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“Guru’s Health Status Is Stable, Not In Coma”

Guru is diagnosed by his doctors as ailing from Anoxia due to his history of lung problems and asthma. Guru is NOT in coma and he continues too recover. The doctors are hopeful for a full recovery. Thoughts and prayers have been with legendary Hip-Hop emcee Guru since his hospitalization earlier this month due to a heart attack. Solar, the rapper’s longtime partner and best friend, said Guru has a history of lung problems and asthma and is slowly recovering. Guru, born Keith Elam, recently disclosed his first statement, assuring the public that he is recuperating, and that his producer Solar will stand as his representative during his recovery. “I am doing fine and I am recovering! I’m weak though,” Guru said. “Solar is the only person who has the accurate info on my situation. Any info from anybody else is false. I appreciate your well wishes and all the love! “The producer expressed similar sentiments about the rapper’s health status, saying: “Guru is resting and doing well. The doctors say that he will fully recover from his illness. We thank everyone who send prayers our way and we appreciate the outpouring of love from fans around the world!” There are a lot of rumors and false allegations circulating around, but Guru explicitly named Solar his official spokesperson and the hit producer is taking this position very seriously. “Guru has entrusted me to be accurate and truthful in relaying information to the media,” Solar said. The producer is in constant contact with Guru’s relatives like the MC’s father, and brother who have visited the legendary rapper numerous times. “When a patient is in such critical conditions it is very common that not everyone is allowed to enter the room, especially when Mr. Keith Elam doesn’t want to see certain people,” one of Guru’s doctors said. Many Hip-Hop artists from around the world sent well wishes to Guru but some people from his past are trying to shed bad light on his partner Solar for his position in this situation. In a previous interview with, Guru made it clear that he and his former deejay and some people he used to work with were never that close. “People ask me about […] all that. We were never all that close. We hooked up in the studio and did great music, but we were never hanging and all that cool. Solar and I, we got tight before we even started doing music.” Guru, the sole founder of the world-famous Hip-Hop duo GangStarr, is reluctant to talk about his GangStarr past, especially his ex-DJ who he hasn’t spoken to in over 7 years. “That’s something I don’t want to talk about. I don’t want to talk about the past. The past is the past. It is what it is. It was great, but that was then and this is now.” said Guru. Doctors have not given any indication as to when Guru might be released, but the rapper is touched by the fan support. “The outpouring of love from around the world has been tremendous,” Solar said. “I’m reading some of the best e-mails, texts and Twitters that come in and Guru enjoys them. I think that’s what has been helping his recovery and what’s got him in there fighting.” During what must be an incredibly hard and stressful period in life, keep sending your prayers, thoughts, and wishes to Guru, Solar and his loved ones.


I post this for those who wanna hear, I certainly don’t. Lol at Superproducer Solar thinking DJ Premier is the reason why people hate him, no Superproducer Solar, something like that is called karma. -gimantalon

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31 Responses to ““Guru’s Health Status Is Stable, Not In Coma””

  • Comment from Haroon

    I'm crossing my fingers that he will recover from his advanced case of CL Smooth Syndrome while in the hospital as well.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    It's clearly GURU do not want any part or associate with Preem. It's a damn shame.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    I've incorporated Guru into my morning prayers. He is constantly in my thoughts and I am happy to give thanks to God for him on a daily basis. Can't wait to hear him speak and see him smile again. I live on the beach and I saw a rainbow over the water about 2 weeks ago. It was so beautiful. I'm sure it was a sign of hope. We could all use it. This world is sick in so many ways! God is the GREATEST!!

  • Comment from Anonymous

    solar + guru = bankruptcy in 2010

  • Comment from Anonymous

    a legend that doesn't want to talk about the past that made him a legend, now that's interesting. it's a pity that the both of em (guru & solar)think their music is relevant in todays hip hop world. i just hope they don't fuck up the gang starr legacy by putting out more stuff like "mr.gangstaar". i prefer to listen to a fresh sounding nick javas than a bitter guru over preemo beats. get well keith.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    ..still laughing at the "mr gangstarr"-track u uploaded

  • Comment from Anonymous

    Solar makes Guru sound bad, very bad! I hope Guru will understand that life is too short to be bitter, and work with Preem again!

  • Comment from Anonymous

    i dont know what happened between preemo and guru but it looks like solar is a really good friend…thats what he needs right now

    funny how nobody is asking preme about their fall out
    i remember a bumpy record where he was threatening guru…whats up with that ?

  • Comment from Mac


    Hi Solar.

    Also fuck off. You are a bad producer, and your music makes Guru sound like a dick.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    Dj Premier loves Guru,….no beef…Get well and deal with the Bullshit later!! God Bless Guru…GANGSTARR 4EVER!!

  • Comment from Anonymous

    "…and the hit producer takes his responsability seriously…"

    Lol, Solar the hit producer??!!

  • Comment from Anonymous

    LMAO, when I was reading it I knew something wasn't right about it, then I saw the source in the bottom and laughed my ass off.

    "Hit producer", lol.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    Just look at who wrote that piece…not convinced guru is awake at all

  • Comment from Anonymous

    Anytime a group splits up, theres The Winner(s), and whatever is left behind. It happened to
    EPMD, L.O.N.S, Pete&CL, Nice&Smooth (ok maybe not them) And Gangstarr. I've met Preem a few times, and he seems to be as happy and accepting of praise of his historic work as he is of his new work. "Those people" from his past seems to point in one or two obvious directions, and it just reads foul. Anyone that u made history AND money with back in the day deserves better.

