cha-n
    Listen to the G MuthaFuckin show 
    (It might be different. )

    Tune that uses synthesizer.
    The sigh mixes during the tune.

    Besides, the following tunes hung.
    “Big L – Put It On”
    “Raekwon – Heaven And Hell”
    “Scarface – Hand Of The Dead Body”
    “Jay Z – In My Life Time”
    “Boostin Kev – That Be Boostin”
    “Brand Nubian – Hold It On”
    “Ill Al Skratch – Chill With That”

    They are the rap groups of three that does the chorus people or four person.

    Will anyone learn?

  • Comment from Wiktor

    oh yeah! bring that good old stuff!

  • Comment from Anon-y-mos

    Yo gim. Any news on gurus situation yet?

  • Comment from REAL6

    Damn, some good ole’ tunes!!!
    Thanks for these!

    VOODOO always kills it!!!

  • Comment from ajhf3tt

    I got it
    Lil Half Dead

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