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DJ Premier on Q Da Kid’s Debut Album

LiveFromHQ 20/12/2008

Last night DJ Premier said on his radio show that he went yesterday in the studio with Q Da Kid to record a song. Q Da Kid is actually a new MC in the game. He is from Brooklyn and is recently signed to Def Jam. The record will be on his debut album that is coming in 2009. So get ready!

Next: DJ Premier is going to work also on the next UGK album with Bun B and Pimp C (RIP), the song isn’t recorded yet so nothing is sure as you know!

Also no guests tonight, DJ Premier and his team only, Big Shug on the phone once again. Next week Preem will be in Texas for the holidays so it will be again a pre taped show. I hope he brings some new shit!

Now about Blaq Poet, about Blaq Poet… The album is delayed once again. Sorry folks… It’s now ready to release in February! The video for “Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed” will drop in 2/3 weeks and will be edited tomorrow so that will be dope.

DJ Premier started the show with a story about him going to texas last week to see AC/DC. He is a big fan of AC/DC just like his sister. To get to the point, Preem weights 114 kg. Now we all know lol, the question is solved! Because they hadn’t any T-Shirts left excepts three larges… He was funny about it.

Now a smaller sidenote for the sample heads, Lord Finesse’s “Keep The Crowd Listening (DJ Premier Remix)” doesn’t has any samples, he did all the instrumentals himself. And that track is dope as hell, Preem did it! Listen:

Now I said everything, peace homies!!