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R.I.P. Jun “Nujabes” Seba

Nujabes (born Jun Seba), a Japanese hip-hop producer, was killed in a car accident in Tokyo. Nujabes crashed when leaving the Metropolitan Expressway in Tokyo’s Minato Ward. Nujabes was 36 years old when he died. The car crash that killed Nujabes took place on February 26, 2010, the same day a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan. Nujabes’ death was only publicly confirmed by Hydeout Productions and by his friend and collaborator, Shing02, today; he was buried by his family in a private ceremony. Nujabes was the founder of Hydeout Productions, as well as the owner of two Tokyo record stores, Guinness Records and T Records. Nujabes (who came by his artistic name by spelling his real name backwards) also contributed music to the anime “Samurai Champloo”, an anachronistic tale mixing samurai lore and modern hip-hop culture. Nujabes was a private person, and so many, even those who worked closely with him, did not know he had died. The common Internet death rumors did not make it to the English-speaking web, and this is a rare case in which an artist’s actual death notice preceded the rumors.

Damn, I was such a big fan of the man. Not only his music, but his character too. I remember when a hip hop fan got back from Japan they always asked him if he went to his record shop and took pictures of it and if they met Nujabes himself. Because it was so rarely to see him on image, he communicates with music like no one else did. His vinyl were always hard to get for non Japan heads, it was crazy how they were sold. The underground world really recognized him and always will, no doubt about it. He was one of the best hip hop producer of Japan and that is what he will always be remembered for, R.I.P. my friend, we’ll miss you. 2010, damn…

Big up to Shing02 and his letter here, you can also leave a message for Nujabes over there. Stay strong my brother!

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32 Responses to “R.I.P. Jun “Nujabes” Seba”

  • Comment from Kyu

    Really shock right now… Nujabes Music transmit me peace… RIP Nujabes.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    what does this have to do with dj premier?

  • Comment from Li

    I've never sat here and been so emotional over any sort of music until I found out that he is now gone.

    His music renders my soul. RIP Nujabes.

  • Comment from j3551c4

    sad news indeed. he was brilliant. rip.

  • Comment from 1T4YM

    "He was truly the best hip hop producer of Japan and that is what he will always be remembered for"

    C'mon, gim. Just because the guy is dead doesn't mean his beats are greater than Krush's. Or Honda's. Or even Tonk's.

    Honestly, his music is rather plain and boring to me. I mean… if you call yourself a Premo fan, you're supposed to be able to distinguish good beats from wack beats. Aren't you?

    Instead, we can see that "Nujabes changed my life" thing is about to start. Okay, okay, maybe that's none of my business…

    R.I.P. anyway. (No hate intended.)

  • Comment from gimantalon

    @1T4YM Yeah, that was little to personal from my side. Sorry about that. I forgot how many people visiting this site daily, my fault.

  • Comment from Velwyn

    oh my god… I AM so sad right now. He's one of a kind………..

  • Comment from Anonymous

    1T4YM, don't be a hater.

    Nujabes made dope music that a lot of people felt, period. Was he the greatest to ever do it? Obviously not.

    But he has more dope beats than Honda, and that's on the real. Honda has made A LOT of borderline wack/mediocre beats, and then a few of those beats are slap-your-mom-in-the-face amazing, no doubt. But the hit-to-miss ratio is still really low.

    I can't even think of a hip hop classic produced by Krush and I don't even know who Tonk is.

    Nujabes is known internationally for a reason. He was a key contributor to Samurai Champloo which people around the world have watched and loved.

    And his album (Metaphorical Music) is better than any album Honda ever made.

    So please, fall back with the hate. Just because you don't like someone's music doesn't mean they're not dope.


  • Comment from Visalia Local

    the "he changed my life" thing did not just start. you could look at any of his videos and see the extent to which people feel his music..truly unique.


  • Comment from Anonymous

    i'm shocked!!!
    the good people always leave too soon.
    what a great producer!

  • Comment from golddigger


    i really enjoy both songs posted above…they´ve got a really great vibe.Hopefully he feels the same vibe where he is right now.

  • Comment from Philly

    So Nujabes dies but SuperLeechProducer Solar is still alive? What kind of shitty tradeoff is that?

  • Comment from Anonymous

    I hate my self for not knowing about Nujabes before he died! This is so musical!! Rest In Peace!

  • Comment from ponce[de]beyond

    Damn, Nujabes was one of my favorites artists, right up there with Jay Dee (J Dilla)[R.I.P], & Madlib. He will surely be miss. Good night Nujabe. – R.I.P.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    So sad at least he lives on forever through his music.

    & Thank You for coming into my life

  • Comment from Anjuli

    Damn, I heard today from my best friend, who as well is a fan of Nujabes. His beats always put me in the zone,makes me happy,relaxes me and also paints a ill anime or kung fu movie in my head. He will be greatly and truely missed by all his fans and myself.He is and will always be one of my top producers. My prayers goes out to his family and friends.

  • Comment from Jon Philip

    Feather's always been in rotation for the elite summer playlist. ripnujabes.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    i can't stop crying..

  • Comment from Braden

    Peace Nujabes. You left early, but you made a huge impact.

  • Comment from Ericka

    I am so shocked. His music hits the soul and you can feel the calm and peace moving through your body while listening. His music always makes my day better. He will be missed. Rest in Peace.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    the musical world has lost a legend. plain and simple, nujabes was a musical genius. RIP.

  • Comment from J

    For the past 2 years, Nujabes has been my connect, and his beats were my crack, because I could never get enough. Listening to the Samurai Champloo soundtracks then listening to all of his albums and mixtapes really opened up my eyes to new stuff.

    RIP to one of the greatest producers I've ever heard. And if you're reading this and don't agree, guess what…I didn't ask you whether or not I cared.

  • Comment from Lynn

    Alex Chilton – Indie Rock Legend now Nujabes…. my musical heart hurts.

  • Comment from Anonymous


  • Comment from Anonymous

    did this guys music give you a boner too gim?


  • Comment from Anonymous

    it has everything to do with premier cuz nujabes was an underground icon premier kne him from shing02 and other people nujabes recorded with
    and he is jus as good as premier and dilla honda no matter what people say he put his mark on real hip hop
    rest in paradise Jun Seba

  • Comment from Anonymous

    wow i wont not known he past away if i didnt look on youtube comment. i dont know much about him because never talk to him but way his music told me alot about him.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    WOW. I just heard Feather.

  • Comment from tremayne

    yoooooo wats happening blood. names tremayne im an artist from canada. im putting out a tribute tape for nujabes/ j dilla come late january and i would love your support in having it heard. if you can help hit me up.


    ps. interesting fact, dilla and nujabes where both born on the same day and year.

  • Comment from JSAND

    nujabes died?

  • Comment from Enrico Follesa

    @JSAND genius 🙂

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