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New MC Eiht Tracks Produced by Brenk

What do we got here? Two new tracks of MC Eiht‘s upcoming album “Which Way Is West?” that will be released on Year Round Records. Executive produced by DJ Premier, he will produce 2-3 joints and Marco Polo & NYGz are also on the project. These two tracks were already heard in the sample I posted some time ago, now you have them in full quality. Both are produced by European producer Brenk, enjoy:

MC Eiht – So Well (Prod. by Brenk)

MC Eiht – Ride On ‘Em (Produced by Brenk)

All this is coming this summer…

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14 Responses to “New MC Eiht Tracks Produced by Brenk”

  • Comment from MC_Squarepants

    Damn, that were the only two tracks i did not like in the mix! Because of the sample 9th already used and the other one… I don’t know, just don’t like it! But the others in the mix were so great, can’t wait for the album!

  • Comment from Obi

    that’s the OG MC EIHT doing his thing, Geeah, feeling these two joints. the basslines makes me want to keep listening. cool thing Premier didnt scratch on them and let it rock. Big shout to Year Round Records! please MC EIHT come smash NYC’s hip-hop spots like SOBs, BB Kings etc. We need your swag out here, OG. 1

  • Comment from Brenx Beats

    Damn, i didnt knew there was a producer named “Brenk”?
    My name is Branko/Brenko, producer name “Brenx”,
    what a coincedence..

  • Comment from T.R.

    Is it possible that Brenk comes from Austria? I think I heard something like that not long ago…

  • Comment from krudanze

    i dont like the first beat… the drums are gay but the second one is a straight g-funk shit… i like it… really lookin forward to the album. especially preemo – eiht of course. cmw fo life

  • Comment from Mic Mike

    nice tracks!

    @ T.R.: yes, that´s right, Brenk is from Vienna, Austria.

  • Comment from ekrem

    @T.R.: yes brenk is from austria. he is also about to drop an instrumental LP together with fid mella soon… check his myspace

  • Comment from T.R.

    Wow! Thankz for the info. I couldn’t believe it first, an austrian producer on a Year Round Records album…
    (I’m from Salzburg (the so called “Mozart City”))

  • Comment from Bk's Finest

    I ain’t feelin the beats…

  • Comment from Tero

    Straight garbage! Why mo’fo’s be kissing these dudes nut sacks? Keep this blog to real music for the sake of the culture.

    No one outside of Compton gives a fck about Eiht straight up. If you take a little time to do some research people from there will tell you this! Eiht got lucky on that one joint with Truth Hurts which was only sold to Radio off of the back of Dre’s name..

    Beats on these joints are BOZACK !!!

    Fcking embarrassment to this BLOGS rep!

  • Comment from Obi

    Those talking about they not feeling these two joints are stuck on hearing that killah music instead of being open to something different like Nick Javas. I listen to the best of Duck Down, Gangstarr and everything east coast but i listen to good music period not just lyrics. Emcee with dope voice can burp or fart on track and am still gonna love it.

    All that gay talk makes me not want to assocaite with my fellow men most of the time becausew being friends with females get me more pussy. lol yo Krudanze and Tero, for your information You two are on Premo’s dick and nuts. hahaa

  • Comment from candana

    DOPE!!!!Man this dude brenk got that straight heat…Check his myspace there are also a few joints with eiht on there…FIRE!I like those more then these 2 right here but their still dope!Ive been peepin this dude since he dropped that gumbo instrumental record…i think that was in 08.He producin alooot of good shit including cats like guilty simpson and marvwon outta detroit.CAnt wait to hear the full album!

  • Comment from

    maaan, that joints are dope!! the beats are sick.

  • Comment from ariedan

    I like those more then these 2 right here but their still dope!Ive been peepin this dude since he dropped that gumbo instrumental recor

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