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R.I.P. Party Arty of D.I.T.C.

DJ Premier email:

I want to send out my condolences to the family of Party Arty of the world famous D.I.T.C. (Diggin’ In The Crates Crew and of GG (aka Get Dirty)

He passed away this afternoon (Dec. 4) around 1:30pm due to healt complications…

His hardcore lyrics have been ringing out in the streets from Showbiz & AG, Lord Finesse, OC, and their own group GD which consists of rhyme partner D-Flow…

He also appeared on the joint I produced called “Weed Scented” which featured Guru of Gang Starr and OC on AG’s first solo LP…He appears on the new D.I.T.C. Records compilation which is in stores now called “The Movement”

…He caught the attention of 50 Cent altough the deal never went thru but his talent was recognized by true heads of the rap shit for his hyped up insane style on records and on stage preformance…

This also marks the 1 year anniversary of UGH member Pimp C who passed away this same day last year…We love you and will miss you both… R.I.P. Arty… DJ Premier

Source: Unofficial DJ Premier Blog

Damn, nobody saw this… And D.I.T.C. was last week in LiveFromHQ… R.I.P.

Famous appearance:
2 tracks on Show & AG’s “Goodfellas” (1995)
1 track on late Big L’s “Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous” (1995)
4 tracks on Show & AG’s “Full Scale LP” (1998)
Buncha tracks on AG’s “The Dirty Version” (1999)
and so on and on…


Blaq Poet – Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed

I had this a couple of weeks already, but since yesterday it is leaked by DJ Premier to promote so I can share this: the album version of Blaq Poet‘s “Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed“.

Blaq Poet – Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Source: OnSmash, Fat Lace Magazine, …

LiveFromHQ Playlist 28/11/2008


  • D.I.T.C. – Hard Hit
  • P Brothers – Cold World
  • D.I.T.C. – Mad Live
  • D.I.T.C. – Air Y’all
  • P Brothers – Late Night
  • D.I.T.C. – Shine My Way
  • Diamond D – U Can’t Be Me
  • D.I.T.C. – Experience
  • D.I.T.C. – Boys Is Doin’ It
  • D.I.T.C. – Time Travel
  • D.I.T.C. – Insomnia
  • D.I.T.C. – Day One
  • Showbiz & AG – Fat Pockets (Remix)
  • D.I.T.C. – Internationally Known
  • Showbiz & AG – Still Diggin’
  • Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth – Baby You Nasty (Remix)
  • Lord Finesse – Yes You May (Remix)
  • OC – Time’s Up
  • D.I.T.C. – The Enemy
  • D.I.T.C. – Got Da Flavor
  • D.I.T.C. – Way Of Life
  • Showbiz & AG – Hold Ya Head
  • Showbiz & AG – Drop It Heavy
  • Showbiz & AG – Full Scale
  • D.I.T.C. – Thick
  • Lord Finesse – Slave To My Soundwave
  • Showbiz & AG – Next Level (NY Tyme Remix)

Guests: Lord Finesse, OC, Diamond D, D-Flow and Money Boss Players