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Soulkast – International (Feat. M.O.P. & Brahi) (Prod. by All In Beatz)

Not really preemish, but still better than most of M.O.P. last album… Soulkast album out on May 9th! And german Bushido’s album coming on May 13th :D.


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12 Responses to “Soulkast – International (Feat. M.O.P. & Brahi) (Prod. by All In Beatz)”

  • Comment from kicsieli

    ohh my god this is dope… word up !

  • Comment from Phil

    wow this is hot ….

  • Comment from JP


  • Comment from laurent

    oh putain mais ca envoie du gros paté!
    Preemish inspired no doubt.

  • Comment from rich

    it’s cool in its own way..but sounds manufactured n eletronic….most of their break beats even sound like this now. my opinion- it loses it’s personality to me. not my style of hip hop.

  • Comment from esdee

    It was cool during golden era with Preem’s productions but today they lost their personality but mainly they lost respect and love of Hip Hop and people.
    Brain burned by money and G-Unot crew, MOP is dead to me.
    Go see on and see what happened 2 weeks ago in Belgium.

  • Comment from Gaëtan

    I support him at 100% ! He comes from the same town than me, Lille ! This guy is too Hip-Hop, it’s so good and so rare in the french rap ! His album will be a big shit, with real Hip-Hop legends !

  • Comment from Phil

    Ya Lil Fame and Billy sound tired on this, the Frenchies came up with strong performances tho.

  • Comment from rich

    @Gaetan- I’m sure it bangs for most people, but this beat sounds manufactured pop music.

  • Comment from JoF

    Not a bad sound, even though I can’t understand French. But that’s okay, I don’t understand a whole lot of German, and I am SO looking forward to Bushido’s new album out on the 13th of May! Das ist so geil, Bushido is der Hammer! Staatsfeind Nr. 1 und Primo Gangsta Rapper in Deutschland.

  • Comment from greg

    The ever FIRST french MC xho understand everything about HIPHOP… AMAZING!!!
    Le premier MC français qui a tout compris au HIPHOP… LA CLAQUE!!!
    Des années de HipHop mais j’ai jamais entendu quelque chose comme ça… Après le featuring avec Primo, avec MOP !!! Legendary !

  • Comment from Phil

    @ Greg : the first ever? Are you serious?

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