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Panchi & Torae Reacts On Canibus Accident “A Bitch Move”; Royce Da 5’9″ Is Done With Canibus

Rass Kass, Killa Preist and Kurupt I love y’all niggas.. A Slaughterhouse song with y’all is inevitable.. No Canibus tho.. We’re done…less than a minute ago via Echofon

You gotta love Panchi, he should be president from some country:

On a sidenote, DJ Premier forgives Canibus and is still down to collaborate. Canibus should make a real diss record so we can hear some “funkiest thing since dog shit“. Damn I WANT THAT!! Yo Canibus, just call Preem man… fin.

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18 Responses to “Panchi & Torae Reacts On Canibus Accident “A Bitch Move”; Royce Da 5’9″ Is Done With Canibus”

  • Comment from Dick B.

    I don’t anybody is gonna be the bigger man in this incident.

  • Comment from K-I

    Royce should shut the hell up…Canibus could careless if he ever works with you because Royce is still stuck in a box…Royce is still stuck under Eminem’s jeans and will remain there for the rest of his career so he shouldn’t even have commented on this situation so he just made himself look even more foolish…and the only reason why Royce won’t work with Canibus ever again is because of Royce kissin’ back up to his pal Eminem which makes him look even more cornier…I bet you if Eminem dropped Royce from Shady he would probably go snatch up Canibus and make a diss record at Em…Save your nonsense Twitter girly comment Royce because it’s irrelevant…

  • Comment from Bitch move

    hahahah! Props to torae for using canibus’s own line against him. “that’s a bitch move, something that a homo rapper would do.” Lol. Too smoove.

  • Comment from DJ Guttah a.k.a. the GuttahMastah

    Royce ain’t showing no respect either. For Christs sake, settle your differences like men. Everybody’s tired of this kiddy shit.

    Canibus man you need to stop tryna be mainstream. You need to go back to how you were in ’97. Don’t even pay any mind to those who claim that style is too old. You would still murk their bitch ass. You fell off so bad, and it’s time to get back up with Premo. Preem’s is a humble man and still keeps his legendary boom bap style. He’s got your back Canibus…

  • Comment from Korleon

    canibus is still stuck in a box too, he’s only known for battling LL, that’s all….
    Royce is way more versatile that Bis’, and him going back with eminem just show how grown men they are puttin their beef to the past!

  • Comment from onthereal

    Canibus has some joints, but Royce has tracks that hit me deep in the heart. Bis? Not so much.

    Let’s list the BEST of Royce:

    “Shake This”
    “Hip Hop”



    “How We Roll”
    “100 Bars”

    That’s about it. Bis used to be nice for a bit. But again, Royce is more of a lyricist at times. And I think it’s harder and more meaningful to be a lyricist/poet than just spit random lines about spaceships and pseudo-science.

  • Comment from RTJ00

    Ha you fags cant fuck with the ripper. They all scared trying to gang up on him! lol You guys are pathetic. Panchi & Torae will get what coming to them. Never fuck with Bis!

  • Comment from Phil

    Royce has a better voice, that’s for sure.

  • Comment from TheJainSoul

    you motherfuckers i can tell never heard bis or stay listening to bis, are u serious u list 13 year old tracks! for canibus best shit. and royce is a hypocrite, royce dissed the shit out of everyone and he is an eminem dickrider and preem DR, Canibus never dissed royce, is royce like a lyrical bodyguard or suttin? and preem started this shit, and that track that came out isnt a diss track, a troll on canibus forum put canibus talking onto a track that was for jedi mind tricks(notice how he mentions vinnie pazz the whole song, and the shit at the end is just canibus letting everyone know that he is upset that preem would say that cuz they were bois

    o and why dont u ppl listen to Rip the Jacker album, micclub the curriculum, For whom the beat tolls, Melatonin magik, C of tranq,
    then u can tell me about canibus

  • Comment from Phil

    “Life Liquid” is dope too … Canibus’ catalog is not as weak as people say it is… it’s quite solid actually.

