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50 Cent beat goes to NYGz

DJ Premier recently revealed to New York radio personality Peter Rosenberg that he made a track for 50 Cent that was turned down. chopped it up with the beat making legend to get the inside scoop on what happened with the song and how it would have been the perfect vehicle for Fif to push the reset button on his career.

Apparently Preemo submitted the song for 50’s upcoming album Before I Self Destruct. And as he tells it, this would have been the G-Unit leader’s perfect re-introduction to hip-hop audiences as a hardcore rapper.

“I use[d] his voice from “Guess Who’s Back” – ‘You’re now rocking with 50 Cent. Are you ready? I said are you ready,’ he described to XXL. “You know how he says that, with that like cocky attitude? I used that and scratching in the beginning with like this real mellow beat and the drums are smacking. It’s like setting it up like ‘Yo I’m back on my grizzly shit. I’m about to come rough.’”

Premier, who has worked with most of New York’s most influential artists, including The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and Nas, said the track wasn’t one of his greatest but it would have worked in 50’s favor. “It’s not like the illest beat I ever done but the fact that he wants to bring it back to the pure essence, I definitely know how to make sure that we’re on the right track for a street record. “

While he says that Curtis would have sounded amazing over the beat, he’s not upset that the song was turned down. “Bringing that old voice back is almost like if he hit the reset button. So I could totally hear 50 killing that song…I’m not mad though. Fif’s my dude.”

Even though you won’t be hearing the track on 50’s new album, Preemo said the beat didn’t end up on the cutting room floor. He gave it to the NYGz, who are signed to his Year Round imprint, for a song called “Ready?”


Too bad, I would love to hear 50 Cent on Premo beat. Reminds me how nice he sounded when he was at Columbia. Get ready for NYGz!