DJ Premier Blog » Blog Archive » Rap Is Outta Control (03/20/2011); HAPPY 45TH BIRTHDAY @REALDJPREMIER…

Rap Is Outta Control (03/20/2011); HAPPY 45TH BIRTHDAY @REALDJPREMIER…

DJ Premier – Rap Is Outta Control (03/20/2011)


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5 Responses to “Rap Is Outta Control (03/20/2011); HAPPY 45TH BIRTHDAY @REALDJPREMIER…”

  • Comment from kicsieli

    Happy Birthday Premo… GOD bless You !

  • Comment from Mvs

    Primo, best wishes from Poland !!

  • Comment from HOMIE_LUV_PREEMO

    45th birthday still the best one and only DJ Premier!

  • Comment from Sinosure

    Happy Birthday Premo!!! The BIG 45 & still doing it!! Do it bruh till the wheels of the turntable fall off!!! You’re a great influence to us & me being a 70’s baby, means a lot because I came up in the hip hop era!!! Keep doing WHAT YOU DO NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS!!! And finally, KEEP BRINGING US THAT REAL HIP HOP!!!


  • Comment from Nisha

    Hi DJ Premier! Happy Birthday to ya ((in my best Steve Wonder)) – saw you in club fuse at sxsw and fell back in love (although the crowd probably wasn’t what you were use to). i’m a true follower of your work with gang starr and beyond…. can you post your next apperance/event in the TX area so that I can come and support?

    <3 you…. peace & love

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