    Gangstarr has longsince been on my list of groups that I wanted to have a reunion. Come on man… you can't live on Jazzamataz money much longer… go for what you know.

  • Comment from Sin Amor

    why does solar have the gangstarr logo on his twitter page? isn't that like hyundai putting a benz logo on its website? where does he get off…?

  • Comment from Anonymous

    I see Guru and Premier were not the type to lock artists who came out of Gangstarr Foundation in contracts to record for them solely unlike other labels, they helped others to succeed. Guru saw he could not eat recording Gangstarr albums since labels would not fronting millions so he did his thing recording the Jazzmatazz series and kept on with the Gangstarr projects but after meeting Solar who suggested a label of their own made sense to link up to generate for self even stronger. I see Guru's vision of self mastery with 7Grand Records. I like Premier's beats and Guru's voice so i support both in any case.

  • Comment from Mac

    I support good music.

    That is why:

    I support GangStarr.
    I support most of Premier's output since 2003.
    I do not and cannot support the horseballs that cunt Solar puts out.

    Makes Guru sound bad. Think about that. Makes one of the most gifted MCs in the history of the music sound bad.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    premier is gangstarr

    could have been any other mc

  • Comment from Anonymous

    WHAAAAT the fuck are you ^^ talking about up there?? There is no GANGSTARR if Preem AND Guru are not in it!!!!

    Don't believe a word that comes out of that SOLAR/ 7GRAND camp. Just wait until Guru is able to speak for himself THEN we can see what's up. FUCK JAZZMATAZZ….anything he makes with that sucker MC/ fake azz producer is (in my KRS voice) WIK WIK WACK!!!!!! Balee dat bitches!!

  • Comment from Anonymous

    I don't buy it…We need to form the malitia and deal with Solar…punk azz bitch

  • Comment from Anonymous

    Wattup Solar ? How's life treating you ? I liked your production on Mr Gangstarr……. NOT !!!

    "i dont know what happened between preemo and guru but it looks like solar is a really good friend…thats what he needs right now

    funny how nobody is asking preme about their fall out
    i remember a bumpy record where he was threatening guru…whats up with that ?"

  • Comment from Phil Watts, Jr.

    "I am doing fine and I am recovering! I'm weak though…Solar is the only person who has the accurate info on my situation. Any info from anybody else is false."

    HOLD UP!!

    Didn't they make this same exact statement before? In verbatim?! The same statement that Big Gord and that LIVE FROM HQ clip ripped apart? Sorry, I smell a rat. This whole situation is getting sickening.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    is this is true or is this a made up story by solar

  • Comment from Anonymous

    this is what we need to look into(and i think we can all agree on this): the fact that Creemo is gimantathongs butt buddy,not that there's anything wrong with that per se,but it could possibly create a conflict of interest in terms of objectivity in this particular blog…

  • Comment from Anonymous

    i didnt wanna say it. but i think solar and guru got some kinda gay romance going on. what kinda man speaks on your behalf while youre resting at bedside? solar isnt blood, but he wants guru all to himself and wants us to believe hes nursing guru back to health. solar has no fans. he follows more pppl than he has followers on twitter. thats nearly impossible as an artist, that means people dont like your shit. no one likes his beats, his label, his albums, or his personality, how does he expect to make a living after this? hes the guy that ruined guru. thats his legacy. i hope someone shatters this faggots jaw. if guru doesnt wanna see ppl that care about him, so be it. but someone needs to break solars face. i didnt wanna go there with the gay lover angle, but if you give a man thats not blood related power of attorney, hes probably your husband. get better guru, and dump this hanger on if you wanna continue your career. everyone would rush out to buy a new gangstarr album. i dont think ppl would even waste time DOWNLOADING another guru/solar project. 7 grand records is finished. 5000 degrees and burning, just went down in a ball of flames. im swinging on this weenie if i see him in the physical. might get a crowd to jump him, which would complicate the legal consequences. i got a feeling solar is getting snuffed at his next show.

  • Comment from Anonymous

    To whomever owns this blog here is a NEW UPDATE


  • Comment from Anonymous

    Solar, I think it's safe to say NOBODY wants to hear your opinion here. Obviously you post on this blog, because it has a huge following
    and you probably see it as a good medium to spread the hate. Obviously, there are big Preemo fans here (logical nah?), we in general don't care about your work; however we do care about the Gangstarr legacy, which Preemo helped to build. You obviously have a problem with this, and I really think that's low. SO Good luck on your future endeavors with or without Guru, you get the message !

  • Comment from Anonymous

    I imagine that all hip hop interview was done over the internet and guru didn't even say most of what was expressed in it. But even if so, that was from a couple years ago. Only a moron like Solar would continue to perpetuate negativity while Guru's out of commission. I don't buy it until I SEE Guru say it in the flesh. Until then, I think its safe to assume a lot of this is off of Guru's radar.

    Oh and p.s.

    If Solar is a "hit producer" then I have a leg growing out of my neck.


    I definitely do not have a leg growing out of my neck. Get it?

  • Comment from Magdi

    HA… Solar actually left a comment on here??? fuck outta here! you are a prick… you are getting caught out left right and center and now you are posting on here to try and get some sympathy??? HAHA good luck to you dude… i dont see you making another song in your entire career… not like anyone ever cared what you did anyway! lol

    now fuck off!!!!!

  • Comment from Anonymous


  • Comment from Bayan The One

    Guru says the past is the past, yet he would've NEVER got so much luv, respect and suppote from people from all over the globe had it not been for THIS very PAST he's now renouncing.

    Guru will hardly ever win new fans with the kinda music he's putting out now

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