  • Comment from cyber sequencer

    I’m glad he didn’t go down to bis level. I had when people argue of nothing

    Looking forward to hearing music from both

  • Comment from The Truth

    Premo is top 5 producers and Bis is top 5 spitters without a doubt it is not an opinion….SKILL WISE THIS IS THE TRUTH….Royce is nice but needs to get off em and prems nuts and str8 up come out and challenge bis himself for his own reasons if he got beef….it just looks like he wants it with bis but is scared to go at him alone……Bis is fucking nasty with the rhymes..old bis has some of the illest freestyles ever fucking recorded… and new bis created an infinite rhyme not many are fucking with him regardless…..that is the truth eminem vs canibus would be much better then royce vs bis…..and rappers and producers shouldnt even beef

  • Comment from Omegatron

    First of All:

    This is possibly the dumbest situation I have ever encountered in rap!

    It won’t happen but everybody needs to shut THEE fuck up at this point! Especially them cats in the background passing ad hominem attacks on Canibus. They sound really bad when (and on forums too) when they start kissing too much ass to another guy. “You thee best!” It’s like yo chill out, we already know Premier is a decent producer/dj don’t keep giving the man a rusty trombone every time someone criticizes him!

    Been listening to him for years, most of the time his beats outshine a lot of subpar rappers on them IMO. He may not publicly say it (politics), but some have killed Premo beats, while others really sucked on them. But, Canibus w/ DJ Premier was one for the books. I want to hear some more Golden Terror of Rap shit. I’m sure both Bis and Premo both have their reasons to be pissed, or perturbed, but in the grand scheme of things we don’t need people talking shit about Canibus (one of the best that did it) and DJ Premier (pioneer and legend), ad nauseum because fools think that makes them look cool with their boy. No, shut the hell up, let this play out and see whether these guys actually have unresolvable problems with each other. Either way its fine. They are grown-ups. If they are cool, good. If not, good. I am not going to cease supporting either Canibus or Premo either way because THEY PUT OUT GOOD HIP-HOP! Canibus satisfies my need to hear intellectual and interesting things on a record, Premo satisfies the boom-bap need.

    If you are scanning this DJ PREMIER or CANIBUS, or ROYCE, for that matter, squash this! This is stupid. Ya’ll should be dissing wack cats in rap, not awesome rappers and producers. That’s the problem with the internet, people can release things so quick and without context to a situation, suddenly you have a whole bunch of suckers blowing shit out of proportion. Even your friends! I have avoided so many fights and bad relationships by ignoring negative advice from friends. These two will hopefully squash it, Royce will drink some Johnny Walker Black, and hopefully realize how illogical it is to have a HRSMN Slaughterhouse record without Canibus That’s like the fuckin’ X-Men without Wolverine! Ya’ll are the archetypal supergroups, real rhymers going at it is a sick idea! I don’t want to hear Slaughterhouse dissing HRSMN in any incremental way or vice-versa. Even single diss songs from Royce to Canibus. I don’t want to hear fools telling Premo to disrespect Canibus, because, quite frankly, the game has not been fair to this guy ever since 4, 3, 2, 1. You all KNOW this. Finally, Canibus, please work this out. The rap game has a bunch of ignorant, slave mentality, band-wagoners in it, but i don’t want to see it become even more popular to talk shit about Canibus or Premier either way, when they are two of the best to EVER go on wax/digital.

    Conclusion, fuck all that fighting shit ’cause in terms of movements in hip-hop, you are all fighting your own. Instead, come together. Leave this stupid beef shit to these flamin’ commercial rappers who perpetuate ignorance.

    P.E.A.C.E. (yes, the Wu-tang abbreviation)

  • Comment from hip hop

    Let’s list the BEST of Royce:

    “Shake This”
    “Hip Hop”

    Now Let’s List Canibus……..

    Beast From The East
    I Honor You
    Layered Prayers
    Master Thesis
    Back With Heat


    Royce Is Invalid/Life

  • Comment from Abdool

    The real is this. Royce looked up to Canibus. As did Eminem. Royce now feels like he’s ingratiating himself by always talking shit about Canibus. Royce is a bitch in REAL LIFE. Met him numerous times.

  • Comment from rip

    rd59 is a crybaby. disses the shit out of d12 and some on em. then he crawls back like a abused wife bagging for record deal for him and his 3 amigos

  • Comment from mr.murph


  • Comment from Carol D.

    I hope both will be able to clear the air between them. Being in the same business, it is hard when you have someone to avoid.

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