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WEDNESDAY CLASSICS: WBLS Thunder Storm Radio Show (02/18/1994)

This is something new I’ll do in honor of the new blog. Me personally almost only listen to golden age hip hop, nothing wrong with hip hop today but it’s just doesn’t move my head as much as I want. And I’m still finding new hip hop from the 90s, it’s was crazy back then!! Now to pleasure my fans I’ll be posting every wednesday a 90s throwback mix by the one and only. You can expect 21 weeks with throwbacks from 1994 till 1999. Me personal digging in my database. Almost everything is ripped from tape in the best quality available, some are more rare than others but with the internet really blowing up last years it’s less difficult to find them actually, but hopefully I can still amaze some heads. Or if you are new and very young fan: believe me, these mixes are perfect to discover the 90s hip hop sound. It’s cool to have them on my pc and all that, but I love it more to own those tapes, and I know there will be heads around here having some of them when I don’t haha. You will learn two things on wednesday now, 1) DJ Premier is a legend, plain and simple, he not only make beats, but he moved hip hop in general in that era and 2) Nothing is better then just cool down and relax on some real hip hop. WARNING: DJ PREMIER ONLY MIX WITH REAL VINYL HERE!! Enjoy:

I’ve seen some episodes are bootlegged by a Japanese label as volumes and then posted by some blogs. Cool of them, but these mixes are already longer circulating on my hard disc (thanks to the real heads on the real places) and I have more episodes. We pop of with the first episode ever recorded on tape of DJ Premier’s Thunder Storm radio show together with the G-Man. Once upon a time, long long before LiveFromHQ was DJ Premier the DJ of a New York radio show… If you know the songs, feel free to add them in the comment section! Sorry, but it’s not the full show. I doubt someone has it?? Feel free to contact us!!

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16 Responses to “WEDNESDAY CLASSICS: WBLS Thunder Storm Radio Show (02/18/1994)”

  • Comment from Davem

    Amazing, thanks man.


  • Comment from Johnny Prince

    Premo, you’ve always been THAT dude. Muck love and success bruh.

  • Comment from LamarMatic

    DAMN! Mad props for doing this, I will now have a reason to look forward to every wednesday. This is dope material. Nowadays you can have all the albums on your PC, you can see some new interviews on YouTube.
    But stuff like this is priceless. Old mix shows, old Source magazines, Yo! MTV Raps episodes.

    BTW – since I’m not that old I haven’t seen many Yo! MTV Raps episodes, just the best and most memorable stuff. I have been searching the Internet for a DVD set or something, but I haven’t really found anything. I would really love to get a compilation of some old episodes. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe there is a blog, which is posting some old VHS stuff.

  • Comment from gimantalon

    I recently bought this, original source is vhs, can’t hate on bootlegs though when original isn’t available!

  • Comment from dacalion

    Straight fire from when hip hop was hip hop! Definately a good look, much reapect for making this availiable to the real hip hop heads.

  • Comment from DevilPreem

    Preem is the truth!
    All this shit im gonna turn it in my custom pod casts!
    hip hop is not dead! it just ain´t on main stream!
    Jazz is dead? Funk is dead?

  • Comment from Lg Roc

    Ow shiit man…
    The whole mix was fukkin dope.
    But this track (1:29:18)killed!
    I was like OW SHIIIT when i listened that!
    The back to back before it starts at
    Ow shit.. start the track and..
    God damn man!

  • Comment from esdee

    I think it’s SHYHEIM but I don’t know the track.

  • Comment from ha

    i have plenty of full shows from bls.

  • Comment from gimantalon

    Lg Roc, that’s “Shyheim – Bring The Drama”, was released on the b-side of “On And On”

  • Comment from crazyillmotherfucker

    is this the FIRST thunderstorm mixtape he did?

  • Comment from Tommy P

    I got the first 48 mins figured out:

    Black Moon – I got u opin
    Hard 2 Obtain – L.I. Groove
    Jeru the Damaja – Come Clean
    Lords of the Underground – Flow On
    Positive K – How the Fuck would you know
    Fat Joe – The shit is real
    Jungle Brothers – My Jimmy weighs a Ton
    KRS-One – Boom Bap
    WuTang Clan – C.R.E.A.M.

  • Comment from Lg Roc

    Yo word up Gimn, i never had this single in my hand! Thanks for that!

  • Comment from Nickdawg2000

    Great to see these classic WBLS mixes getting uploaded, they’re tough to find nowadays. Primo is the man!

    I was able to figure out all the tracks following CREAM except for one. (Forgot all about Trends of Culture- anyone know what happened to those guys?)

    Trends of Culture: Who’s Got My Back?
    Nas: It Ain’t Hard to Tell
    Kurious: Uptown Sh!t
    Terminator X: It All Comes Down To The Money
    MOP: How About Some Hardcore
    Tribe Called Quest: Lyrics To Go
    Trends of Culture: Off And On
    Shyheim: Bring The Drama

  • Comment from gimantalon


  • Comment from LamarMatic

    I was coming back wondering if I had all of the tracks Preem had played on the WBLS Thunder Storm show and just noticed that the track Nickdawg2000 didn’t know was – Private Investigators – Mom Dukes.

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