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D.I.T.C. – Where You At (Remix)

I noticed some people don’t know this track that used this sample so thank god I have the LP! Note that the rip is not mine! I don’t blame you if you don’t know the track because it’s only released official on vinyl. I’ve heard some story, but I really don’t know if it’s true so don’t shoot me. It looks right because I never saw an official print on vinyl of D.I.T.C.‘s selftitled debut album. Ok, now you can follow me; This track is from an exclusive vinyl album by D.I.T.C. called “The Official Version“, it was an album with only remixes on it of D.I.T.C. tracks. The reason why they released it (only on vinyl) was because their debut selftitled album “D.I.T.C.” was released in the same year but not on double vinyl, their were some legal issue’s because that album was already fully released on 12inch singles trough the years. So they couldn’t release it on vinyl anymore (very wierd), then D.I.T.C. say we will release a double vinyl with remixes so vinyl fans have something. And actually I didn’t found any official press on vinyl of D.I.T.C.’s debut album, only promo copies.

If someone got more info he can always contact me, because I don’t have any reliable source. Enjoy this hard ass remix done by DJ Premier with Big Punisher and Milano as guests:

D.I.T.C. – Where You At (Remix) (Featuring Big Pun & Milano) (Prod. by DJ Premier)