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Vintage: Premo doing Chorus Live

All we can do is reminisce…

DJ Premier & Fred Durst Pt. II

About that story, it has an ending. You know DJ Premier thought in the beginning (just like me) that Fred Durst is a clown. But after the produced songs he came more positive in the picture. Well, I forgot this interview with Freddie Foxx… Fred Durst is still a clown. Nuttin’ changed, he actually mislead Premo. Here is a short part of the interview:

Freddie Foxxx – Like when I talk about Fred Durst. I think he’s a cocky bastard who thinks he’s bigger then everybody. He indicated that in the way he treated Premier when Premier reached out for him to try to put down a Gangstarr Foundation label with him. He was with it at first, but then he backed out and didn’t return his calls and it was real foul how he treated him.

ThaFormula – So Fred Dursts’ bitch ass dissed Premier huh?

Freddie Foxxx – Yeah, big time.

ThaFormula – But why would you wanna hook up with a chump like that anyway?

Freddie Foxxx – But see the thing is it was business. Premier was sayin’ “listen I got this label with all these hot rappers on it. You fund it and let’s make money. You don’t have to be involved. Nobody needs Fred Durst input. I told Premier, “yo dog I’m only gonna fuck with the situation if you do you. I’m not fucking with him directly cause he ain’t really Hip-Hop. He’s using Hip-Hop to get a platform to do other shit like Kid Rock did. So fuck them! I’m really about my culture and about what this music is about. Fuck all them clowns man.

Source: Tha Formula

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Some say one of the ugliest covers ever, can’t argue that. Special lego edition for the holidays!! Who doesn’t love lego?! I got some more threads for you guys, santa is coming! Believe that!