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DJ Premier & Fred Durst

It’s late now so I tought lets post something small! Not only me, but also DJ Premier thought Fred Durst was wack in the beginning and “N 2 Gether Now” isn’t entirely produced by DJ Premier!

The story is that the manager of Preem asked him to do a song for Limp Bizkit, he said first “nah, that guy can’t rap man!”. But his manager said “Method Man will be on it, give it a shot”, so they met at D&D Studios and Fred was like “I know you think I can’t rap and stuff, but I’m so glad we are here now. I got all your Tape Kingz, with G Depp“. And just like with Christina Aguilera (who loved Group Home) Premo was like “You know about Tape Kingz & G Depp, word, lets do this”. And the original “N 2 Gether Now” is actually produced by DJ Lethal and Preem just had to remake it with his boombap style. So DJ Premier didn’t choose the sample. You can still hear the original version instrumental on the B Side of the vinyl release, it’s a pressing mistake he said.

Afterwards Limp Bizkit had a pyjamaparty in the playboy mansion and Preem was invited to spin some records and he took HeadQcourterz (RIP) with him and played classic hip hop in mr. Hefner‘s crib with all the bunnies.

In 2000 and 2001 he did two more remixes for Fred Durst.

– Fin

Source: Abcdrduson

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