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New Afu-Ra! Prop Dylan – Jah Jah (Feat. Afu-Ra) (Prod. by Logophobia)

It is five vinyl tracks all produced by Logophobia and rap is done by Prop Dylan. Style vary between
the songs from hardcore, ragga-hop to soul-bap. Afu-Ra features on one track called Jah Jah which
has a more ragga tone to it but still hiphop. On the hardcore track: Crowdpleaser we’ve invited the
Scandinavian DMC Champ DJ ALX to lay the finishing cuts. The album cover is done by legendary
graffiti-writer IKAROS.

Exclusive shit, exclusive shit. It’s been a minute since we heard any new material from Afu-Ra. From the Swedish artists Prop Dylan & Logophobia upcoming vinyl ep “The Works”. Support the indie artists who still burn wax! Straight from Europe. First Afu-Ra next DJ Premier. Prop Dylan knows! Enjoy:

Available on wax and digital Dec 3th.

Blahzay Blahzay Sues Wyclef Jean For $2 Million Over Sampling “Danger”

When the east is in the house, lawsuit. A 2007 album by ‘Clef reportedly lifted from the ’96 classic, and it’ll take big money to make it right.

Brooklyn duo Blahzay Blahzay made a Hip Hop classic in 1996’s “Danger.” The P.F. Cuttin-produced New York anthem featured the sharp cut-in vocals of Jeru The Damaja, Q-Tip and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, with an equally popular remix by Gang Starr’s DJ Premier.

Now, the duo of P.F. Cuttin and MC Out Loud are suing another east coast emcee/producer for using their own creation. Wyclef Jean sampled “Danger” on his 2007 song “Welcome To The East,” from Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant. According to, Blahzay Blahzay is suing for $2,000,000 as they claim that Jean and his management used the song without songwriting credits, and reportedly have ignored previous threats of legal action.

Wyclef Jean has been called out over sampling issues previously. In 2004, legendary producer Diamond D reported that Jean never cleared the Cymande “Dove” sample used on the title track from The Fugees’ The Score, forcing the producer to forfeit credit to the credit on the multi-platinum album.

Blahzay Blahzay has not released an album since their debut, Blah, Blah, Blah. Cuttin has since produced for Sean Price, Masta Killa and Thirstin Howl III. Next month, Wyclef Jean is expected to release an EP, If I Were President on Columbia/Sony Records.

First they sourced me last year, now I source them (probably the only time).

I post this because PF Cuttin is fam, go!!! DANGER!

Premier Changed My Life Mini Docu (Dutch)

Ter gelegenheid van ‘Premier Changed My Life’ heeft Hussein Suleiman samen met Terrence Loos een aantal Nederlandse producers geïnterviewd. Onder andere FS Green en SirOJ legden uit hoe DJ Premier hun leven voorgoed veranderde.

De tickets voor deze unieke avond zijn nu verkijgbaar via , café de Duivel in Amsterdam en Gorilli Concept Store in Rotterdam. De kaarten kosten 15 EURO. De deuren gaan open om 19.30 en de show begint 20.00. Sugar Factory is gevestigd op de Lijnbaansgracht 238 te Amsterdam.

Well known Dutch hip hop producers talk about DJ Premier. Props to Hussein Suleiman and everybody of Daily Paper for their phat work…

Izm Episode 25 w/ Nick Javas and Pace Won & Mr. Green

Not just Nick, but Pace Won & Mr Green are also dope so why not post it?

DJ Premier “Year Round” European Tour (Nov 30 – Dec 11 2010)

11-30 Skopje, Macedonia
12-1 Pristina, Kosovo
12-2 London, England (with Royce da 5’9″)
12-3 Oslo, Norway
12-4 Frankfurt, Germany
12-5 Lecce, Italy
12-6 Amsterdam, Netherlands (with Royce da 5’9″)
12-7 Napoli, Italy
12-8 Bologna, Italy
12-9 Budapest, Hungary
12-10 Paris, France
12-11 Brussels, Belgium

Here’s the commercial for the Macedonian party:

Shout out to Phat Philly!

DJ Premier Speaks On Fighting In the Club, Kanye & More

During a recent conversation, TheWellVersed inquired about DJ Premier‘s work with Brooklyn emcee Joell Ortiz. Considering the favorable reception of “Project Boy” and “Sing Like Bilal” by fans of both artists, upon suggestion of a collaborative album between the two, DJ Premier was welcome to the idea.

