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SebastiAn – Embody (DJ Premier 95BPM Break Remix) Snippet

Thanks to Ed Banger Records we’ll be premiering the DJ Premier ’95 Break Remix exclusive on this site very soon… stay tuned! Release date: 04.04.11

After 30sec it’s the Kavinsky Remix!

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20 Responses to “SebastiAn – Embody (DJ Premier 95BPM Break Remix) Snippet”

  • Comment from Hot Line 666

    interesting…. but
    is the TERIAKY BOYS – You Know What Time Is It
    rearranged break…

  • Comment from mtllou75

    its alright tell me this isnt album cover lol

  • Comment from Al

    Where is Primo’s touch ?! Are you sure it’s Christopher Martin ?

  • Comment from sickstar

    get money premo!

  • Comment from hawkins

    yep same break as teryaki boys!

    it sounds really dope for me!!!!

  • Comment from how to be a dj

    Yo, just on my way out. Site looks good, will give a a proper look later.

  • Comment from Dick B.

    Stop, working with these corny artists Preemo.
    Hip Hop isn’t about making money, if you’re in hip hop for money you’re just holding the culture down.

  • Comment from rollo

    on the real..


    Seriously…dude been using the same compressed kits since OWNERZ…

  • I dont like this…

  • Comment from Phil

    I don’t understand what you guys are complaining about … okay it’s the same drum kit, so what ? Preem mentioned many times he’s been using the same drum sounds to reinforce his signature, nothing wrong with that.

  • Comment from yoyo

    Signature “new” preemo style.. listen to all the euro collabos and rnb collabos from recent years.. I like this, but it’s a bit boring imo. He could have made it a bit more exiting by adding some totally different sounds to it.. a bit monotone.

    It’s good that Premier is gettin recognition outside the underground hiphop world. It would be very interesting to hear Premiers take on some more uptempo / danceable stuff. Listen to Daft Punk – Face 2 Face – sounds like Preemo trying to make house. Super choppy stuff.

  • Comment from rollo

    Phil ‘reinforce his signature’? you bought that…

    He’s got a lot of work so Preem has to streamline…its all good.

    Preem’s ear for music is second to NONE…but Just because Preem mentioned it doesn’t mean its right… I bought the first four gangstarr albums and b side 12iinches when they were released, not one track even close….some loops, others chopped motherlode drums to Kool and the Gang and everything its between. Its that LEVEL of innovation that made Premier what he is today. He stepped down from that level to go on cruise control. I still support and drop money on Preem’s product…but sometimes its like DUDE YOU GOT THE RECORDS ALREADY..DIG.

  • Comment from JP

    The synths at the end sound a LOT like the Tron soundtrack.

  • Comment from krudanze

    easy made money. fair enough. now lets get to some real shit

  • Comment from Klaus Schmidt

    PreOrder for the 12″ vinyl available at

  • Comment from Al

    Pay the bills Preem !

  • Comment from d.fusion

    the drum break is upp – give it to you. preem used those a bunch of times and i always enjoy beats that have them…

    to me that beat is a banger for itself. not sure of what to think of that singin yet… need to hear a hook. but still cant wait to hear the full song. sounds promising imo.

    btw that daft punk song yoyo mentioned sounds dope… it would sound even doper if this had the upp drums!

  • Comment from d.fusion

    daft punk – face2face (dj premier remix :D)

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @d.fusion, hahahaha, you tr0ll 😀

  • Comment from yoyo

    @d.fusion HAHAHA! What if you do it the other way around? Pitch up a premier beat and add disco drums!

    I really hope Preem is reading this!

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