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Pre-Order Venom “Vigilantes (DJ Premier VHS Remix)” Now; Clean Version Incl.

Here you have the mastered clean version thanks to Venom:

Please do hip hop a favor and support some real 12inch shit, we don’t see them alot anymore:

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13 Responses to “Pre-Order Venom “Vigilantes (DJ Premier VHS Remix)” Now; Clean Version Incl.”

  • Comment from jj

    premo a beast…nuff said

    2 dope emcees

  • Comment from D CA$H

    doesn’t work! c’mon son!

  • Comment from Tothedeath


  • Comment from Bronx Steele

    Usually I prefer unedited tracks but I like the unedited version of this.

  • I just emailed to try and add this to my order because last week I pre-ordered that Soulkast 12″ too! Thanks for posting this, Gim. peace

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @Wicked, damn… you still adding vinyl to your collection 24/7?? Respectaaaaa. I want to visit that 1 time 😀

  • Comment from MC_Squarepants

    Great!! But only thing i understand is “Erique Bí”! 😀

  • Comment from bmore21225

    Yeah I am with Wicked got to have the real stuff in the crates man as not many people are buying vinyl only the real hip hop heads still buy records. I don’t think many people in Baltimore will have this on vinyl.

  • Comment from Phil

    Venom is a dope artist, you should all check out his 2009 LP “Un Justicier dans la Ville”. I like the fact he spits, produces and deejays.

  • @ Gim – Yeah man, I’m always buyin the newest vinyl releases and still diggin for old shit I don’t have. And I been buyin vinyl since 1989 when I was 14/15 years old. Buyin Hiphop vinyl, cd’s and weed keeps me broke, but I don’t care 🙂

    Let me know if you ever come out here Gim… I’ll hold you down.

  • Comment from rekersck

    you know what “support” this dude on the strength, NOT FOR PREMIER, im sure lots of people have pre ordered the beats that collected dust vol. 2 that he dont even have the AUDACITY to mention it on his radio show, at least tell us something ,were your fans

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @Wicked, one day man…one day i won’t be broke and will be able to visit US and A :D. thanks for the love…

  • Comment from DJ NY

    I never heard venom before but i wont to listen.

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