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DJ Premier In Brussels, Belgium 12th of May

Nice, DJ Premier is coming to my country again (the building where Premo’s playing is a protected monument, build in 1847. Something different lol). And to Europe off course, Nick Javas inclusive, hopefully Panchi haha. Another date:

06/05/2010 Cabaret Aléatoire, Marseille, France (Poster here)
13/05/2010 Bohannon, Berlin, Germany (Tickets here)

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6 Responses to “DJ Premier In Brussels, Belgium 12th of May”

  • Comment from ESDEE

    DOPE Preemo once again in our country. 2 times in 6 months, unbeleavable.

  • Comment from Tillz

    Prem…Please for the love of he world and your music, do a tribute to Gang Starr on your next show. I know it would be out of control becasue of the feeling that you must be feeling at this point. Please bless the world with this. We need that right now.

  • Comment from mano

    Marseille!!! where I was born and raised! Hip Hop is BIG there. Lots of great talents. Are you going to hang out with I AM, Fonky Family, and other groups?

    It’s a beautiful place, but Hip Hop is gives people an outlet to express their sadness and frustration from life in the projects.

    God bless you preemo. Thank you for everything.


    PS: You may enjoy reading this translation I made of one of Fonky Family’s songs:

  • Comment from MAARTN

    I from Belgium too, and I wanna go to this concert? Anybody knows how to get tickets? I wanna go so bad!!


  • Comment from ERCS


  • I had the opportunity to met him during his european tour…

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