“I’d love to do that,” Premier said. “I know it would be one of the most dangerous records ever. And you know what? That’s a good idea. I’m going to have to talk to [Joell Ortiz] about that. If it’s meant to be, I’m totally down to do it.”

Premier has been known to take an artist to the next level with his stellar production. It is often argued that some of the finest emcees have had their best moments when paired with the extraordinary producer. Considering that Premier is a fan of Joell’s work, the producer/DJ will now actively seek the Slaughterhouse member to see if the idea can be brought to fruition.

“I love Joell, I think he’s a great dude,” Premier continued. “He’s so humble and he doesn’t change who he is. He stays Joell. That’s why he’s going to prevail. Showbiz from D.I.T.C. is the one who put me up on him and told me he’s great. And yeah, he’s great. At the end of the day I’m going to definitely check on that. I would love to do an album with Joell, strictly me and him. It would be insane. And I’m going to address that situation.”

While “Project Boy” is absent from the Free Agent track list, DJ Premier’s production will be present on the anticipated Joell Ortiz LP via “Sing Like Bilal,” which is set for a November 30th release date through E1.

via 2dopeboyz and thewellserved.

Nick Javas – Word Tour (Demo)

Nice thread, this right here is the actual demo that made Premo convince to call Nick Javas to try something together. Not much later he got signed to Year Round Records and touring the world with DJ Premier. Back then his name was Nicky J. Enjoy:


Nick Javas debut album “Destination Unknown” coming first quarter 2011. This track was recorded before he met DJ Premier, so NOT produced by him.

DJ Premier Doing Scratches on a Q-Tip track or a Soulja Boy track?

Mama Boyfriend contains scratches by DJ Premier.

DJ Premier & Nick Javas Talk with iSitdown


D&D Studios Film: The Mecca Of 90’s Hip Hop by Dexter Thibou Fund Raising Project

Hello perspective backers.My objective is to put together a documentary about D&D Studios,NYC, one of the most well known and respected Hip Hop Recording studios in the business.This studio itself was world renowned for cranking out a distinct and unique sound which in turn lead to the rise of a era of undeniable Hip Hop classics.With this film I hope to give the background stories on some of the most influential Hip Hop records and albums of our time,show you the place where they were made and tell what it took to make them .

Through candid, in depth interviews with the producers and artists who made this happen, we will also explore the personal experiences of these artists and producers whose hard work made these albums and who ultimately became a part of the most influential era of Hip Hop Music to date.Also we will gain insight as to what it was like working at D&D,what made it so special and how being there helped to mold their sound, giving birth to timeless gems.Every Hip Hop fan and those who are just curious to know, will most definitely get answers to questions they have had for decades.

I’ll “chop it up” with the studio’s original owners,former staff members and various Hip Hop production notables and pioneers, such as :

• DJ Premier,one half and producer for GangStarr,Group Home,Jeru Da Damaja and the Notorious B.I.G.
• Ski Beats,producer for Jay Z,Camp Lo and Sporty Thievz
• Da Beatminerz,producers for Black Moon,Smif N Wessun and Heltah Skeltah
• Lord Finesse,producer for D.I.T.C.,Big L and Fat Joe
I’ll talk with artists including:
• KRS One legendary EMCee who gave us “You Must Learn”,”Sound of the Police” and “Rapture”
• The Lost Boyz, who gave the hits “Jeeps,Lex Coups,Bimaz and Benz” and “Music Makes Me High”
• Craig G. who penned “Droppin’ Science” and “The Symphony”

We will also spend time reminisce and pay tribute to some of our fallen comrades such as Christopher “B.I.G.” Wallace,Lamont “Big L” Coleman,Keith “Guru” Elam and others, all of whom recorded at the studio and over the years became family to all of us who worked there and whose music was a voice for countless numbers of fans.

The funds I am attempting to raise through KickStarter will be used to get things started, no pun intended.To pay for travel and filming costs and incidentals, as I am in the infant stages of the production of the project.This is a completely independent work and a long time passion of mine.Being present at D&D during this period as an Intern and later as an Engineer,I was privileged to be a part of creative process on some of most of the greatest albums of that era.With the help of backers such as yourself, I hope to bring my vision to life and share this with the world.Thanks you for your interest.

Project location: New York, NY

For a preview, you can read Dexter’s older stories on D&D Studios here. Lets see what the future will bring. Good luck my friend.