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Khaleel – Hot Flames

In the same atmosphere that I posted yesterday the release dates of some couple Year Round Records 12inches I was trying to find a blogpost to this track by Khaleel. But I couldn’t found one, so why not make one? This track is produced by DJ Premier off course and is featured Texas youngster Khaleel signed to Year Round Records. His album “My MC Name Is…” should drop after Nick Javas album in a couple of years (first names on that list are Marco Polo, Panchi, Nick Javas and Showbiz). But the first single of Khaleel is about to drop on July 12th, 2010 with “Hot Flames” on the A-Side and on the B-Side we have a new unreleased track “Aalllllready”. I’m excited about that one!

“Hot Flames” was original named “You Can’t Tell Me Shit”, later on I’ve heard the name “Can’t Tell Me” but last year DJ Premier told us that the official name of the track is “Hot Flames”. First time I’ve heard the track was in like 2004, now 6 years later we’ll be able to buy it on vinyl! Enjoy:

Khaleel – Hot Flames

Here are some new Khaleel tracks from his library (none of them are produced by DJ Premier and they are not featured on the album):

Khaleel – Texas

Khaleel – Get Tha Hell Back

Khaleel – After Tha Show

And for those who missed it, another leak:

Khaleel – Rappin’ Exercise (Feat. Panchi) (Prod. by Showbiz) (Cuts by DJ Premier)

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