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Reflection Eternal Live Guru Tribute

maybe old but rip guru. peace to Talib & Hi-Tek!

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3 Responses to “Reflection Eternal Live Guru Tribute”

  • Comment from Turnman

    Great tribute for one of the best MCs ever R.I.P. Guru

  • Comment from Dj Sandman

    Thanks for posting this. I forgot I even had this footage until I pulled out my old laptop the other night. Respect…

  • Comment from d.fusion

    the dude in the front row with the green n white hoody is just a joke. just does whatever kweli and tek tell him to but apparently has never heard of gang starr, cant even nod his had to code of the streets… and his arm motions are way off beat too. just stay at home and give someone else your tickets kid 😀

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